Deputy Public Defender I-IV (DOQ)

Next application review deadline 11/30/22

Recruitment #21-313100-01



COMMITMENT TO SERVICE: Our mission is to serve the people and to provide a safe and healthy place to live, learn, work and play.

We serve the public in many different ways, including:

  • Providing primary medical, dental, alcohol, drug and mental health services to residents, including the uninsured, low-income, and medically underserved
  • Providing law enforcement services in the unincorporated area of the county
  • Protecting the community from public health threats such as communicable diseases
  • Coordinating countywide responses to domestic violence and terrorism or other emergencies
  • Managing the criminal justice process after arrest (jail, prosecution, probation)
  • Supporting other local governments through efficient property tax collection as mandated by the State, County and local jurisdictions; and,
  • Administration and enforcement of Federal, State, and Local laws and policies pertaining to environmental health, building construction, and land use planning

OUR EMPLOYEES: Our diverse workforce is committed to fulfilling this mission and does so by exemplifying our IDEAL Core Values, engaging in our day to day work of serving the public with Integrity, Dignity, Excellence, Accountability, and Leadership.

















The mission of the Solano County Public Defender is to protect and defend the rights, liberty, and dignity of our clients, to enforce the constitutional rights to due process, and to ensure the integrity of the criminal justice system for all, regardless of economic status, by providing excellent, compassionate legal representation.

The Public Defender’s Office strives to:

• Treat each client with dignity
• Fight for a fair legal system
• Tenaciously litigate for our clients
• Provide client-centered representation
• Proactively seek new knowledge
• Collaborate as a team
• Strive for continued excellence

To learn more about the Public Defender's Office, please visit:


The Public Defender of Solano County invites you to apply for the position of Deputy Public Defender I - IV. The Office is looking for attorneys who have a sincere dedication to criminal defense along with litigation skills anywhere from criminal defense law clerk, up to seasoned attorney's with felony trial experience. The eligible list created as a result of this recruitment will be used to fill part-time and full-time regular, limited-term or extra-help positions as vacancies occur in the Public Defender's Office.  



Deputy Public Defender I ($6,796.45 to $8,261.13/month): No experience required; however, applicants must demonstrate possession of and competency in requisite knowledge and abilities.

Deputy Public Defender II ($9,198.60 to $11,181.03/month): A minimum of six months of criminal defense and trial experience as a Deputy Public Defender I or its equivalent which demonstrates possession of and competency in requisite knowledge and abilities. Three years of experience in the general practice of law may be substituted for the six months criminal law experience.  

Deputy Public Defender III ($10,578.46 to $12,858.23/month): A minimum of one year criminal defense and trial experience as a Deputy Public Defender II or its equivalent (a total of one and one-half years of criminal  defense and trial experience as Deputy Public Defender) which demonstrates possession of and competency in requisite knowledge and abilities. Four years of experience in the general practice of law may be substituted for the two years criminal law experience.

Deputy Public Defender IV ($12,167.64 to $14,789.83/month): A minimum of one year of criminal defense and trial experience as a Deputy Public Defender III or its equivalent (a total of two and one-half years of criminal defense as a Deputy Public Defender) which demonstrates possession of and competency in requisite knowledge and abilities. Five years experience in the general practice of law may be substituted for three years criminal law experience.   


Active membership in the California State Bar Association is required.*

Possession of or ability to obtain a valid Class C California driver's license may be required.   

To view the job descriptions which include the requisite knowledge and abilities, please visit:

Deputy Public Defender I

Deputy Public Defender II

Deputy Public Defender III

Deputy Public Defender IV

*An active California State Bar number will be required prior to appointment. Please see the Document Submittal Requirements section below.


Solano County offers a cafeteria-style medical package with health benefits, offered through CalPERS. The County contribution for family coverage is $1,671.27 per month for 2022. The County offers a cash back provision for those who choose employee-only or who waive medical insurance coverage. The County may offer a supplemental contribution for employees enrolled in Employee plus Two or More coverage.

Dental and vision insurances for the employee and eligible dependents are paid 100% by the County.

Solano County participates in CalPERS retirement and contributes to Social Security.

Vacation is accrued at approximately 10 days per year for the first 3 years. Sick leave accrues at approximately 12 days per year.

The County observes 12 full day fixed and 2 half day fixed paid holidays per year. Additionally, employees in this bargaining unit receive one floating paid holiday per year.

Effective July 1 of each year, employees are granted 80 hours of Attorney Time Off.

Employees are eligible to receive an additional 2.5% longevity pay, per level, after the completion of continuous service at 10, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years.

To view the benefits for a regular position, please visit:

Extra-help employees who work less than 29 hours per week do not typically receive or accrue benefits of regular employees during their period of employment. All extra-help employees accrue .034 hours Sick Leave for every full hour worked.

To view the benefits for an extra-help position, please visit: 

Solano County is committed to “Invest In and For the Future” by providing training resources to encourage employee professional development and growth within our organization. While employed with Solano County, employees have the opportunity to pursue their career goals, interests, and develop the competencies on the Solano County Leadership Development Model by participating in the following programs:

• Tuition Reimbursement Program
• Annual Education Fair
• County Mentoring Program
• Leadership Academy
• Supervisory Trainings
• Skill Development Trainings
• Self-paced learning opportunities


11/30/22 – 5:00pm Deadline to submit application and required documents for next application review. 

