City of Tampa

City Attorney (#009015) MN

$67.91-$116.18 Hourly / $11,771.07-$20,137.87 Monthly / $141,252.80-$241,654.40 Yearly


This is highly responsible legal work serving as the City Attorney and managing the city’s Legal Department.

Nature Of Work

The employee in this class, under administrative direction of the Mayor, manages the city’s Legal Department and is responsible for legal activities of the city. Legal services are characterized by a variety and complexity of litigation and the requirement of providing legal interpretations in many instances where there is no clear and direct applicability of legal precedent. Work is of unusual difficulty and requires the exercise of extensive initiative and judgment in providing a variety of complex legal services, including rendering legal opinions, drafting legal documents, and representing the city’s interest in litigation. Work is reviewed through discussion with and evaluation by the Mayor. Appointed position; employee serves at the pleasure of the Mayor. As outlined in the City Charter, the incumbent must reside within the City of Tampa or be willing to relocate.

Examples of Duties

Provides legal advice and assistance to the Mayor, City Council, and committees thereof, department directors and others, and boards of the city in regard to municipal affairs; provides written or verbal legal opinions as requested on a variety of matters.

Conducts and/or directs complex legal research; surveys other governmental agencies to identify successful legal positions, and identifies and recommends the use of outside attorneys for specialized matters.

Prepares resolutions, ordinances, and proposed legislation; makes recommendations concerning the repeal, amendment, and revision of existing codes, ordinances and laws; drafts and/or reviews bonds, deeds, contracts, leases, covenants, agreements, and other legal documents.

Participates in, or leads, negotiations conducted on matters of substantial legal and financial impact to the city; plans legal strategy in litigation matters; represents the city in litigation; defends the interests of the city and its officers before courts and administrative boards; prepares pleadings, discovery documents, motions and briefs; obtains and evaluates expert testimony.

Plans, coordinates, and reviews the work of assistant city attorneys in assignments such as the development or revision of codes, drafting of legal documents, research and preparation of legal opinions, representation of the city in court or in administrative hearings, advising city boards on legal questions, and consulting with the city departments on legal issues and concerns.

Prepares reports and correspondence; assigns, develops and evaluates staff; manages unit budget, and work processes.

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Comprehensive knowledge of: laws of Florida, federal laws relating to employment and discrimination, common law, administrative law and regulations, and local legislation pertaining to the city; municipal administration and organization.

Extensive knowledge of: principles, methods, materials and practices of legal research; modern management practices and procedures; federal and state laws relating to job duties.

Ability to: write and speak clearly and succinctly in a variety of communication settings; be persuasive and convincing in oral and written presentations; plan, assign, and direct work of professional, para-professional, technical and supervisory employees in a manner that promotes full performance; establish and maintain effective working relationships with city officials, directors, managers and other employees, court officials and representatives of the court, and the general public; deal with public relations problems effectively, courteously and tactfully; plan, organize, and refine operating procedures; blend people into teams when necessary and foster open dialogue and participation; set clear objectives and measures and monitor process, progress and results; render advice and counsel to others leading to the resolution of problems; utilize computer services such as West Law.

Skill in: establishing clear directions, setting objectives, and organizing broad work activities; research and analysis of data.

Licenses or Certifications

Admission to the Bar of the State of Florida; certified to practice before the United States District Court and the Supreme Court of the State of Florida.

Possession of a valid drivers license may be required.


During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.

CLASS: 009015; EST: 8/14/2013;