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WTE Plant Mechanic II

Recruitment #240424-387510-001


This is skilled technical work involving mechanical maintenance and repair activities for a Waste to Energy facility.  Bargaining unit position. 

Nature Of Work

An employee in this class performs apprentice level work in the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of waste to energy plant mechanical equipment. Work is performed under general supervision and requires the application of reasonable initiative and independent judgment.  Employee may be required to respond to emergency calls regarding the breakdown of plant equipment.  Work is reviewed through observation while in progress and upon completion through results obtained.

Examples of Duties

Performs journeyman level inspections, preventive maintenance, and repair of plant equipment on a scheduled basis. 

Operates hand tools and portable power tools.

Performs welding and steel fabrication throughout the plant; operates an oxygen and acetylene fuel heating and cutting torch.

Installs and maintains various types of threaded fasteners and retaining rings, piping, tubing and hose-type fluid transfer systems.

Troubleshoots, installs, maintains, or repairs the following: chain drive systems, belt drive systems, hydraulic/pneumatic systems, couplings, bearings, pumps, motors, conveyors and valves. 

Performs minor tasks requiring rigging and machinist skills; uses shop lathe and milling machine.

Follows standard safety procedures, and reports safety and environmental hazards to the shift supervisor; reads, understands, and applies information such as lockout/tagout procedures, safety rules, job hazard analyses, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.

Operates other equipment throughout the plant including, but not limited to, industrial forklifts, manlifts, and other mobile equipment.

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Considerable knowledge of: construction, operating principles and common failures of industrial mechanical equipment and the ability to recognize and diagnose the faulty operation of equipment from charts, graphs and visual inspection.

Working knowledge of: power plant processes and the interrelationships of various equipment and machinery, including the effect failure of a piece of equipment would have on the remainder of the system; occupational hazards and necessary safety precautions required in the operation and repair of waste to energy plant equipment; industrial mechanical equipment, including hydraulic/pneumatic systems, pumps, motors, conveyers, boilers, and TIG/MIG welding procedures.

Ability to: identify and correct the root cause of mechanical malfunctions and identify failure indicators when present on equipment; read and interpret power plant piping and instrumentation diagrams, hydraulic/pneumatic schematics, piping material specification sheets, welding blueprints, and other reference materials; identify ASTM and SAE fastener grade markings, thread standards, torque requirements, and washer requirements for the specific task at hand; establish and maintain effective working relationships assume a lead capacity and oversee other employees; locate, define, repair or modify defects in various mechanical equipment; interpret and work from equipment technical sketches and blueprints; establish and maintain.

Skill in: mechanical work including pipe fitting, welding, rigging, machinist and steel fabrication; use of a variety of hand tools and portable power tools used in routine maintenance and mechanical repair work. 

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited high school or vocational school with four (4) years’ experience in the maintenance and repair of industrial mechanical equipment, such as pumps, motors, conveyors, and hydraulic/pneumatic systems; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. 

Must meet all criteria for level II on the maintenance skills matrix. 

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of a valid Florida Driver’s license is required.


Employees may be required to work rotating shifts, including nights, weekends, holidays and overtime as needed. During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.