City of Ventura

Fire Chief (#E06)

Unit: Executive (E)
$81.17-$108.77 Hourly / $14,069.35-$18,853.07 Monthly / $168,832.14-$226,236.82 Yearly


Under administrative direction, to direct and manage the activities of the Fire Department including fire suppression, prevention, and support services and to provide highly responsible and professional staff assistance to the City Manager, City Council and other Departments.

This position is designated as "at will."  At will employees serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority, which for this position is the City Manager, and are subject to discharge without cause and without the right of appeal.


Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

Plans, develops, and implements Fire Department policies, goals, objectives and priorities. 

Plans, coordinates, organizes and directs the departmental operations and programs.  Directs the provision of departmental support services, station and equipment maintenance, departmental training, fire inspection and prevention programs, hazardous materials response capabilities, maintaining departmental efficiency and effectiveness.  

May respond to major emergencies and personally direct suppression and emergency response.  May direct major fire investigations. 

Directs and coordinates fire inspection activities, and the enforcement of fire prevention ordinances and State laws. 

Prepares and administers the department budget.  Represents the City in meetings with the public, community groups, other governmental agencies, and professional organizations.  Actively participates in the City disaster response program. 

Participates in labor relations activities.  Selects, supervises, trains, and evaluates Department staff.


Knowledge of: All aspects of fire and emergency incident command and control; all aspects of fire behavior; contemporary management and supervisory principles and practices; contemporary fire prevention and life safety standards, practices, policies, and procedures; practices and procedures relating to the function and operation of fire safety equipment and vehicles; applicable laws, rules, regulations, and codes pertaining to fire prevention, inspection, suppression, and hazardous materials response and handling, and emergency response techniques; training methods and techniques; budget development and management; principles and techniques of supervision and labor relations.

Ability to: Provide the necessary leadership to effectively direct department operations; effectively analyze problems and management issues and develop and implement solutions; manage the Emergency Preparedness activities; prepare and present comprehensive detailed oral and written reports and recommendations; establish and maintain effective working relationships with public officials, employees and the general public.

Additional Requirements:

Physical:  Must be physically capable of performing all tasks required of a Ventura Firefighter including rigorous activities associated with emergency operations, and meet California Department of Motor Vehicle visual acuity standards necessary to maintain required licenses.  Fitness will be initially determined by physical ability testing and medical evaluation.


License:  Possession of a current and valid California Class C driver's license with an acceptable driving record.


Environment:  works in indoor office environment and in emergency fire suppression and life-saving environment, subject to seasonal climate and weather conditions; works on slippery, uneven and rough surfaces and in conditions where smoke, fire, dust, dirt and odors are frequently encountered; works with noise of traffic and emergency radio; works under pressure of emergency conditions in highly emotional and stressful situations, and with media scrutiny; drives a vehicle; works rotating shifts, evenings, weekends, holidays and subject to call-back.  Physical Abilities:  hearing and speaking sufficient to exchange information in person, on the telephone or radio, and at formal presentations; visual acuity sufficient to meet California DMV visual acuity standards and maintain required licenses; ability to distinguish colors; ability to hear in normal audio range, audio-visual discrimination and perception for making observations; sitting, standing, walking and driving for extended periods of time; kneels, crouches, bends, stoops, lifts, runs, squats, jumps, and climbs; drags 150 pounds in emergency lifesaving situations; dexterity of both hands and fingers to operate fire suppression equipment; mental capability to observe and interpret people and situations, react quickly to emergency situations, and make sound decisions demonstrating intellectual capacity; and maintain physical condition appropriate to perform assigned duties and responsibilities.  Hazards: exposed to smoke, fire, fumes, dust, gasoline and other fire accelerants; blood, body fluids, and communicable diseases; traffic accidents, brush and forest fires, and burning buildings and vehicles; and to computer screens.


A combination of education, training, and experience equivalent to a bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, or a closely related field, and eight years of increasingly responsible experience in municipal fire service with a minimum of four years in a supervisory capacity.  Experience in an administrative command position highly desirable.

CLASS: E06; EST: 3/1/1992; REV: 10/7/2009;