City of Tampa

District Fire Chief (#007295) F10

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$53.77-$65.99 Hourly / $9,320.48-$11,437.92 Monthly / $111,845.76-$137,255.04 Yearly


This is mid-level managerial fire service work.

Nature Of Work

An employee in this class is responsible for managing the activities of a number of firefighting companies within a district of the city. These employees participate in the development, implementation and application of departmental rules, regulations and standard operating procedures. Considerable initiative and independent judgment are required in: observing work at emergencies for evaluation of tactics and employee behavior; in directing fire suppression; evacuation and rescue activities; in rendering fire scene command decisions of considerable impact; and, in scheduling employees to ensure adequate staffing at all stations in the assigned area. Under direction of the Assistant Fire Chief - Operations, employees supervise training activities in the district and ensure that all required station records are maintained. Tasks are of more than average difficulty and include such personnel management activities as discipline administration, the investigation of misconduct and similar allegations, and responding to grievances. These employees periodically visit stations to inspect personnel, apparatus and equipment, and submit reports of findings and recommendations regarding staffing levels, equipment and other budget considerations. Work is performed on an assigned shift, which includes weekends and holidays, and under such adverse conditions as inclement weather, natural or other disasters, and social unrest. Employees answer alarms in the assigned area and may assume command, depending on the nature of the situation. Work is reviewed through conferences, reports submitted and results obtained.

Examples of Duties

Acts as division/district commander and participates in administering, managing and directing activities of an assigned group of uniformed fire employees; advises subordinate employees on the application and interpretation of rules, regulations, policies, and standard operating guidelines and enforces; supervises and coordinates information dissemination and training.

Conducts personnel and equipment inspections; participates in budget review for capital improvements; participates in review of requests for major purchases with all shifts.

Completes performance evaluations or oversees their completion by subordinates; reviews personnel certifications, including driver's licenses and emergency medical cards annually; responds to first and second step grievances; is responsible for non-exempt employee transfers within district.

 Responds to employee requests for overtime and leave; ascertains that necessary personnel are assigned to apparatus; reviews all line of duty injury reports; coordinates replacements for those on leave; determines which company to put out of service if such action becomes necessary.

Handles manpower planning requirements for district; plans for multiple company drills and is responsible for training and readiness of companies in district; coordinates and manages fire ground operations; evaluates and supervises determination of Cause and Origin.

Provides recommendations to upper management; participates in promotion panels and organizational meetings; is responsible for district goals under the work management program; makes recommendations regarding merit increases for exempt personnel.

Maintains records and prepares reports.

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Extensive knowledge of: fire ground incident command procedures; rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the department; modern firefighting equipment and methods.

Considerable knowledge of: administrative management methods, principles and practices, including methods of organization and operation.

Ability to: analyze complex fire problems and situations and to adopt quick, effective courses of action with regard to surrounding circumstances; appraise the principle fire hazards in an assigned district; command and lead a group of fire companies in an effective manner; direct, train and supervise subordinate personnel; prepare administrative and technical reports and to present them effectively, both orally and in writing; deal courteously and firmly with the public and maintain good public relations; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, subordinates, officials, and the public.

Minimum Qualifications

- Twelve (12) years of total service with Tampa Fire Rescue including three (3) years of experience at the Captain level.

- Successful completion of 60 college credits (30 of which must be in the areas of fire science/administration, emergency medical services, business or public administration, or industrial education with a major in fire science/administration).

- A copy of the diploma should be submitted if a degree was conferred.  If a copy of the diploma is not available, an official transcript clearly showing a diploma conferred date can be used as proof of graduation.  In cases where graduation did not occur, an official transcript copy should be submitted to show the total number of credits attained from each institution attended where credits were earned.  This includes recognized fire science college credit equivalent courses which may yield educational points if accompanied by regional/national accredited college or university course catalog (HCC, Polk State, St. Pete College, etc.;) citing equivalent course name and course description.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of a valid Florida driver's license and current State of Florida EMT – B or Paramedic certification.  


During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.

CLASS: 007295; EST: 8/8/2013;