City of Tucson


$17.50-$28.35 Hourly / $36,400.00-$58,968.00 Yearly
Salary Grade: 917

General Description

This classification performs paraprofessional assignments in order to provide assistance to active employees and retirees in the field of retirement and pensions. The position determines eligibility of members who apply for normal or deferred retirement.  This includes deciding whether an applicant meets eligibility criteria, estimating the value of retirement benefits prior to the final pay of active employees, and communicating this determination to applicants in plain language.   

This position is also responsible for the maintenance of manual files and electronic system records needed to process all receipts and disbursements. This position supports the Administrator with the TSRS Board by assisting with agenda material preparation and distribution, preparing legal action reports and drafting Board minutes.  

The class performs related duties as required. 

DISTINGUSHING CHARACTERISTICS: Work is performed under close-to-general supervision and is reviewed by a professional staff member for accuracy, completeness, and adherence to department policies and standards. This classification is distinguished from the Lead Pension Analyst by the latter performing more responsible, full performance duties requiring greater and independence judgment and a broader knowledge of TSRS administration principles and practices. This position does require work to be physically present.   

Essential Functions

Perform data entry tasks in various systems to update member data in the GRS pension management system as well as the HRM payroll system.  Ensure Court ordered division of payments is complete and accurate. Create new retiree appointments in HRM (as necessary), updating all parameters for deductions and withholdings, and update payroll records to ensure accuracy of the taxable and nontaxable retirement payments.

Determine Eligibility, options, and benefit amount for normal and deferred retiree applicants by accumulating data from electronic and physical files to develop an accurate determination of benefits.

Determine options available to members or beneficiaries for refunds, rollovers, or death benefit options. Collect and review data to determine which options are available to an individual who is separating from service prior to retiring.  Present this information to the separating individual and explain in plain language the options available and the impacts to the individual of the option. Prepare the appropriate forms and documentation required and assist them in completing the paperwork.

Determine eligibility, options, and costs and benefit amounts for service purchases and service transfers.  Accumulate data from electronic and physical files to develop an accurate determination of eligibility and prepare an accurate estimate of cost.

Perform data entry, reconciliations of dollar amounts, data file adjustments, upload data files, confirm and complete adjustments to treasury. Identify and implement appropriate solutions with errors. Update contributions for employees opting to participate in TSRS, enter employee membership pertinent information that may need to be included in reconciliation to payroll and deferred compensation uploads.

Maintains domestic relations order file by performing data entry and follow up to ensure the DRO is determined to be qualified by the TSRS attorney and TSRS administrator. Provide support to the Administrator for TSRS board meetings.  This may include preparing draft agenda materials, distributing the materials, preparing a legal action report, and preparing a first draft of minutes of meetings.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Education Level & Type: Associate's Degree

Minimum Experience Qualifications: At least two (2) years’ experience in an administrative function in the area of Finance, Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, Retirement/Pension, Benefits, law or related field.  

Other Information

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Occupational Group Code: 98

Occupational Group Description: Pension

EEO Job Category Code: B

EEO Job Category Description: Professionals

Organizational Level: First Level Employee

NCCI: 8810

Bargaining Unit: No Representation

Driving Requirements

The following information pertains to driving requirements for this classification with the City of Tucson. Under "Driving Level" None, Secondary or Primary, refers to the driving responsibility as it relates to the essential functions of the classification. License Type, is just that, the type of Arizona Driving License required for the classification. If the position requires a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), the endorsements will be listed under "Endorsements." Under Safety Sensitive a "Yes" means employees with this classification are subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. License Type A,B,C,D,or M may require the use of personal or City vehicles on City business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess a valid license and have an acceptable driving record. Use of a personal vehicle for City business will be prohibited if the employee is not authorized to drive a City vehicle or if the employee does not have personal insurance coverage. Exceptions to classification driving requirement's may exist based on position.

Driving Level: Incidental

License Type: Valid and Unrestricted Class D - Driver

CDL Endorsements: None

Safety Sensitive: No

Job Description Disclaimer

This description is not intended to limit or in any way modify the right of management to assign, direct and control the work of employees under supervision. The listing of duties and responsibilities shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of similar kind or level of difficulty. They are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this position.

CLASS: 0882; EST: 8/14/2019; REV: 8/14/2019;