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The Tucson Police Department is seeking to hire multiple Social Network Analysts to work in its Evidence Based Policing Section. Successful applicants will have both technical Data Science skills and a motivation to serve the public. Successful applicants will lead special projects focused on designing, building, and visualizing network analyses and intelligence from varied data sources to enhance police operations. This includes using network and graph theory to perform link, cluster, or social network analyses to identify latent criminal patterns.

This position requires advanced coding proficiencies in Python and/or R, demonstrated analytical skills, and presentation experience to support the crime analytics needs of the Tucson Police Department. Social Network Analysts interact with stakeholders at all levels of the organization for varying tasks. The diversity of projects, functions, and supporting technologies makes for a dynamic work environment that is both challenging and rewarding. These are grant-funded positions with full benefits.

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This position is grant funded.  In accordance with Civil Service Rules, Section 5 - Employment in Grant Funded Positions, any person employed by the City, who on initial entry into City employment under any type of appointment in a position specifically designated as funded in whole or in part through a grant from a public or private source, shall be informed in writing by the Director at the time of appointment, and the person shall acknowledge in writing, that the provisions have been read and understood that employment will cease at the termination of the grant regardless of the status of the employee and without regard to length of service. Persons so terminated are not entitled to any right of appeal. A grant funded employee may, subject to other provisions provided for by these rules, be transferred, promoted or demoted into a non-grant funded position and become subject to the provisions of the Civil Service Rules and Regulations governing other city employment. Permanent classified employees who have previously completed a probationary period in a non-grant funded position and are serving in a grant funded position are exempt from the requirements of this section. Employees paid through an annually recurring funding source as defined in Rule I, Section 3, are covered by the layoff provisions found in Rule VIII, Section 2. 

General Description

Assist with data pulls to Pima County's Safety and Justice Challenge (SJC) among COT departments, including Tucson City Court, TPD, City Defender's Office, and Prosecutor's Office. Support program implementation of our jail reduction strategies, including Pre-Arrest Deflection. Participate in regular Pima County SJC Data Committee meetings. Assisting with data requests for the Pima County/City of Tucson Housing First Permanent Supportive Housing Pilot Project.

Performs other related duties as assigned. 

Essential Responsibilities/Duties

Analyze, develop, implement, and document databases, data collection systems, data analytics, and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality.

Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and recommend solutions to meet the business need.

Work with management to prioritize business and information needs.

Provides instruction, direction, and technical assistance to departments as required for data analysis and reporting development.

Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets. 

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Education Level & Type: Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Experience Qualifications: At least (2) two years of experience in collecting, analyzing, and presenting data.

Preferred Qualifications

At least 2 years of relevant training or experience in data science, statistics, or a social science discipline relevant to network or predictive analyses. A Graduate degree is preferred.

Ability to perform the following functions:
  • Build network diagrams, metrics, data summaries, and other analytical tools to support Departmental efforts and decision making.
  • Conduct link analyses, cluster analyses, and other social network analyses using advanced social network analysis techniques. Maintain all documentation related to methodologies employed.
  • Provide network intelligence from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources.
  • Communicate with specialized stakeholders to identify targeted nodes, entities, and connections within evaluated networks and provide strategies for network interventions.
  • Apply relevant theories, methods, and strategies to identify patterns and provide actionable insights.

Selection Plan

As part of the online application process all applicants are required to submit a resume under the "Resume" tab or email to prior to the close date of the job posting.  Resumes will be scored. Please ensure your application contains the required resume prior to submission. 

Applications received without a resume will be considered incomplete and will not receive further consideration.

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be evaluated on the education and work experience in their employment profile and the responses to their supplemental questions, as well as their resume.

The highest scoring applicants will then be invited to participate an in-person oral board.

  • Oral Board Interviews will be held the week of March 13, 2023. 
  • Location: TPD Headquarters, 270 S Stone Ave. Tucson, AZ 85701 

Upon completion of the examination process, the highest scoring applicants will be placed on an Eligibility List. An applicant's ranking on the list will be based on their final score which will be calculated as:  

  • 10% of your education and work experience
  • 10% resume review
  • 80% of your oral board interview

The Eligibility List may be used by the department with an approved vacancy to fill in the next 6 months. Selection will be made in accordance with CSR III, Section 2. The list of employees eligible for consideration will remain in effect for 6 months after their names are provided to the hiring authorities. Examination results and current status will be communicated by email.

The highest scoring candidates placed on the Civil Service Employment List may be invited to participate in a selection interview. 

Veterans, Native American, or Disability preference points will be added to the achieved score for those that are placed on the Civil Service Employment List. If you qualify for Veteran or Native American preference points as outlined in your Employment Profile, you must upload your documentation as part of the application process or email it to Copies of DD-214s must reflect a characterization of service.

If you are in need of Americans with Disabilities Act-related accommodation during the testing process, please call Carolyn Cruse at 520.837.7755 at least 48 hours prior to the evaluation.

Candidates placed on the Employment List will receive a contingent job offer and must successfully pass the following:

  • An extensive background investigation, including local, state and national criminal and fingerprint checks    
  • Driving History

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To ensure accurate payroll information for tax purposes, the successful candidate will need to provide their original Social Security Card or original letter from the Social Security Administration with their social security number prior to beginning work with the City of Tucson.

The City of Tucson hires lawful workers only - US citizens or nationals and non-citizens with valid work authorization - without discrimination. Federal immigration laws require all employers to verify both the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States. In its efforts to meet the law's requirements, the City of Tucson participates in the E-Verify program established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to aid employers in verifying the eligibility of workers.

Retired City of Tucson employees receiving benefits from the Tucson Supplemental Retirement System who are considering reemployment with the City should be aware that pursuant to Section 22-37(g) of the Tucson City Code, retirement benefits shall be suspended during the period of reemployment with the City of Tucson unless you have been separated at least twelve consecutive months before returning to work AND you return to a non-permanent employment classification. Creditable service does not accrue during any reemployment period.