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"One City One Team” has never been more prevalent than today. As we unite together during this COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Tucson employees continue to show perseverance and team work.








This notification is to invite City of Tucson permanent and probationary employees to submit letters of interest which the Leadrship Team at Planning & Development Services Department may review to help them meet some of their current staffing needs. 


These opportunities do not have a change in pay or title.  Instead, they provide new learning and professional development opportunities for employees who may not have the opportunity to telecommute a full 40 hours per week.

As developments with Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue, interested participants will be notified of opportunities as they arise, according to COT department needs.

The goal of these re-deployment opportunities is to implement protocols to protect the health of COT employees, customers and vendors, through the normal course of City of Tucson business operations. Assistance in these efforts from COT staff is required and appreciated.

Essential Functions

Training will be provided! 

Re-Deployment opportunities for Planning & Development Services Department currently are as follows:

*Permit Technician  Provides technical assistance in the initialization, processing, and issuance of permits.  Review applications and submittal documents for completeness.   Provides customer service by answering questions, consulting with internal and external parties, discussing and resolving problems, tracking progress, and advising the public on procedures, processes and violations.  Assists professional staff by compiling, evaluating, and analyzing submittal documents.  Enters information into the computer.
*Business Analyst  - Metrics This position will work closely with Management to understand our work load in different sections so that management can make staffing changes quickly.  Ability to work with staff remotely and some knowledge of PDSD is helpful.
*Public Information Officer or Specialist This position will manage all department communications internally and externally.  Ability to communicate with diverse set of customers either in the written word or graphically.  The department manages many complex development processes and there is great need to simplify these processes for the layperson.  
*Web Analyst  This position will work closely with the Public Information Specialist or Officer in maintaining the Department's website within the overall City requirements.  All of our processes are available on line so clear explanations on our webpage is critical.

Selection Plan

Please submit a one page letter of interest and indicate each opportunity which interests you.  You must include the following: 


  • Full Name and Employee ID number
  • Contact Information (Email and Phone Number)
  • Current job title and current department
  • Name and phone number or email of your current supervisor
  • Area(s) of interest for re-deployment as outlined in this bulletin
  • Number of hours per week that you are available to serve on this re-deployment assignment
  • A brief description of your skill set (for example:  administrative/clerical support, information technology, finance, etc)

Please email your letter of interest to either of these two mailboxes  

SS_HR_Satellite@tucsonaz .gov