Sergeant-Sheriff (#515030)
$63.34-$76.99 Hourly / $10,979.07-$13,345.09 Monthly / $131,748.81-$160,141.10 Yearly
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Under direction, supervises and participates in the work of a shift or unit assigned to patrol, investigative, bailiff, transport, community policing; marine patrol, administrative duties, functional authority for specific detention programs and/or other such law enforcement activities; supervises sworn and non-sworn personnel; serves as a member of the department's management/supervisory team.


This is a first line supervisory class in the Sheriff's Office.  Incumbents are assigned to direct the activities of a group of law enforcement officers engaged in a specific program activity such as detention, bailiff, investigation, patrol, SEEP, marine patrol, prisoner transportation, and Court Holding.  This class is distinguished from that of the Chief Deputy in that the latter has overall responsibility for a specific program activity.

Essential Duties

Depending on assignment, duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:   

1.  Directs activity to suppress crime and apprehend violators through vehicle or marine patrol investigation or other specialized law enforcement activity; guides subordinate officers in patrol beat/investigative case management, crime prevention and/or field investigation; as needed or assigned performs patrol, bailiff, investigative, and/or other such direct law enforcement and support activities.   

2.  Directs field operations during searches, rescues, disasters, suspect apprehension, incidents; coordinates hostage and/or barricaded suspect with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies regarding holding of prisoners and transfer of prisoners; assigns and coordinates out-of-County and in-County transportation of inmates; coordinates with outside transportation agencies for prisoner movement; coordinates pick-up and delivery of prisoners with State Prison; assures that warrants and removal orders are accompanying inmate movements.   

3.  Supervises correctional staff that is assigned to provide security housing and supervision of inmate activities while in the Courts.   

4.  Supervises marine patrol personnel and oversees Sheriff's Office vehicle maintenance by coordinating with the General Services Department; coordinates patrol radio and computer assignments and maintenance.   

5.  Directs the coordination of a specialized unit assigned to promote community oriented policing and problem solving (COPPS); responsible for directing unit activities that include, but are not limited to: providing a Citizen’s Academy and DARE program; implementing problem solving techniques to resolve community problems; developing and supporting community service centers; organizing neighborhood watch programs; organizing farm watch programs; attending  community meetings; and assisting with the training of other departmental members in the COPPS philosophy.   

6.  May be assigned additional supervisory and/or administrative responsibility; supervises individuals of diverse cultural background; may participate in the selection, training and assignment of culturally diverse candidates; and may participate in activities to enhance law enforcement and related community services.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Thorough knowledge of the laws, codes, rules and regulations governing law enforcement work in the State of California; court procedures and practices; effective security techniques; effective and approved investigative methods, techniques, and practices; human behavior; safe and secure methods for prisoner transport; rules of evidence and arrest; department rules, regulations, policies, and practices; proper and effective responses to emergencies and stressful situations; the geography of Solano County; available investigative resources for social welfare, mental health and medical resources; issues of patrol beat and investigative case management practices; field operation practices used in rescue, disaster, hostage and barricaded suspect situations.
Considerable knowledge of supervisory practices and techniques including subordinate training, evaluation and discipline as well as assignment and scheduling work, developing and implementing work procedures and methods; knowledge and ability to assist in the preparation of a budget for an assigned program with minimal supervision. 

Skill in operating mobile and hand-held radios, laptop and desktop computers, operating system and software, office equipment such as computer terminals; and driving an automobile on paved and unpaved surfaces at varying speeds in all types of weather and traffic conditions.  Skill in piloting powered watercraft may be required for certain positions in this classification.  Shall be currently qualified or shall qualify with Duty Weapon, qualifying includes maintenance, use and security of weapon.
Ability to supervise and lead the work of others engaged in assigned patrols or bureaus; evaluate subordinates and make recommendations regarding personnel actions; understand, interpret and explain laws, regulations and policies governing program operations; make decisions and independent judgments; guide subordinate personnel in beat/case management and field investigations; direct response to major incidents and major criminal or other specialized investigations; meet strenuous physical demands like running, climbing, swimming and jumping; properly use batons and other equipment; administer first aid in emergencies; administer field sobriety tests; take complete and accurate notes; identify and recognize evidence and leads; locate addresses and respond promptly to requests for service or assistance; observe and accurately recall details; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships; determine the appropriate course of action in emergency or stressful situations; understand objectives in relation to departmental goals and procedures; understand, support and promote COPPS philosophy; demonstrate tact and diplomacy; refer clients to social, medical or other assistance agencies; collect and analyze data to establish/identify needs and evaluate program effectiveness; draw logical conclusions and make appropriate recommendations; prepare narrative and statistical reports; comply with laws, regulations and professional practices governing law enforcement program services and operations; deal firmly and fairly with clients of various socio-economic backgrounds and temperaments; maintain accurate records and document actions taken; interview people to obtain and verify information; organize and prioritize work assignments, make routine arithmetical calculations; use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation; research regulations, procedures and/or technical reference materials; communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with police agencies, the general public and staff; project consequences of decisions; maintain confidentiality of information; recognize and respect limit of authority and responsibility; work effectively with others who have objectives counter to assigned role.

Education and Experience

Considerable active law enforcement experience in a local California law enforcement agency, which demonstrates possession of and competency in requisite knowledge, skills and abilities.

The required education and experience are as follows:  

Three (3) years of experience equivalent to a Deputy Sheriff in Solano County or a comparable agency.


Possession of a valid Class C California driver's license is required.


Possession of a P.O.S.T. Intermediate Certificate is required.


Possession of current First Aid/CPR Certificate is required.


Peace officers must meet minimum standards concerning citizenship, age, character, education and physical/mental conditions as set forth in Section 1031 of the California Government Code.


Independent travel is required.  

Incumbents must be able to work in a noisy and stressful environment and may involve exposure to communicable disease as well as heavy manual labor associated with law enforcement tasks which may include lifting persons weighing more than 100 pounds and the full range of reaching, bending, grasping and climbing movements.  

Incumbents must be able to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions.   Incumbents may be required to rotate assignments, work any shift, holidays and weekends.  

Candidates, not previously background by the Sheriff’s Office, for positions in this class may be required to pass background investigation in accordance with applicable law regulation and/or policy.  

Incumbents of this class have full peace officer powers as delineated in the California Penal Code and must therefore meet training requirements in accordance with Penal Code 832.    


CLASS: 515030; REV: 10/1/2006;