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Supplemental Questionnaire

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This Supplemental Questionnaire will be used to determine applicants’ qualifications for this position and assess an applicant’s ability to advance in the recruitment process; therefore, applicants are encouraged to answer all questions thoroughly and completely. Omitted information will not be considered or assumed. 


How do you meet the qualifications for this position?

Experience - I have six (6) months of related experience supervising groups in a detention facility
Education - I have completed thirty (30) semester units from an accredited college or university preferably in criminology, social work, psychology, sociology or a closely related field.
I do not have 6 months of related experience or 30 semester units as described above.

If you selected EDUCATION in Question 1, you are certifying that you have completed the required 30 college units and acknowledge that you have included diploma/transcripts within your application or submitted supporting documents to 

Yes No

You acknowledge, that if at a later date, you receive a notice requesting a copy of your transcripts you will submit them within the allotted time.   You also acknowledge that if you do not submit a copy of your transcripts within the allotted time, you will be disqualified from the Recruitment.

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I understand that if I am chosen as a candidate for this position, I will need to pass an extensive Background Investigation prior to appointment. As part of the background investigation, candidates will be required to submit a completed Personal History Statement (PHS). At this time, candidates are encouraged to view the requirements of the of the PHS by visiting, clicking on “FORMS”, then selecting “Personal History Statement Peace Officer.” 

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Some positions may require you to work odd and irregular hours, including nights, weekends and holidays, rotating shifts.  Would you be willing to work these types of shifts?

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