Social Services Worker (#442010)
$30.97-$37.64 Hourly / $5,368.07-$6,524.92 Monthly / $64,416.78-$78,299.00 Yearly
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Under supervision, performs a wide variety of duties in support of agency programs and operations including home visits to clients, case review and monitoring, and coordination of services to clients; provides education, information, referral and case file maintenance; functions as a liaison between community residents and program staff; performs related duties as required.


This class provides entry into higher level classes in the mental health, substance abuse, and social services fields. Incumbents provide a variety of support services to clients in various, social services programs. While the work may vary depending upon the program to which assigned, all assignments include recognizing potential problems or emergency situations, utilizing use of agency or community resources and performing office support and record keeping tasks in support of the programs. Assignments are characterized by the provision of services in support of professionals within the program to which assigned. This class differs from Social Worker I in that the latter assists in the provision of support counseling, employment or social services and is the entry level in the field of professional social services.

Examples of Duties

  1. Establishes and maintains liaison between the professional staff and individual and groups in the community served.
  2. Interviews clients by telephone and through independent home visits to evaluate current needs of clients to link to community resources.
  3. Assists professional staff in symptom management in accordance with established treatment and service plans.
  4. Coordinates implementation of pre-determined service needs with collateral associates including hospital discharge planners, medical professionals, family members, friends, and other agencies.
  5. Encourages clients to seek help through the programs available and assists in establishing favorable relationships; assists families to use and learn to use the resources of society.
  6. Assists clients in developing improved life style practices including home management skills.
  7. Recruits and interviews service providers; refers clients to providers; monitors service delivery and cost of services following prescribed criteria and standards.
  8. Provides clients with money management services by developing a budget and possessing a working knowledge of their income and expenses.
  9. Provides peer counseling, coaching, and support to clients during difficult and sensitive examinations and interviews.
  10. May assist with client intake and screening and processes appropriate documents.
  11. Communicates with clients, service providers and other paraprofessionals and professionals to facilitate services to clients.
  12. Learns how to access and utilize community resources to provide services to clients.
  13. Informs clients of community resources and assists clients in utilizing such services.
  14. Serves as liaison between the professional staff and community and/ or between clients and other support staff.
  15. May transport or accompany clients to interviews, visitations or appointments for services; may assist caseworker in transporting children.
  16. May serve as a courier and/or messenger for assigned work as needed; assists in community outreach activities by preparing and/or posting or distributing informational materials.
  17. Observes and records behavior and/or interaction with others during visits and reports details or other unusual occurrences to assigned case worker.
  18. Distributes health, dental, nutrition and family planning information.
  19. Gathers and reports data from assigned programs.
  20. Performs administrative activities including assisting clients to gain access to needed medical, social, educational and other services.
  21. May accompany and assist paraprofessional and professional staff on visits.
  22. May provide support for reception staff in set up and closure.
  23. Uses automated case activity reporting systems to report and record client status and data.
  24. May perform office support duties such as maintaining records, answering the telephone, preparing documents, maintaining files, and arranging client appointments and follow-up.        

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • The ethnic, economic, and social factors affecting residents and special populations of the community or clients served by agency programs.
  • Major community resources including social, employment, and health services.
  • Ethnic, economic and social barriers which inhibit residents from seeking and receiving services and methods of overcoming or lowering service provision barriers.
  • Interviewing and information gathering techniques.
  • Acceptable household management and personal care standards such as basic nutrition, economical meal planning, money management and budgeting and personal health and hygiene standards, methods, and practices.
  • Normal health needs of infants, children, adolescents, adults and aged persons.
  • Signs and symptoms requiring medical assistance.
  • Use of automated equipment and standard office support applications software related to the work.
  • Standard office practices and procedures, including filing and operation of standard office equipment.

Ability to:

  • Evaluate client needs through interviewing and observation.
  • Resolve conflicts between clients and providers.
  • Recognize specific indications of need for various services and take necessary actions to advise case management staff.
  • Assist case management staff in developing and modifying service delivery plans.
  • Apply program rules, regulations, procedures and services in assigned area.
  • Perform a variety of support services tasks and standard office support work.
  • Follow oral and written instructions.
  • Maintain accurate records and files.
  • Make accurate arithmetic calculations.
  • Prepare standard documents and reports related to the work performed.
  • Deal effectively with clients of various ages and socio-economic and cultural groups including those with physical and/or emotional problems.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients, children, representatives or the community served, employees of County departments and other agencies and the public.  

Education and Experience

Two years of experience in a health, social services or community organization that has included assisting case management staff in the provision of health, substance abuse or social services to a varied population of clients and service providing staff.

Successful completion of the coursework from a recognized college, university or business school in health science, behavioral science and/or social services is highly desired.


Driver's License: Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid California Class C Driver's License may be required at the time of appointment. Loss of the Class C Driver's License is a cause for discipline. Individuals who do not meet this driver's license requirement due to a physical disability will be considered for accommodation on a case-by-case basis. 


Assignment Requirements: Some positions in these classes may require work in an out-station location or in a setting with other professionals integrated as a team. Some positions may require first-hand experience as a human services, social services or mental health consumer and the ability to provide peer self-help counseling.

Incumbents in some positions may be requested to perform tasks, which may include lifting objects weighing between 25-50 pounds, and/or assisting clients to walk, sit, stand or get in and out of transport vehicles.


Travel: Independent travel may be required to various work sites and client residences. 

Background Investigation: Candidates for some positions in this class will be required to pass a background investigation in accordance with applicable law, regulation, and/or policy. 

Compliance Agreements: Selectees for employment must, as a condition of employment, sign a statement agreeing to comply with mandatory child and elder abuse reporting, drug free workforce, and confidentiality.

Depending on assignment, applicants/incumbents must demonstrate skill in driving a private passenger automobile or van in all types of weather and traffic conditions. 

Language Proficiency: Some positions may require bilingual skills.  

CLASS: 442010; REV: 10/1/2000;