City of Tampa

Business Tax Inspector I (#019100) 024

$23.38-$33.33 Hourly / $4,052.53-$5,777.20 Monthly / $48,630.40-$69,326.40 Yearly


This is responsible work involving inspections to enforce business tax codes.  Bargaining unit position.

Nature Of Work

Employees in this class are responsible for performing various inspectional and investigative tasks of average difficulty in determining compliance with business tax regulations. Under general supervision, employees exercise considerable initiative and independent judgment in determination of business tax requirements, investigation of complaints of business tax violations, and assessment of appropriate tax fees as prescribed by code. Work involves extensive public contact which necessitates the exercise of tact and courtesy while impartially administering the provisions of codes and regulations that apply to business operations within the City. In performing field inspections, operation of a lightweight motor vehicle, performance of manual tasks requiring light physical exertion, and extensive walking are necessary. Employees perform associated office tasks and utilize portable computers to access business site and tax information in the office and in the field. Work is reviewed while in progress through observation and upon completion by reports submitted and computer generated products.

Examples of Duties

Evaluates nature of operations and tax requirements for businesses in an assigned area and establishes appropriate tax fees as prescribed by applicable code; advises business owners and representatives of code requirements, fee structures, and business tax processes; conducts door-to-door field inspections of businesses on street locations, highrises, malls and residential neighborhoods to verify business information and code compliance; establishes basis for and amount of additional business tax fees to be assessed for expanded or diversified operations; voids licenses for businesses determined to no longer be in operation; inspects types of alcohol being sold in establishments; confirms or establishes if businesses own or rent property on which located; if leasing property, determines ownership to establish if owner is in compliance with business tax regulations for commercial rental.

Conducts field investigations on citizen complaints concerning businesses operating without a business tax receipt or for operating in residential zones; ensures that peddlers, charitable solicitors, and those canvassing for publications have proper authorization for operation; issues written notices to discontinue operations if violation is found.  

 Utilizes laptop computer to access business operation information available in system; adds to, deletes or modifies data in system while conducting field checks to update business tax records; prints listings of business operations with background data to use during field checks.

Conducts special business tax assignments on a city-wide basis; checks inventory accuracy of retail and wholesale businesses and if inventory amount is perceived to vary from current assessed amount, requires owner to provide recent accounting statement as to inventory; evaluates statements to adjust inventory business tax due; conducts citywide field review of designated businesses such as law offices, medical complexes, apartment operations, launderettes, real estate operations, and beauty salons to evaluate extent of business tax related units, employees, equipment; conducts review of new apartment complexes during or following construction to establish number of units and existence of business tax items such as coin-operated laundry rooms and car washes, vending machines, etc.; follows up with business tax notices to owners.

Conducts after hour and/or weekend field visits of farmers’ markets, bars, flea markets and other business operations to ensure compliance with regulations and to collect fees as appropriate.

Reviews documents provided by other entities (County government, telephone company) to determine if new businesses have been established without appropriate business tax compliance; reviews new commercial phone listings and establishes whether commercial endeavors are within city; reviews county new business listings to determine if business locations are in city jurisdiction; contacts new businesses by phone or in person to establish business classification, business tax fees, etc.

Communicates with prospective business owners/representatives to assist in classification of proposed business; explains business tax requirements, fees, etc.; answers questions from the public as to business tax regulations and requirements.

Performs follow-up on delinquent notices, zoning compliance, etc.; makes courtesy calls to businesses which have issued a bad check in an effort to obtain monies due; issues warning notices to discontinue businesses where zoning compliance has not been achieved or business taxes not paid; contacts law enforcement for assistance to close businesses that are continuing to operate when failing to comply with business tax regulations.

Operates laptop computer; uses mapping software to establish location and nature of businesses, currency of business tax compliance, etc.; may participate in presentation of information to City Council on business tax issues.

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Considerable knowledge of: standard office practices, procedures and equipment; business math.

Some knowledge of: the geography of the city and surrounding areas.

Ability to: establish and maintain effective working relationships with business owners and representatives, co-workers, and the general public; deal with persons in a calm and guiding manner to secure and/or provide essential information relating to compliance with business tax regulations; acquire knowledge of City of Tampa, Hillsborough County and State of Florida laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to business tax regulation and apply them in an impartial manner; prepare clear and concise written reports; utilize laptop computer and basic software; prepare and maintain clear and complete records; understand and follow complex instructions; perform work requiring light physical exertion; operate a lightweight motor vehicle.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited high school with college level coursework equivalent to 30 semester credit hours with major work in business administration, law enforcement or related field and three (3) years of experience in inspections, collections, law enforcement or a related field; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of a valid Florida driver’s license


Employees may be required to work rotating shifts, including nights, weekends, holidays and overtime as needed. During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.

CLASS: 019100; EST: 8/13/2013; REV: 3/1/2021;