City of Tampa

Urban Planner I (#000611) N30

$26.52-$39.70 Hourly / $4,596.80-$6,881.33 Monthly / $55,161.60-$82,576.00 Yearly


This is professional work in the field of urban planning and municipal administrative management.

Nature Of Work

Employees in this class participate in a variety of professional program or project planning and grants writing activities which impact municipal development and resource allocation processes. Knowledge of basic grant research, writing, and preparation practices is expected prior to employment in this class. Employees are afforded an opportunity to develop that knowledge and strengthen analytical and cognitive skills through a variety of assignments, which address grantsmanship planning, or by receiving training in this specialized area. Tasks are of average difficulty and include collecting and analyzing data and participating in the formulation of plans relevant to municipal conditions and needs. The exercise of reasonable initiative and independent judgment is required in data collection, analytical tasks, grants writing, intergovernmental relations, and implementing general municipal administrative procedures. Work is performed under general supervision, with technical guidance provided by higher level staff during all phases of activities, and reviewed through conferences, reports submitted, and grants drafted, submitted and awarded.

Examples of Duties

Participates in drafting, preparing, coordinating, and assisting participating/affected city departments in submitting grant applications; collects, assimilates, and assists in analysis and interpretation of data and indicators regarding municipal conditions; prepares projections of changes in conditions and needs for specific services and programs to be used when writing grants; participates in developing and drafting grant requests for funds to implement prioritized planned programs and projects. Attends and participates in meetings and public hearings regarding grants and related matters; provides written and verbal grant information; maintains a digital grant tracking system; assists in the presentation of recommendations regarding plans and other proposals to various municipal officials; attends and participates in meetings of various planning committees; assists in the negotiation of contract terms for the conduct of grant preparation with representatives of city departments and outside agencies. Coordinates and reviews assigned projects/activities to ensure that standards are being satisfied; maintains research information and updates files; prepares and coordinates documentation. Prepares sub-recipient contractual agreements that will be in compliance with program and governmental regulations; processes and approves payments submitted by subrecipients to ensure contract compliance. Researches, identifies, and reviews potential grant and other funding sources; reviews professional and governmental publications to maintain awareness of planning developments and changes in governmental programs and regulations, and grant opportunities. Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Working knowledge of: grants and government funding resources; federal, state, regional and local governments, and private grant resources; basic grant research, writing and preparation practices; methods and techniques of report and grant application preparation; municipal government administrative procedures; computer skills and digital data management; sound time management work methods.

Ability to: conduct grant and related topical substantive research; collect, assimilate, analyze, and interpret data and draw sound conclusions; prepare oral and/or written reports and impart them effectively; formulate sound recommendations and present them effectively; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, municipal officials, and the general public; write and prepare grant applications in consultation with affected city departments.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in planning, public administration, sociology, geography or related field and three (3) years of experience in grants writing/preparation, urban planning, or a related field;  or an associate’s degree in planning, public administration, sociology, geography or related field and five (5) years of experience in grants writing/preparation, urban planning, or a related field.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of a valid drivers license may be required.


Employees may be required to work rotating shifts, including nights, weekends, holidays and overtime as needed. During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.

CLASS: 000611; EST: 8/12/2013; REV: ;