City of Tampa

Game Official (#008260) GO

$10.00-$10.00 Hourly / $1,733.33-$1,733.33 Monthly / $20,800.00-$20,800.00 Yearly


This is sports officiating work with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Nature Of Work

Employees in this class preside over intramural/competitive athletic or sporting events to help maintain standards of play.  Must demonstrate above average knowledge of the rules and officiating procedure of the game and sporting event, be capable of controlling difficult game situations, and without bias, be able to enforce the rules of the game.  Work is of average difficulty and requires considerable initiative, independent judgment, tact and courtesy.  Must be able to work irregular hours, including evenings, weekends and holidays. 

Examples of Duties

Officiate sporting events, games, and competitions; Judge performances in sporting competitions to determine a winner; Inspect sports equipment and examine all participants to ensure safety; Keep track of event times, starting or stopping play when necessary; Signal participants and other officials when infractions occur or to regulate play or competition; Settle claims of infractions or complaints by participants; Enforce the rules of the game, detect infractions and assess penalties when necessary;

Assist with opening and closing of facility;

Attend training sessions and seminars before, during, and or after the season

Performs related work as needed.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Considerable knowledge of:  the rules and application of the rules in various youth and adult sports.

Working knowledge of:  appropriate practices, methods, and techniques of officiating youth and adult sports in one or more sports, such as youth and adult basketball, soccer, football, volleyball and  Lacrosse.

Ability to: prepare and interpret written reports and impart them effectively; implement appropriate practices, methods, and techniques of officiating to perspective officials, coaches and participants, establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors and fellow officials.

Skilled in: hand mechanics for each sporting event; verbal and written communications.

Minimum Qualifications

Successful completion of a certified officials clinic and/or experience in the field of umpiring or officiating sporting events.  If age 16 or 17, successful completion of "Let's Make It Official" training program.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of Umpire or Officiating Certifications, preferred.

Possession of First Aid.

Must obtain CPR certification within six (6) months of employment. 


During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.

CLASS: 008260; EST: 12/5/2016;