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Police Corporal/Detective

Recruitment #190529-007453-001


Please read the entire Job Posting as it will provide important information regarding the application process and promotional exam.    

Nature Of Work

An employee assigned to this class is responsible for performing tasks of average difficulty involving routine police duties as well as functioning in an administrative, lead or other specialized capacity. These positions differ from police officers in that most corporals act in a lead capacity and assume the duties of a sergeant as required; others perform work of a specialized nature. Under general supervision of a sergeant or other police supervisor, the employee is required to exercise initiative and independent judgment in performing as administrative corporal or lead field instructor, and in acting as liaison between the sergeant and other members of the squad. Employee must also exercise tact, courtesy and self-control in performance of duties, and must be able to make decisions calmly and quickly in emergency or hazardous situations. Most positions require the employee to work on rotating shifts, including nights, weekends and holidays. Work is reviewed through reports submitted, observation and results obtained.

Minimum Qualifications

For Examination Participation

-One (1) year of experience with the Tampa Police department in a sworn capacity; and

-One (1) year of college credits (30-semester or 45-quarter hours);

NOTE: Experience must be obtained prior to midnight, October 23, 2019.

Individuals with less than the required education may sit for the exam but will not be eligible for promotion until proof of completed education is provided.  Proof of education submitted after the closing date will only be accepted from those who had education in progress on the closing date and the education will only be applied towards meeting promotion qualifications and not additional points.

For Promotion Consideration:  

· One (1) year of experience with the Tampa Police department in a sworn capacity; and  

·One (1) year of college credits (30-semester or 45-quarter hours); and a rating of satisfactory or higher on the most recent performance evaluation.

Candidates participating in this promotional process for the first time or those who did not take the 2017 examination must submit a copy of their degree or official transcript (with signature and/or seal affixed) prior to the closing date/filing deadline. ­Candidates who participated in the 2017 promotional process will be awarded the same education points given in 2017 if no education documents are submitted.  If there has been a change in education status and you want to have additional information reviewed, ALL education documents must be submitted, including the past education submitted and new information to be considered, prior to the closing date.  The transcript or diploma may be scanned and attached via upload to the online application or forwarded via email to careers@tampagov.net.

NOTE: Applications and associated documentation must be received no later than 4 pm on September 9, 2019.  All submissions received after this date will not be processed. 

Applicants can monitor eligibility status by viewing their profile within JobAps which will change from “Submitted for Review” once eligibility is determined.  Those who meet eligibility requirement will have their profiles changed to “Meets Initial Qualifications” no later than August 2, 2019. 


Licenses or Certifications

Possession of a valid Florida driver's license required.


Date of the Written Test: 10/23/2019, 1:00 PM at the Tampa Convention Center.

Examination Scoring:

· 80% Written Test (Weighted - 80% multiple choice; 20% In-Basket)

· 10% Education

·10% Seniority

The written test will be a combination of 80 multiple choice questions and 20 multiple-choice in-basket questions. Candidates must attain a minimum passing score of 70% on the written test. Employees who earn a passing score on the written test, will be granted education and seniority points consistent with Article 35.3.5.  As previously determined, seniority will be calculated up to the date of the examination, October 23, 2019.  Candidates who qualify for Veterans' Preference based on the required documentation will have the appropriate points assigned based on their category after earning a passing score per current Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs guidelines (http://floridavets.org)

Additional information related to source material question breakdown will be communicated in the invitation to sit for the exam.


Education Points (to receive education points, the college attended must be accredited as recognized by the FDLE salary incentive program):

· 0-59 Credit Hours = 0 points

· Associate's Degree or 60-119 Credit Hours = 2.5 points

· Bachelor's Degree or 120-179 Credit Hours = 5 points

· Master's Degree or 180+ Credit Hours = 7.5 points

· Doctorate Degree = 10 points

A copy of the degree or official transcript (with signature and/or seal affixed) must be received prior to 4:00:00 PM on September 9, 2019 to receive consideration for education points. The transcript or diploma may be scanned and attached via upload to the online application or forwarded via email to careers@tampagov.net.  If the file you are uploading exceeds the attachment size allowed, you can try a free file compression tool online such as http://pdfcompressor.com/ to reduce the size of your upload.

Candidates who submit documents on or before July 1, 2019 and wish to view their calculated education points will be able to do so by logging into their JobAps profile.  The points will be updated and viewable in the” score” column no later than August 1, 2019 for those who apply on or before July 1, 2019.    

Candidates who participated in the 2017 examination will be able to view their education points by logging into their JobAps profile. The points will be viewable in the "score" column no later than August 1, 2019 for those who apply on or before July 1, 2019.

Education points will no longer be viewable in the system after August 8, 2019.  However, education points can be reviewed after the test during the scheduled review period.

Sample Candidate Examination Score:

 Component Your Score  Possible Points   Converted Score Weight  Converted Score x Weight 
 Multiple Choice  50  80  62.5%  80%  50%
 In-Basket  20  20  100%  20%  20%
        Total Written Score   70% (PASS)
         Total Written x 80%  56


 Component   Your Score  Possible Points 
 Written  56  80
 Education  7.5  10
 Seniority  4.66  10
 Final Score  68.1  100

Selection Plan