City of Tampa

Medical Support Officer (#700500) F07

$46.66-$59.30 Hourly / $8,087.04-$10,279.36 Monthly / $97,044.48-$123,352.32 Yearly


This is responsible technical work involving coordinating, overseeing and performing maintenance and repairs of highly specialized Fire and Rescue equipment.

Nature Of Work

The employee in this class of work has the primary responsibility for: repair and maintenance of all self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) assigned to the municipal fire department; coordinating purchases of equipment; invoices and payments; contracts for equipment maintenance repair; and, implementing new supplies to the inventory. Assignments are of more than average difficulty and require that the employee become appropriately certified to perform repairs on the SCBA. The employee works under the direct supervision of the Assistant Chief of Administration and Rescue. The exercise of reasonable initiative and independent judgment is required in recommending equipment for purchase and in preparing operating procedures for equipment currently being utilized. Tact and courtesy are required of this employee when interacting with the public and when representing the department on a variety of committees. Although assigned to a standard 40-hour workweek, the employee is expected to maintain combat firefighting and rescue skill and be available for service in emergencies. Work is reviewed through periodic observation and results obtained.

Examples of Duties

Works with Tampa Fire Rescue (TFR) Medical Director, Assistant Chief of Administration and Rescue, Rescue Division Officer, Occupational Health Nurse, and TFR personnel with requests for new equipment and supplies, researches requests and performs research and development on new equipment and supplies.

Has primary responsibility for implementing new supplies and equipment for Rescue and Operations Divisions; coordinates with Fire Supply Division and Purchasing for proper inventory control; maintains supply and retention of controlled substance logbooks.

Has responsibility for Rescue supply/equipment procurement, covering: contracts for equipment maintenance/repair; contracts for Medical gases; equipment and supply purchases; initiates purchase orders and requisitions; provides single source and new vendor information; submits annual budget requests.

Has primary responsibility for initiating bids for equipment purchases, repair, necessary supplies, and maintenance contracts; works directly with Chief of Administration and COT Purchasing Department; serves as liaison to outside vendor/ purchasing agents.

Assists with coordination of all off duty employment requiring Paramedics and EMTs; attends city department coordinator meetings for special events and shall function as a TFR Liaison to the Special Event Committee, as directed; posts job announcements for off duty assignments as directed; maintains the archival process of all written medical records of all activity during events, i.e.: call logs and medical records; prepares and submits invoices for off duty events, payroll dispersal, and equipment fees, as directed; maintains accountability for all equipment, supplies, and radios for off duty assignments, as directed; provides logistical vehicle support for off duty assignments.

Supervises repairs and annual testing of all SCBA equipment; coordinates SCBA cylinder hydrostatic testing; coordinates pick-up and delivery of SCBA equipment for repair; maintains database of all SCBA equipment, testing, repair and inventory; maintains proficiency and certification as a SCBA repair technician.

Performs repairs on Medical equipment within scope of training and ability

Monitors all medical supply and equipment needs of Department on a daily basis by monitoring changes in Department needs and provide equipment, supplies and training to meet these needs.

Is responsible for the maintenance of Breathing Air compressors at Station #1 and Training; supervises Ventilation Unit Driver Engineers and instructs on Vent truck operation, compressor operation, SCBA repairs, and compressed air storage system operation and maintenance; initiates repairs and retrofits of Ventilation Equipment.

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Considerable knowledge of: the principles, practices, skills and techniques of emergency medical care; all TFR Medical Protocols.

Working knowledge of: computers and considerable computer skills

Ability to: speak and write clearly and succinctly in a variety of settings and on a variety of subjects related to TFR operations and TFR EMS operations; maintain effective working relationships with other TFR employees, the TFR Medical Director, representatives of hospitals and other related agencies and/or authorities.

Minimum Qualifications

Current employment as a Lieutenant or Captain with Tampa Fire Rescue.

A minimum of ten (10) years of experience on a Rescue Unit as a paramedic with a minimum of three (3) of those years as a Lieutenant.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of: a valid Florida non-commercial driver’s license type "E" or higher level; Current State of Florida certification as a Paramedic.


During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.

CLASS: 700500; REV: 2/5/2018;