Recruitment #1808-2010-001


This is a non-permanent position. It is designed and intended to provide entry level work experience for students who meet the minimum qualification. This position will have a work schedule of approximately 15-20 hours per week; scheduling is flexible and may be tailored to class schedules or other activities. No benefits are offered with this position and non-permanent employees may not work more than 1,300 hours per fiscal year. (July 1 - June 30).

This internship is structured to be a one-year assignment, with a one-year renewal possible upon agreement between the Information Technology Department and intern.


The Technological Intern will have the opportunity to work in different area of the Information Technology Department depending of assignment. Currently the open areas are IT Field Support, Applications/Development, and Network Services. Under supervision, the position will participate in a variety of functions ranging from desktop/hardware support, data/systems analysis, web development, maintenance to application development and technical assistance, network troubleshooting, and data mining. The assigned work will be in support of the Information Technology’s vision to create, analyze and provide viable and efficient technical solutions to critical operations within the City of Tucson.

General Description

A Technological Intern assists professional employees by conducting research, collecting data and making calculations for use in technical analysis.

Essential Functions

Collects, compiles, and performs calculations for use in technical analysis.

Assists end users with computer application functions and features. Configures personal computer systems and installs program updates.

Assists professional employees with reporting needs, system analysis, hardware deployment (Imaging), and web development.

Maintains documentation of new processes pertaining to Imaging hardware, SQL query reports, and web development and design.

Conducts research by reviewing files for information requests and searching for topics on the Internet.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Education Level & Type: 6 months post High School

Minimum Experience Qualifications: No Experience

Special Job Requirements

Must have junior or senior standing and be enrolled in a four-year degree program, or be enrolled in the last semester of a two-year degree program, or be enrolled in a graduate program, or be enrolled in college level coursework and have special measurable technical skills.

Must have a letter of recommendation from an instructor at the educational institute in which they are currently enrolled.

Must have a current cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 (Student may submit copy of last grade report with cumulative GPA)

Preferred Qualifications

Familiarity with Systems Analysis and Computer Programming

Basic understanding of databases (example SQL Server)

Major or minor in Computer Science

Interest in Public Safety and local government

Enthusiasm in computer programming and web development

Demonstrates initiative and self-motivation

Ability to work independently and take direction; flexible to changing priorities and deadlines

Strong research and analytical skills

Attention to detail Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal skills

Selection Plan

To be considered for this internship opportunity you must submit your cover letter, your resume detailing your current enrollment as an active college or university student currently participating in a program of studies involving computer science, and copy of your current transcripts via email to:

Sandra Fata, HR Analyst


Phone: 520.837.4167

Subject line must read: Technology Internship

After review of cover letters, resumes, and transcripts, qualified applicants will be invited to participate in a panel interview.

Pre-employment Medical Testing Requirements


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To ensure accurate payroll information for tax purposes, the successful candidate will need to provide their original Social Security Card or original letter from the Social Security Administration with their social security number prior to beginning work with the City of Tucson.

The City of Tucson hires lawful workers only - US citizens or nationals and non-citizens with valid work authorization - without discrimination. Federal immigration laws require all employers to verify both the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States. In its efforts to meet the law's requirements, the City of Tucson participates in the E-Verify program established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to aid employers in verifying the eligibility of workers.

Retired City of Tucson employees receiving benefits from the Tucson Supplemental Retirement System who are considering reemployment with the City should be aware that pursuant to Section 22-37(g) of the Tucson City Code, retirement benefits shall be suspended during the period of reemployment with the City of Tucson unless you have been separated at least twelve consecutive months before returning to work AND you return to a non-permanent employment classification. Creditable service does not accrue during any reemployment period.