City of Tampa

City Architect (#512810) MG

$48.38-$75.82 Hourly / $8,385.87-$13,142.13 Monthly / $100,630.40-$157,705.60 Yearly


This is highly responsible professional and managerial work in the preparation and administration of municipal construction contracts, and architectural design.

Nature Of Work

The employee in this class is responsible for performing tasks of considerable technical difficulty and wide ranging design scope which include preparing and revising architectural design plans and specifications including application of professional seal. The employee supervises the review and processing of required shop drawings, related contract documents, and construction administration for the construction and renovation of municipally owned building and facilities. Responsibilities include coordinating with a variety of city user departments, outside agencies and project personnel in the preparation and development of project description and scopes of work, cost estimates, and preliminary and final design, drawings, and specifications. Also required are analyzing and reviewing architectural designs, engineering designs, drawings, and specifications submitted by consultants for accuracy and completeness and to ensure that functional and code requirements of projects are met. The employee negotiates scopes of services and fees with professional consultants, reviews applications for payment to contractor, work directives and change orders, and negotiates disputes between contractors and the city. Under general direction, the employee exercises considerable initiative and independent judgement in selecting work methods and formulating recommendations to meet program needs as well as in supervising the activities of subordinate drafting support personnel. Work is reviewed through conferences, oral and written reports submitted, and observation of results obtained. Appointed position; employee serves at the pleasure of the Mayor.

Examples of Duties

Coordinates with city user departments, outside agencies and project personnel in developing project descriptions, cost estimates, and preliminary drawings for the construction and/or renovation of municipally owned buildings, facilities and infrastructure related projects.
Develops preliminary architectural designs from approved project descriptions for review by user departments; finalizes architectural designs incorporating suggested changes or additions to meet functional requirements, and construction materials, building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and landscaping codes; assists in guiding program development toward functional and economic requirements while staying within estimated budget limitations; affixes professional seal to drawings prepared by subordinates. 
Plans, assigns, supervises, and coordinates the activities of subordinate technical personnel involved in the preparation of architectural, mechanical, and electrical working drawings and technical specifications; approves/disapproves various sample submittals and shop drawings prepared in-house or by contractors pertaining to materials, equipment, and fixtures. 
Approves/disapproves construction documents and communicates results to appropriate design professional (architect, engineer, etc.) in order to facilitate construction. 
Assists in analyzing and evaluating architectural designs, drawings, and specifications prepared by consultants to ensure that functional requirements have been met, municipal codes have been complied with, regulatory compliance has been met and that design has provided the most economical facility relative to both first cost and long term operating cost. 
Maintains on-going monitoring of contracts to ensure compliance with city regulations and/or other known requirements. 
Recommends personnel actions such as discipline, reprimands, demotions, suspensions, and dismissals in order to correct or terminate inappropriate or unacceptable work behavior; approves/disapproves subordinate leave requests to ensure proper staffing; completes performance evaluations on subordinates; supervises subordinate personnel involved in preparing construction drawings for civil engineering projects; conducts field investigation/surveys/inspections to collect information/evidence when necessary. 
Provides architectural expertise, project management and forecast expertise by answering questions as to content at project inception regarding program and budget development, drawings and specifications during bidding and construction phases; issues addenda and letters of clarification to modify contract documents. Coordinates with the ADA Coordinator to ensure all required capital projects adhere with current ADA regulations and requirements. Involved in resolving ADA issues that may arise at facilities or structures that are required to be accessible.
Leads staff reviews for qualification based selection of consultants and contractors.
Leads consultant selection and scope negotiations for general work orders supporting all city user departments related to design or studies.
Maintains division operational records, conducts studies, researches records, and writes reports; acts as team leader on a project basis (include use of professional seal). 
Participates during the budget process in the development of Capital Improvement Projects. 
Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Considerable knowledge of: principles and practices of designing municipal building structures and facilities, municipal building codes, ordinances, rules, and regulations; architectural developments and information in the field of building design and construction; effective supervisory techniques.
Ability to: plan, assign, supervise, and review the work of technical personnel; plan and prepare completed architectural design plans and specifications; analyze and review architectural design submittals and drawings prepared by consultants, and infrastructure related design submittals and drawings prepared by consultants; communicate graphically; prepare and submit detailed, clear and concise reports both orally and in writing; read and interpret construction documents, technical drawings, diagrams, plans, and specifications; establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, officials, and the general public.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a professional bachelor’s degree (a degree acknowledged by the State Board of Professional Regulation) in architecture, experience or knowledge of infrastructure or related projects and three (3) years of architectural design experience, including one (1) year of supervisory experience.

Licenses or Certifications

Registration as a professional architect in the State of Florida and associated possession of a professional seal. Possession of a valid drivers license may be required.


During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.

CLASS: 512810;