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Supplemental Questionnaire

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This Supplemental Questionnaire will be used to determine applicants' qualifications for this position and assess an applicant's ability to advance in the recruitment process; therefore, applicants are encouraged to answer all questions thoroughly and completely. Omitted information will not be considered or assumed. Applicants who have no experience in a specific area are recommended to state "no experience in this area" instead of leaving the space blank.

Please note that the experience in your answers must be reflected in your employment history.


For questions 1-5, provide the following:

  • Organization/Agency
  • Position Title
  • Dates of employment for which you were responsible for provided experience
  • Your role and responsibilities


Detail your professional experience collecting and evaluating data to define problem areas/need for process improvement.


Detail your professional experience developing training and implementation plans.


Detail your professional experience identifying appropriate client intervention strategies to facilitate positive behavioral changes.


Detail your professional experience conducting quality assurance activities; specify all quality assurance experience related to staff training, coaching, feedback sessions, research, informational meetings, and written statistical reports.


Detail your professional experience providing observation and feedback regarding the fidelity of evidence-based programs and practices.


What is the highest level of education you have completed?

High School
Associate's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Doctorate Degree
Professional Degree

What field of study is/are your degree(s) in?