Based on the information provided in the application documents, the qualified applicants may be invited for further examination and will either be pre-scheduled by the Department of Human Resources or be invited to self-schedule. All applicants meeting the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed advancement through any subsequent phase of the examination. Depending upon the number of applications received, the selection process may consist of an initial application screening, a mandatory information meeting, a supplemental questionnaire assessment, a written and/or practical exam, an oral board exam, or any combination listed. Responses to supplemental questions may be used as screening and testing mechanisms and will be used to assess an applicant’s ability to advance in the process; as such, responses to supplemental questions should be treated as test examination responses. Information contained herein does not constitute either an expressed or implied contract. 

All potential new hires and employees considered for promotion to management, confidential positions or unrepresented positions will be subject to a background and reference check after contingent job offer is accepted. These provisions are subject to change.

RETIREES - Solano County invites all to apply for positions; however pursuant to Government Code Section 21221(h) and 21224, hiring restrictions may apply to California Public Sector Pension Plan Retirees.


Please visit the County of Solano website,, to apply. Applications must be submitted through the JobAps system. Paper copies of applications are not accepted. All additional application materials as requested in the job announcement (degree/transcripts, certificates, DD-214 if applicable, ADA Accommodation Request) must be submitted by fax to (707) 784-3424, or by email to  Be sure to include the recruitment title (Deputy Public Defender I-IV (DOQ)) and the recruitment number (21-313100-01) in your email or fax, and are due by the application review date.

Previously submitted application materials (i.e. copies of diploma and/or transcripts, etc.) for prior recruitments will not be applied for this recruitment but must be re-submitted for this recruitment.

Any further questions can be directed to the Department of Human Resources at (707) 784-6170, business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EOE/AA.

Please note that all dates/times listed in the job announcement are Pacific Time.


There is no required document submittal for this recruitment; however, all applicants are required to enter their active California State Bar Number on their submitted employment application. If applicants wish to submit additional documents details for submittal follow.

If applicants do not yet have their California State Bar number, they are required to submit documentation from the California State Bar Association verifying their number is pending. An active California State Bar number will be required prior to appointment.

How to Submit Your Documents

In addition to uploading attachments when applying online, candidates may submit documents by fax to (707) 784-3424, or by email to  Be sure to include the recruitment title (Deputy Public Defender I-IV (DOQ)) and the recruitment number (21-313100-01) in your email or fax.



This Supplemental Questionnaire will be used to determine applicants’ qualifications for this position and assess an applicant’s ability to advance in the recruitment process; therefore, applicants are encouraged to answer all questions thoroughly and completely. Omitted information will not be considered or assumed. Applicants who have no experience in a specific area are recommended to state "no experience in this area" instead of leaving the space blank.

Please note that the experience in your answers must be reflected in your employment history.

  1. Briefly explain any experience or training you have had working with multi-cultural ethnic group and/or indigent persons which you feel would aid you in performing the duties of a Deputy Public Defender I-IV.
  2. Describe any experience as a student, law clerk or practicing attorney in which you assumed the role of advocate in a litigation context. If you have actual trial experience indicate:
    1. The number and nature of trials
    2. Any particular information about each trial that you believe the Panel should know
  3. Describe any aspect of your background and experience which you feel demonstrates a substantial interest or motivation in indigent criminal defense work. What special attributes or characteristics do you feel you would bring to the position of Deputy Public Defender I-IV that would particularly distinguish you?


Independent travel may be required.


It is the policy of Solano County that all employment decisions and personnel policies will be applied equally to all County employees and applicants and be based upon the needs of County service, job related merit, and ability to perform the job.

APPLICANTS WITH DISABILITIES: Qualified individuals with a disability, who are able to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, and need an accommodation during any phase of the recruitment/testing/examination process (as detailed in the “Selection Process”), must complete the following Request for Testing Accommodation by Applicants with Disabilities Form:

This form must be received in the Human Resources Department by the final filing date of the recruitment. Applicants will be contacted to discuss the specifics of the request.



Solano County is the ideal place to live, learn, work and play… The America's Promise Alliance has named Solano County as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People for six straight years—the only California community with that distinction.

Live – Solano County as well as cities within the County have ranked in the top 15 hottest markets across the country and within the Bay Area due to prime location and affordability.
Learn – Higher education abounds! Within the County, education choices include: Solano Community College, CSU Maritime Academy, Brandman University, and Touro University. Bordering our County is the renowned University of California Davis.
Work – The blend of agriculture, corporate business and pleasant lifestyle enhance the attraction of Solano County. Blessed with a thriving agricultural economy, the county is also home to biotechnology and other growth industries.
Play - Situated midway between San Francisco and Sacramento—the State capitol, Solano County is home to rolling hillsides, waterfronts and fertile farmland. County residents can enjoy day trips to the San Francisco Bay area, Lake Tahoe region and the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

County Population (2019): 447,643

The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Any provision contained in this bulletin may be modified or revoked without notice.


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