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Traffic Maintenance Specialist III (Special Events)

Recruitment #170213-424300-001


Full-Time Benefits: Health, vision, dental, and life insurance; annual and sick leave; paid holidays; pension and tax-deferred compensation (457) plans; and more.

Nature Of Work

An employee in this class of work functions as a crew leader over traffic specialists and other divisional personnel assigned to work special events, including temporary employees.  The work schedule is highly variable in nature, frequently involving long hours as tasks include pre and post special event traffic maintenance activities as well as providing traffic control assistance during events.  Work is of more than average difficulty and requires reasonable initiative and independent judgment in oversight of the work of event crews, checking work during events, and keeping records of event manhours and equipment utilized.  Under general supervision, the employee meets with representatives of other city departments to establish placement and maintenance of traffic devices utilized to control traffic and pedestrians.  Work is performed at times in hazardous traffic necessitating a high degree of awareness of surroundings to avoid injury to self or others.  In the absence of special events work, employee is assigned to assist in ongoing traffic maintenance work, including such activities as sign fabrication and field installation or replacement of signs and traffic markings.  Work is reviewed through observation, reports and results obtained.

Examples of Duties

Oversees and participates in the work of traffic maintenance crews engaged in traffic control activities for special events such as parades, sporting events, marathon runs, political rallies, etc.; monitors work crews in closing roads and diverting traffic for events; helps to channel and keep pedestrians in safe zones during events; schedules and maintains follow-up to ensure crews follow prescribed plans.  

Meets with representatives of other departments to discuss placement and maintenance of traffic devices needed to control traffic and pedestrians; assesses manhour needs to cover events; provides manhours and equipment quotes to permitting section; utilizes database on PC to maintain records of special event manhours; works with supervisor in coordinating staffing to ensure highest productivity at least cost.  

Oversees crews engaged in the removal of barricades to allow for reopening of streets when special events conclude; disengages and/or removes directional signs, cones, barricades and other devices; assists pedestrians in identifying routes of departure.  

Performs standard traffic maintenance work in the absence of special event occurrences; place and installs construction signs and barricades for re-routing of traffic; inspects detour sites, and cleans and resets signs as necessary; repairs existing traffic sign locations as a result of such acts as accidents, vandalism or weather; resets or replaces signs on posts, anchors hardware, and corrects any other deficiencies observed; upgrades signing at intersections with new signing; installs various signs at previously unsigned locations; checks for sight obstructions; participates in sign fabrication; operates sign maker to produce signs; operates PC to utilize CAD; operates light mechanical and shop equipment such as bench grinders, drill press, and power hack saw;  operates radio base station.  

Performs layout and pre-marking of center lines, lane lines, legends, and edge of pavement lines; installs pre-marking to provide reference for loop and traffic signal head installation; lays out and paints parking spaces on city streets and parking garages; paints and places glass beads on channelization islands and medians for easy recognition by the public; installs temporary markings which will be replaced with thermoplastic markings to maintain necessary traffic control; performs routine maintenance and general repairs to painting equipment; grinds away traffic lines and marking to realign traffic lanes or change traffic patterns.  

Acts as crew leader and participates in: laying out and installing traffic pavement markings using paint; or installing, maintaining and replacing traffic control, information and street name signs; instructs and trains subordinate or less senior crew member(s) in the performance of tasks and operation and maintenance of equipment; directs placement and removal of safety devices and cleaning of work area; prepares and maintain records of work accomplishments; loads and unloads heavy items.  

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Working knowledge of:  methods, practices, materials, tools, and painting equipment used in traffic paving marking or sign fabrication, installation, and maintenance, depending on area of assignment.   

Some knowledge of:  maintenance of traffic methods and practices; basic record keeping; methods, principles, and practices utilized in graphics layout and design.   

Considerable knowledge of:  occupational hazards and appropriate safety precautions.   

Ability to:  work irregular and lengthy work schedules, including evenings and nights; perform and instruct others in performance of a variety of traffic maintenance operations; operate and perform routine maintenance and minor repairs to painting equipment, where required; operate sign fabrication equipment; understand and follow oral and written instructions; prepare and maintain simple records and reports; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; perform duties requiring physical strength, out of doors, and in inclement weather.   

Skill in:  operation, maintenance, and use of tools and painting equipment pertinent to assigned area; the operation and use of sign fabrication tools and equipment; taking field measurements using tape measure and other equipment as needed.    

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited high school or vocational school, with one (1) year of experience in traffic pavement marking or sign installation or in laying out and fabricating signs and six (6) months of experience in maintenance of traffic activities for special events; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of a valid Florida driver’s license; a valid Florida commercial driver’s license class “B” might be required.


Evaluation of education and experience. Drug testing is included in all pre-employment processing.


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