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Recruitment #1905-0840-001



The City of Tucson Business Services Department is looking for an experienced finance professional with proven success managing municipal finance operations while demonstrating sustained commitment to business process realignment and change management.  The Finance Administrator leads the Financial Operations Division that includes the following sections: Accounting, Financial Reporting, Treasury, Debt Issuance and Post-Issuance Compliance, Investments, and Collections.

The Division is part of the Business Services Department, which provides the following services: Long Range Financial Planning/Budgeting, Procurement/Contracting, and Finance.   The Department is organized around a principle of providing daily operational service to customers through a combination of satellite teams located on-site with customers and central operations.

The successful candidate will combine technical skills with leadership and organizational skills in order to seize the opportunities for improvement.  The successful candidate will enjoy the support of City Management to shape and refine the Division’s organizational structure, business processes, and job roles in order to enhance the delivery of accurate, timely financial data.  The Administrator will be responsible for general ledger accounting, preparation of the comprehensive annual financial report, preparation of the schedule of expenditure of federal awards, the investment of City funds, the issuance of debt, the collection of general receivables, and the operation of the cashiering stations. In order to accomplish this, the Administrator will lead a team of 29 dedicated employees, and engage with teams across the City to create and support excellent service throughout the organization.

Debt Management Oversight including Post Issuance Compliance: the Administrator  will supervise staff and bear responsibility for working with the City’s Financial Advisor in crafting all debt issuances, including review and presentation to City Management.  The Administrator will supervise staff and provide guidance on policies for City compliance as well as ensure legal compliance with required disclosures.

Banking and Investment Management, Oversight and Administration: the Administrator will supervise staff and bear responsibility for working with the bank representatives, managing the operating bank accounts, the pooled investment accounts, and a variety of other bank accounts and ensure that banking transactions are properly recorded in the system.

Merchant Service Program Administration including PCI Compliance: The Administrator will represent the Business Services Department on the PCI compliance committee, ensuring we have completed all requirements for annual certification.  The Administrator will represent the City wide operation of merchant services, including payment portal interface with various City systems.

Accounting Operations Management and Oversight: The Administrator will oversee the general ledger accounting staff and bear responsibility for the production of both annual and monthly reports that give reliable and timely financial data to decision makers.  This includes working with the IT department to support the operation, upgrade, and improvement of the City’s ERP.  This also includes the reconciliation of City bank accounts.

Accounts Receivable and delinquent accounts: The Administrator will oversee the billing and collection of certain general accounts receivable.  This excludes the collection of utility bills.

General Leadership: The Administrator will engage as part of the leadership team that will continue to shape and define staff roles and processes to provide the most accurate, timely, and cost efficient financial services and reporting.

Change Agent: The Administrator will identify opportunities to better leverage existing technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the work within this division. 

Problem-Solver: The Administrator will work in collaboration with the Business Services Satellite Administrator to develop common understanding and support for shared goals and priorities.

Employee Centered: The Administrator will engage with staff to find efficiencies, and educate and empower them to implement solutions.

Key attributes:

  • Transformational leadership style
  • Collaborative 
  • Strong Communication and team-building skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Flexible
  • Detail and multi-task oriented
  • High degree of initiative
  • High personal integrity
  • Employee focused
  • Good teacher
  • Outcome oriented

General Description

Administers and manages the operations of a division of the Business Services Department. 

Administers budgets and contracts, and determines the impact of financial decisions. 

Represents the division on special projects and issues and ensures compliance with regulations.

Essential Functions

Performs the following functions with regular use of independent judgment:  

Organizes and directs daily operations of a division by performing administrative duties, overseeing programs, projects, and manager level personnel (two or more fulltime employees).   

Formulates and implements division strategic plans and work activities to coordinate and synchronize with department directions and goals.   

Implements and evaluates department policies, projects and programs.  

Oversees the planning, implementation, direction and management of all functions and resources of the division to achieve the strategic objectives of the department and the City in an efficient and effective manner.  

Assists with implementing the department vision through division activities and leads the division for maximum employee productivity and morale through hiring, disciplining, evaluating employee performance, investigating and resolving grievances and other human resources actions.  

Develops and administers the division budget with staff assistance.  

Analyzes organizational and community needs, analyzes trends, reviews statistics and opportunities, and communicate information to department leadership of impending developments, and accomplishment of actions.  

Develops strategic partnerships and contacts with community representatives, external agencies, and other organizations to develop a sense of relevant issues facing our community and to respond as a representative of the City.  

Champions the values of the organization through example and accountabilities.  

Ensures that division operations conform with local, state and federal governmental regulations, other applicable rules and requirements.   Facilitates solutions to problems facing the department.  

Maintains professional knowledge through such means as attending seminars, reviewing professional publications and participating in professional organizations.  

Represents the division on special projects and issues by communicating financial impacts.  

Ensures compliance with regulations by monitoring proceeds, calculating and reporting liabilities, preparing reports, reading and interpreting contracts and legal documents.  

Conducts audit reviews, coordinates the collection of delinquent taxes, rules on tax refund requests and facilitates the of issuing of licenses, mailing tax returns and working with outside consultants and advisors.  

Oversees the preparation of the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.  

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Education Level & Type: Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Experience Qualifications: At least 4 of 5 required years in a supervisory capacity in a finance related functional area

Special Job Requirements

Minimum requirements must be met as stated above.  We will not accept experience in lieu of education.

Preferred Qualifications

In addition to the minimum requirements stated above, the ideal candidate will also possess the following:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO)
  • Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM)
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and Schedule of Expenditure of Federal Awards (SEFA) preparation experience

Selection Plan

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be evaluated on the education and work experience in their employment profile and the responses to their supplemental questions and will participate in the assessment process.

Oral Board Interviews will be held the week of July 8, 2019

Upon completion of all examination processes, the highest scoring applicants will be placed on the Civil Service Employment List.  An applicant's ranking on the Civil Service list will be based on their final score which will be calculated as:      

  •   5% of your rating for education and work experience
  • 15% of your rating for the required Cover Letter and Resume
  • 80% of your oral board interviews  

This recruitment will establish a civil service list that will be utilized to fill vacancies occurring within the next 6 months.

Veterans, Native American, or Disability preference points will be added to the final score for those that are placed on the Civil Service Employment List.  If you qualify for preference points as outlined in the Employment Profile, you must present documentation to the Human Resources facilitator at the time of the Oral Board interviews. The DD 214 must be a copy that indicates characterization of service.  

If you are in need of Americans with Disabilities Act-related accommodation during the testing process, please contact Pilar Jauregui at (520) 837-4177at least 48 hours prior to the evaluation.

Pre-employment Medical Testing Requirements


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To ensure accurate payroll information for tax purposes, the successful candidate will need to provide their original Social Security Card or original letter from the Social Security Administration with their social security number prior to beginning work with the City of Tucson.

The City of Tucson hires lawful workers only - US citizens or nationals and non-citizens with valid work authorization - without discrimination. Federal immigration laws require all employers to verify both the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States. In its efforts to meet the law's requirements, the City of Tucson participates in the E-Verify program established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to aid employers in verifying the eligibility of workers.

Retired City of Tucson employees receiving benefits from the Tucson Supplemental Retirement System who are considering reemployment with the City should be aware that pursuant to Section 22-37(g) of the Tucson City Code, retirement benefits shall be suspended during the period of reemployment with the City of Tucson unless you have been separated at least twelve consecutive months before returning to work AND you return to a non-permanent employment classification. Creditable service does not accrue during any reemployment period.