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Driver Engineer

Recruitment #190110-007292-001


Please read the entire Job Posting as it will provide important information regarding the application process and promotional exam.

  • All documents MUST be submitted prior to the deadline indicated in the " Filing Deadline" area of the posting. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Documents received after the deadline will not be accepted by Employment Services
  • If you have taken the exam in prior years, you MUST resubmit all required documents along with your application
  • To check the status of your application, you may log in to Job Aps or contact Employment Services directly at 813-274-8911

Nature Of Work

An employee in this class is responsible for the operation and minor maintenance of various fire apparatus and auxiliary equipment on an assigned shift. Tasks are of more than average difficulty and include training of other personnel and performing the duties of a Fire Captain as required. The exercise of reasonable initiative and independent judgment is required in determining the safest, fastest route to take to an emergency and in determining proper positioning of the apparatus at the scene. Under general supervision, employees are responsible for assessing emergencies accurately, reaching valid conclusions and recommending courses of action. Employees must have a sound working knowledge of hydraulics in order to operate pump equipment in a manner that provides proper water pressure to firefighters. Work is performed on 24-hour shifts that include weekends and holidays, and under hazardous conditions such as natural disasters and civil disorders. It is important that employees react in an expeditious manner when time is essential. Work is reviewed through observation, reports submitted and results obtained.

Examples of Duties

Discusses firefighting strategy with other personnel, reviewing area maps and other available information for pre-fire planning; prepares or revises maps identifying travel routes, available water sources and other pertinent information; participates in building surveys to obtain information about assigned area, particularly high life hazards.

Conducts classes in firefighting techniques and related subjects; studies instructional materials to prepare for teaching; studies training materials to improve job knowledge and prepare for promotion; participates in first aid classes to keep up-to-date on techniques.

Responds to alarms following set procedures for verifying addresses, starting vehicle, transmitting alarm to other stations, checking position of crew, and turning on lights and siren; selects appropriate route to location; drives apparatus using necessary safety precautions; parks apparatus at the best location to ensure availability.

Sets up special equipment such as lights and generators as required; selects appropriate equipment to effectively combat fires; selects appropriate hydrant to provide water supply in the safest, most efficient manner possible; connects pump truck to other apparatus in order to provide water supply; operates pump, monitoring gauges and adjusting levers as necessary to provide adequate water supply at the proper pressures; lays lines as directed and operates nozzles; uses special equipment as required; positions ladders including operating equipment to position and use aerial ladder.

Clears persons from hazardous area; monitors equipment in operation to ensure proper functioning; observes emergency for development of hazardous situations to include observing other personnel for fatigue, lack of protective clothing or other hazards to safety.

Participates in salvage and cleanup operations; performs ventilation duties as needed.

Extricates victims from automobile using special tools as necessary.

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Considerable knowledge of: firefighting and search and rescue techniques and equipment; firefighting terminology; characteristics of fire; firefighting equipment and its uses.

Working knowledge of: the application of hydraulic principles and theories to firefighting operations; effective communications techniques.

Some knowledge of: standard reports and forms and their purposes and methods of completion.

Ability to: communicate effectively orally, in writing and by use of hand signals; perform work requiring considerable physical exertion under hazardous conditions; work cooperatively and interact effectively with all types of people in a variety of situations; assess situations accurately, reach valid conclusions and take appropriate action; anticipate possible hazards and recommend a work plan; train others, as required; read and understand maps rapidly and accurately.

Skill in: the use and care of firefighting and rescue tools and equipment.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Four (4) years of experience as a Firefighter with Tampa Fire Rescue. Employees with 3 years of experience may apply and will be eligible when attaining the required 4 years of experience.
  • Successful completion of 18 college credits (9 of which must be in the area of fire science/administration, emergency medical services, business or public administration, or industrial education with a major in fire science/administration).
  • Successful completion of college level courses in fire apparatus and equipment, and fire apparatus practices.

All applicants must submit a copy of their degree or transcript (with signature and/or seal affixed) prior to the closing date. This also applies to candidates who may have applied for past examinations. The transcript or diploma must be scanned and attached via upload to the online application via Job Aps.

NOTE: All of the required education for eligibility purposes must be submitted prior to the deadline.  Required experience must be obtained by the date of the test.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of:

  • A valid Florida driver's license.
  • Current State of Florida EMT-B or Paramedic Certificate.


100 %

  • Multiple Choice (50%)
  • Practical- Hydraulics/Pump Operations (50%)
  • Education and Seniority points are added after a grade of 60% is obtained.
  • Submit all applicable transcripts with promotional application.

SOURCE MATERIALS FOR EXAM: (In effect the date of this announcement)

  1. SOG's
  2. Rules and Regulations
  3. Collective Bargaining Agreement


Part 1 Multiple Choice: May 10, 2019

Part 2 Practical- Hydraulics/Pump Operations: May 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th

(Applicants will not need to attend all 4 days listed for Part 2; the sign-up will be available on May 10th)


During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.


HELPFUL HINTS FOR COMPLETING YOUR APPLICATION: Please register before you begin the application process. This will enable you to view and re-use information from previously submitted applications to complete and submit any future applications. Please make certain your application is complete and the information you provide clearly demonstrates that you possess the minimum job qualifications as stated in the job announcement. Resumes can be submitted in support of an application, but not in lieu of an application. Resumes and copies of certifications or other required documents may be attached to your online application.