Consumer Affairs Liaison (#433230)
$36.84-$44.78 Hourly / $6,386.34-$7,762.63 Monthly / $76,636.02-$93,151.57 Yearly
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Under general direction, performs consumer liaison, complaint and grievance coordination work for the county and contracted mental health services; monitors and coordinates responses and proposals for resolution of consumer concerns; serves as a key consumer advisor assuring sensitivity and awareness of mental health consumer issues.


This single position class is characterized by the responsibility to provide technical assistance and liaison between the consumers of mental health services and the County Mental Health Division.  It is characterized by responsibility for seeking consumer involvement and participation in planning and service delivery; coordinating consumer complaints and grievances and the processing and resolution of issues of concern.

Examples of Duties

Depending on assignment, duties may include but are not limited to the following:
1.         Meets with a variety of community groups, consumer organizations, committees, advisory boards and County supervisory staff on issues of concern in the mental health system; participates as an active member to those organizations where County visibility is necessary to assure knowledge of County services.
2.         Acts as the department liaison to consumer organizations and mental health staff; initiates and responds to correspondence on mental health administrative issues; works with the management staff in developing, producing, and marketing educational material which destigmatizes mental illness.
3.         Arranges and provides for training related to consumer mental health issues and Self-Help services for internal staff, the consumer, and family members; provides education, outreach coordination and training to County and community organizations and mental health providers.
4.         Reviews and makes recommendations on current and future policies on mental health services; participates in the problem solving and policy development practices as they pertain to mental health consumers in the County.
5.         Reviews, updates and/or develops internal policy and procedures on handling of consumer complaints and grievances in accordance with any County and state guidelines; communicates information to the consumer and the public including individuals and groups as needed.
6.         Performs Peer/Self-Help services, such as peer counseling, self-help advocacy skills training.  Uses role modeling to enhance peer Self-Help skills and maintains involvement with local, State and National Consumer Movement organizations as it related to the resolution of Consumer Concerns.
7.         Maintains current information on activities of local, state, and national consumer movement organizations.  Maintains membership and participation in those organizations to achieve visibility and obtain correct information on handling consumer complaints and issues.
8.         As the consumer complaint and grievance coordinator, assists the Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) in monitoring complaints; receives, reviews, analyzes and processes consumer complaints and grievances; attempts to resolve complaints on an informal basis as appropriate.
9.         Conducts investigations of consumer complaints and grievances, prepares record of findings with recommendations for resolution or corrective actions; coordinates all subsequent internal reviews, decisions and actions on complaint and grievance issues.
10.       Performs other related duties, as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

General knowledge of the theories, principles and practices of Psychology, Sociology and/or Human Services, and Mental Health legislation affecting services that can be performed and provided by mental health consumers and an understanding and appreciation of consumer empowerment.
Knowledge of individual and group behavior related to mental health, mental illness or other psychological and sociological related dynamics.
Ability to conduct investigations of problem areas and objectively analyze information; develop and write clear and concise reports on key issues related to a particular complaint or problem area; evaluate effectiveness of program operations, evaluate and provide recommendations for implementation of policies and or programs within the scope of duties; deal with a variety of individuals, groups and organizations in a community environment; communicate orally with individuals and large groups, including serving as speaker or presenter on programs.
Demonstrated ability to work with diverse social, economic, and multi-ethnic groups, Ability to work with minimum supervision and self-directed activity.

Education and Experience

Typical qualifying education and experience would be:
A Bachelors Degree or equivalent course work in Psychology or Sociology or other closely related field of education which demonstrates possession of and competency in requisite knowledge and abilities, and Two years experience working with mental health programs on a city, county, state or national level.  One year of the experience must be with mental health consumer organizations, self-help or peer support services.


Possession of or ability to obtain a valid Class C California driver=s license may be required.  Position may require Mental Health Consumer experience.


Independent travel may be required.

CLASS: 433230; EST: 4/1/1996;