City of Ventura

Fire Engineer (#F02)

Unit: (F56)
$25.86-$33.00 Hourly / $6,274.80-$8,008.39 Monthly / $75,297.62-$96,100.66 Yearly


Under general supervision of the Company Commander, to respond to fire suppression and/or other emergencies by driving and operating fire apparatus and rescue equipment; to be responsible for the operational readiness of all company fire apparatus and equipment; to perform inspection and code enforcement assignments for fire prevention and building safety; and to participate in fire and life safety educational programs.


Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Drives fire apparatus to location of fire and/or other emergencies involving vehicle accidents, hazardous material accidents, rescue of trapped victims, and medical aid; operates fire apparatus ensuring proper set-up and appropriate hose lays; provides for safe operating water pressure to suppress fire; operates rescue equipment to free trapped victims; administers medical treatment to ill or injured persons.

Inspects and tests fire apparatus and other equipment for mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical condition for operational readiness; performs maintenance and minor repair as necessary; updates maintenance records; reports need for repairs; communicates operational readiness of apparatus and equipment; conducts inspections of structures for conformance with fire and life safety laws and regulations; responds to citizen complaints; participates in physical conditioning program; participates in drills; assists with the training of firefighters.

Participates in special assignments/projects as assigned by Company Commander; in the absence of the Company Commander, may assume the basic duties and responsibilities of the Company Commander; performs general maintenance of Departmental facilities; and performs other related work as required.


Knowledge of:  emergency response driving methods; fire pumping apparatus and equipment and their use; Department rules, regulations and operational procedures; fire suppression tactics and strategy; street and hydrant locations in an assigned district; the principles of hydraulics; fire hazards and hazardous materials; emergency medical treatment; CPR; basic hand tools; fire codes and ordinances; rescue practices and procedures; basic automotive mechanics; fire prevention methods and principles.

Ability to:  operate and drive fire apparatus safely under emergency and non-emergency situations; react quickly and calmly to emergency situations; exercise sound judgment in responding to fire suppression situations; exercise initiative in completing assignments; establish and maintain effective working relations with other department/agency representatives, co-workers, and the public; interpret and apply legal and administrative policies related to fire safety and prevention functions; inspect buildings, recognize and determine fire hazards; communicate effectively in written and verbal form, exercise agility and strength to do prolonged and arduous work in fire suppression and rescue activity; work shifts, weekends, and holidays.

Additional Requirements:

Physical:  Must be physically capable of performing all tasks required of a Ventura Firefighter including rigorous activities associated with emergency operations, and meet California Department of Motor Vehicle visual acuity standards necessary to maintain required licenses.  Fitness will be initially determined by physical ability testing and medical evaluation.


License:   Possession of a current and valid California Class B (or higher) Firefighter driver's license with tank and air brake endorsement OR a valid California A, B, or C license with a Firefighter "F" endorsement is required.  

Certificates:  The following certificates are required:

  1. A current and valid EMT-1 or EMT-P certification
  2. A current and valid CPR certification
  3. A current and valid Ventura City Fire Department Relief Driver certification is highly desirable at time of application
  4. A current and valid Ventura City Fire Department post promotion Engineer Task Book certification is required prior to completion of the twelve month probationary period

Current and valid State of California Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator 1A and 1B certificates are highly desirable.


Environment:  works in an indoor office environment and in emergency fire suppression and life-saving environment, subject to seasonal climate and weather conditions; works on slippery, uneven and rough surfaces and in conditions where smoke, fire, dust, dirt and odors are frequently encountered; works with noise of traffic and emergency radio; works under pressure of emergency conditions in highly emotional and stressful situations, and with media scrutiny; drives/operates motorized vehicles/equipment; works rotating shifts, evenings, weekends, holidays and subject to call-back.  Physical Abilities:  hearing and speaking to exchange information in person, on the telephone or radio, or at formal presentations; visual acuity sufficient to meet California DMV visual acuity standards and maintain required licenses; ability to distinguish colors; ability to hear in the normal audio range; audio-visual discrimination and perception for making observations; sitting, standing, walking, running, jumping, driving, reaching, twisting, turning, kneeling, crawling, crouching, bending, stooping, squatting, dexterity of both hands and fingers to grasp and operate fire suppression equipment; lifting, carrying, dragging, pushing, and pulling in excess of 100 pounds in emergency lifesaving situations; climbing ladders, mental capability to observe and interpret people and situations, react quickly to emergency situations, and make sound decisions demonstrating intellectual capacity; and maintain physical condition appropriate to perform assigned duties and responsibilities.  Hazards:  exposed to biohazards including blood, body fluids and communicable diseases; fire, smoke, smoke inhalation, burns, falling objects, hazardous materials, toxic fumes and substances, gasoline and other fire accelerants; dust, wind, air contaminants; excessive noise; traffic accidents; brush and forest fires; burning buildings and vehicles; extremes in temperature; live electrical wires; explosive hazards; vibration; and to computer screens.


30 months of full-time paid fire fighting experience with the City of Ventura Fire Department and possession of required license and certificates.  

CLASS: F02; EST: 8/1/1991; REV: 4/10/2019;