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Services Attendant I

Recruitment #180709-601100-001

Nature Of Work

An employee in this class is responsible for performing a variety of manual and semiskilled tasks in construction, maintenance, repair, and/or other related municipal services. Tasks, which are of routine difficulty, are learned through on-the-job training requiring exercise of only limited initiative and independent judgment. Some positions might require employees to work part-time or irregular hours and/or to perform tasks of a hazardous nature. Under immediate supervision, employees receive instructions orally with work being reviewed while in progress and upon completion through continuous observation and results obtained.

Examples of Duties

Performs unskilled manual tasks in construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, facilities, grounds and other installations.

Digs and cleans ditches and trenches; mixes concrete; loads and unloads various supplies, equipment and materials; levels dirt and asphalt; drives stakes, breaks up rocks and concrete.

Plants and waters grass and shrubbery; cleans and washes vehicles; sweeps sidewalks and streets; deposits rubbish in containers; performs custodial tasks such as emptying receptacles and keeping facilities clean.

Uses a variety of hand tools including shovels, hoes, axes, pitchforks, rakes, picks, sledge hammers, and wheelbarrows to perform above tasks; uses hand rollers and tamps to compact materials; operates lawn mower to cut grass; receives on-the-job training in semi-skilled and skilled trades.

Operates light automotive equipment such as cars or cargo/passenger vans; checks that vehicle is ready for daily operation.

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Ability to: acquire knowledge of basic repair, construction and maintenance procedures; acquire knowledge of occupational hazards and appropriate safety precautions; acquire knowledge of plant care, where required; understand and follow oral instructions; perform tasks requiring physical strength and endurance; operate a lightweight motor vehicle; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; develop skill in use and care of hand tools and other related equipment.

Suggested Minimum Qualifications

Completion of elementary school.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of a valid Florida driver's license is required (except those assigned Neighborhood Empowerment).   


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