City of Tampa

Contract Specialist (#000910) 027

$26.36-$37.51 Hourly / $4,569.07-$6,501.73 Monthly / $54,828.80-$78,020.80 Yearly


This is responsible and technical legal composition work and work monitoring public works construction activities. Bargaining unit position. 

Nature Of Work

An employee in this class is responsible for composing in correct legal terminology, phraseology, and format a variety of legal documents and for administering construction contracts. Work is of average difficulty and includes writing narratives explaining and answering any questions regarding content or meaning of such documents. It can also involve monitoring the performance of the city contractor(s) in construction tasks. Employees ensure that all terms of the contract(s) are met and are also expected to coordinate with contractor(s) on complaints received and the appropriate action taken. Under direction, employee receives most assignments either orally or in rough draft, necessitating exercise of reasonable initiative and independent judgment in establishing priorities, determining composition requirements, assuring timely completion of each assigned task, or in interpreting rules and regulations. Although employee works independently in the performance of routine and recurring assignments, unusual or technically complex assignments are reviewed through staff conferences with an assigned Assistant City Attorney or engineer. Work involves public contact requiring the exercise of tact and courtesy. The contract specialist will act as a liaison between the contractor(s) and the administrative office and will work with and in support of the construction supervisor assigned to the particular contracted area. Work is reviewed while in progress and upon completion through observation, reports submitted and results obtained.

Examples of Duties

Composes, in legal form and language, various contracts, documents, agreements, leases, and/or resolutions for submission to appropriate governing bodies; writes contracts and agreements relative to such areas as architectural, social, consultant, title, compliance reviews, appraisal, real estate services, and/or construction projects; writes leases for property, furniture, and equipment; writes resolutions for approval and/or authorization of contracts, agreements, leases, applications to the federal government for grant awards, acceptance of grant awards, budgetary allocations and changes, and invitations to bid for demolition.

Conducts searches for data from tag records, deeds, abstracts, files, documents, computer records and files, court records, and/or aerial maps/photos; analyzes and interprets codes and regulations for contract preparation from contractor.

Prepares, in legal form and language, executive orders for submission to the Mayor; revises, amends, and updates existing legal documents; drafts procedure manuals and notes problems; prepares resolutions for City Council; monitors contracts to ensure compliance with regulations; maintains computer system files.

Compiles narratives presenting explanations of legal documents for presentation to governing bodies; confers with government officials, employees, consultants and contractors to clarify, answer questions, and provide explanations of contract contents; confers with fiscal analysts to ensure accurate figures are entered into contracts and agreements and to ascertain funding availability; consults with assistant city attorney for legal review and approval of technically complex legal writing assignments.

Prepares and presents equal employment opportunity guidelines and requirements to federally-funded contractors at pre-construction conferences; compiles and distributes related written materials in conjunction with oral presentations.

Maintains on-going monitoring of contracts to ensure compliance with city regulations or requirements; disseminates statistics and related data upon request to public, and other agencies and city department in order to provide information; monitors work programs to ensure timely response to assigned projects.

Attends selected contract negotiation sessions with agency and other personnel to provide available information needed to conclude legal documents.

Prepares construction plans, specifications or modifications to facilitate construction; reads and interprets plans and specifications to facilitate proper construction methods, etc.; interprets data results for project requirements.

Reviews bids in order to recommend acceptance; reviews plans and specifications to make recommendations and/or determine manpower requirements, costs, and equipment needed.

Investigates companies awarded city contracts for various construction/installation projects in order to ensure conformance to standards, codes, etc.

Receives any complaints relative to contract area(s) and takes appropriate action; makes regular field reviews of work in progress and follow up investigations to determine whether contract’s guidelines have been completed in accordance with the contract(s) and departmental policies: prepares and maintains necessary documentation of oral contracts with contractor(s) and written reports prepared.

Determines whether correct charges are being charged and/or paid, according to quantities of pay items; ensures compliance/enforcement of regulations or codes; acts as liaison between the contractor and the engineer.

Operates light automotive equipment, if required; conducts interviews and/or surveys, by telephone or in person, to collect data; provides information to the public and answers questions.

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Considerable knowledge of: methods, materials, techniques, and equipment used in a variety of construction activities.

Working knowledge of: legal and standard composition procedures and processes; formats and styles employed in legal documents; laws, guidelines, and requirements governing contract structure and content; federal equal employment opportunity requirements as applicable to construction contracting; occupational hazards and safety precautions; the city, its geography, and street networks.

Ability to: read, understand, and interpret legal documents; write a variety of legal documents in correct legal format, terminology and phraseology; prepare and present clear, concise reports orally and in writing; maintain records; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; operate a light weight motor vehicle, if required.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited college or university with an associate’s degree in a legal field or general business, and six (6) months experience in contract writing or legal office work; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of a valid Florida driver’s license may be required.


Employees may be required to work rotating shifts, including nights, weekends, holidays and overtime as needed. During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.

CLASS: 000910; EST: 8/9/2013; REV: 3/1/2021;