Communic Disease Invest(Spvsg) (#435020)
$40.27-$48.95 Hourly / $6,980.85-$8,485.26 Monthly / $83,770.17-$101,823.16 Yearly
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Plans, coordinates, supervises and participates in investigations and monitoring of confirmed and suspected cases of communicable diseases to ensure patient treatment and follow-up.


This is a first line supervisory class which is characterized by the responsibility to supervise the work of Communicable Disease Investigators and support staff engaged in carrying out part of the County's sexually transmitted and other communicable disease control programs.  This position performs communicable disease investigative work, bringing to treatment those patients with positive laboratory tests, and providing information on sexually transmitted and other communicable diseases.

Supervision Received and Exercised

Receives direction from the Communicable Disease Bureau Manager.
Exercises supervision over Communicable Disease Investigators, support staff and volunteers. 

Essential Duties

Supervises the work of other Communicable Disease Investigators and support staff; selects, trains, schedules and coordinates work of assigned staff; evaluates the work of subordinate staff; coordinates referrals and follow-up investigations; provides guidance with the more difficult and sensitive pre/post test counseling to patients and family.
Interviews clients and contacts; performs HIV Risk Assessment and Disclosure Counseling at alternative test sites in Solano County; performs HIV Orasure Testing; performs Partner Counseling and Referral Service to contacts of HIV; counsels patients diagnosed in clinic as having a sexually transmitted disease regarding the disease process (i.e., sequence of symptoms) medication, complications and prevention so that they will be encouraged to be treated and give names, addresses and phone numbers of sexual contacts who have been exposed.
Provides referrals to service providers. 
Provides transportation for infected clients and their partners to get appropriate medical care. 
Manages case closures including successful treatment or failure to comply.
Locates, contacts by phone and/or field visits and informs sexual contacts of program patients of possible exposure to a sexually transmitted or other communicable disease; maintains confidentiality of information.
Reviews information (i.e., epidemiological reports) from other counties and military installations regarding persons exposed to sexually transmitted and other communicable disease who live in Solano County; initiates and provides such information for use by other agencies. Consults with medical providers regarding specific clients’ diagnosis, treatment plan, infection history and location; consults with Laboratory Microbiologist regarding complex test results.
Attends meetings and in-service training on identification, testing and treatment protocols for sexually transmitted and other communicable diseases; gives educational lectures to interested groups on sexually transmitted or other communicable disease; may serve as departmental resource and/or act in behalf of program coordinator in that person's absence in assigned program area.
Prepares or oversees preparation of reports, protocols, procedures, statistics and budget proposals to assist in continuation of the prevention and/or interruption of sexually transmitted disease in Solano County.
Maintains professional knowledge in applicable areas and keeps abreast of changes in job-related rules, statutes, laws and new business trends; makes recommendations for the implementation of changes; reads and interprets professional literature; attends training programs, workshops and seminars as appropriate.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:
Transmission, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted and other communicable disease.
Symptomology of sexually transmitted and other communicable disease, including HIV/AIDS.
The laws pertaining to control of communicable disease, including HIV/AIDS.
The diagnostic and therapeutic problems involved in the control of communicable diseases.
Working knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision; procedural and operational review techniques as applicable to sexually transmitted and communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS.
Skill to:
Operate office equipment including a personal computer, copy and fax machines and printers.
Drive a motor vehicle.
Ability to:
Ability to supervise the work of others engaged in communicable disease investigation, education and counseling; and ancillary activities.
Understand, interpret and apply laws, regulations, policies and procedures relating to communicable disease reporting and control of communicable disease, including HIV/AIDS.
Interview tactfully and effectively; work cooperatively with other agencies involved in the control of sexually transmitted and other communicable diseases.
Speak and write effectively.
Willingness to frequent various undesirable locations and work varying assignments.
Project the consequences of decisions; make decisions and independent judgments.
Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
Understand program objectives in relation to departmental goals and procedures.
Collect and analyze data to draw logical conclusions and make appropriate recommendations.
Secure cooperation and teamwork among staff.
Deal firmly and fairly with clients of various socio-economic backgrounds and temperaments.
Maintain accurate records and document actions.
Research regulations, procedures and/or technical reference materials.
Make referrals to local and regional providers of social, medical and/or other specialized services.
Maintain confidentiality of information; recognize and respect limit of authority and responsibility.

Education and Experience

Two years of disease control experience which included some experience in supervision and contact with the general public.
Associate’s degree is required in the health care field, such as Medical Assistant Training or a closely related with college-level course work in psychology, health education, and/or social work.


Possession of or ability to obtain a valid Class C California Driver's License.


Physical Ability:  Tasks involve the ability to exert light physical effort in sedentary to light work, but which may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of objects and materials of light weight (5-10 pounds).  Tasks may involve extended periods of time at a keyboard or workstation.
Sensory Requirements:  Requires the ability to recognize and identify similarities and differences between shade, degree or value of colors, shapes, sounds, forms, textures or physical appearance associated with job-related objects, materials, tasks or people.
Environmental Factors:  Requires the ability to work under conditions where exposure to environmental factors poses a moderate risk of moderate injury or illness.


Independent travel is required.


Positions allocated to this class may require bilingual skills.


Incumbents must be able to work in an environment that may include exposure to communicable diseases.  Incumbents may also be required to work outside normal business hours.


Candidates for employment must as a condition of employment sign a statement agreeing to comply with Section 11166 of the California Penal Code relating to child abuse reporting.

CLASS: 435020; EST: 6/1/1992;