Accounting Technician (#404030)
$29.89-$36.70 Hourly / $5,181.14-$6,361.16 Monthly / $62,173.70-$76,333.89 Yearly
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Under supervision, performs advanced accounting support, bookkeeping and statistical reporting and recording activities and/or leads the work of a unit performing these tasks; processes accounts payable and receivable; posts financial transactions to automated accounting system; researches and audits claims for accuracy and completeness; balances statements and produces fiscal reports; assists in budget preparation and projections; may assist in the development and implementation of an account records system and automated system; performs related duties as required.


This class is characterized by the responsibility to perform advanced journey level and paraprofessional accounting support tasks; applies extensive knowledge and understanding of departmental record keeping procedures; provides technical expertise in department/program processes related to unit function and/or leads the work of others. This class is distinguished from the Accounting Supervisor in that the latter has the full scope of supervisory responsibility, in addition to performing complex paraprofessional accounting functions. Position requires judgment to apply broader aspects of established practices and procedures to situations where there are limited accepted standards or precedents. Position works towards assigned objectives sometimes adopting or modifying methods and standards to meet variation in controlled situations.  Job duties can be learned from formalized instruction or apprenticeship of moderate duration.

Examples of Duties

May lead the work of a unit of accounting/clerical staff; assigns, monitors and reviews the work for completeness, accuracy and adherence to policies and procedures; provides technical expertise in the resolution of problems; trains new employees in department/program policies and procedures related to assigned function; participates in the evaluation process by monitoring and reporting on work performance.

Processes accounts payable; receives and examines invoices, statements for services rendered, and other billing documents to verify receipt of goods and services, arithmetical accuracy and payment discounts; prepares vendor claims by classifying expenditures, noting payee data, recording goods and services received and calculating payment amount according to established procedures; obtains necessary authorizations/signatures; audits claims and warrants issued; balances and/or reconciles account records.

Processes accounts receivable; receives and examines charts, files, client records, and other statements of service provided and/or materials used to determine charges; prepares and monitors journal entries and statements to clients/customers/third party payers, noting payer data, recording materials/services provided and calculating amount due; receives payments on accounts and issues receipts; researches and takes necessary action to collect on bad checks/accounts.

Posts financial transactions to manual and/or automated accounting systems; examines accounts for, and corrects posting errors; adjusts, balances and reconciles accounts, bank statements, petty cash funds, deposits, financial reports, client/customer files/charts and other documents; monitors expenditure and revenue reports; prepares requests for fund transfers.

Researches, compiles, computes and prepares statistical and/or fiscal reports of departmental programs and services to meet management information needs and/or funding source reporting requirements; assists in budget and funding proposal development by maintaining work production statistics, calculating actual costs, or projecting future costs based on established formulas or procedures; calculates fees.

Receives and responds to inquires and complaints from employees, property owners, vendors, clients and others; researches account records; provides explanation of procedures and processes.

Completes claim reports to obtain federal and state funding allocations; calculates pay distribution; creates expenditure worksheets; calculates federal and non-federal person count and specialized department statistics.

Maintains automated, as well as, manual files for financial data storage and retrieval.

Inputs payment information in automated system; balances payments against deposit report; prepares deposits; responds to inquiries concerning payments; processes forms, refunds and dishonored checks; proofs delinquent tax listing for publication and delinquent redemption abstracts; researches payment records for erroneous payment; opens, processes, and deposits payments daily; provides public with current and accurate tax information; enforces collection of delinquent accounts.

May conduct securities trades and overnight investments in absence of supervisor; may conduct wire transfers; receives and verifies collateral from investment firms; calculates and pays County bearer bonds; verifies deposits.

May reissue and process warrants; coordinates status of, and logs information regarding warrants; maintains database regarding investigation activity; oversees submissions to the tax intercept program.

Performs a variety of general tasks; operates typewriters, personal computers, copiers and other office equipment; composes routine correspondence and/or prepares notices/forms of action taken; prepares documents to attach wages, retrieve funds from tax intercepts or attach liens to property; researches forwarding addresses on returned bills, warrants and/or correspondence; may perform administrative tasks in support of work unit operations.

Copies, compiles, collates, transcribes, files, and posts data and/or information following a schema or plan for the purpose of recording, referencing, describing, or reporting information for work assignments or advising others; records, files, enters, and/or stores data and information such as that associated with financial statements, non-routine correspondence, eligibility guidelines, product specifications, welfare counseling, marketing surveys, coaching, technical operating manuals, materials utilization schedules, inventory  utilization schedules, procedures, policies, methods, explanations, and guidelines.

Evaluates operational performance of assigned account records systems; assists information system experts and vendors in upgrading and managing the automated system; performs as system administrator for divisions local area network and/or assists with correcting problems with automated systems and/or equipment; creates/develops reports using databases to meet billing and reporting requirements.

May manage vehicle information for Solano County; may maintain vehicle records, applications for registration, surplus equipment sales and inventory records; may process all Department of Motor Vehicle required renewal and registration applications.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Considerable knowledge of accounting and/or routine statistical principles, practices and techniques; the use of manual and or automated accounting systems; the functions and operation of assigned work unit; information storage and retrieval techniques; record-keeping methods; public contact techniques; data compilation and presentation techniques; general office practices and procedures.
Depending on assignment, applicants must demonstrate skill in the operation of 10 key adding machines or automated accounting systems; skill in leading the work of others.
Ability to understand, interpret and explain laws, regulations, and policies governing program operations; apply bookkeeping and/or routine statistical principles, practices and techniques; use automated information storage and retrieval equipment; collect and compile data to prepare narrative and/or financial or statistical reports; maintain accurate records and document actions taken; proofread and/or edit for errors in input and/or arithmetical computation; communicate effectively with people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds and temperaments; organize and prioritize own work assignments and the work of others; make routine and complex arithmetical calculations; edit errors in narrative, financial, and statistical records and reports; maintain confidentiality of information; recognize and respect limit of authority and responsibility; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships; make decisions and independent judgments in non-routine situations; projects consequences of decisions; work with an automated accounting system. 

Education and Experience

  1. Two (2) years full-time work experience as an Accounting Clerk II or Accounting Clerk III, or equivalent AND
  2. One (1) of the following: 
     a.  A.A. in Business Administration, OR
     b.  A.S. in Accounting, OR
     c.  A total of sixty (60) semester or ninety (90) quarter units from an accredited college; 6 semester or 9 quarter units must be in principles of accounting.




Applicants are required to demonstrate intermediate spreadsheet skills through the passing of a County approved test.  

ADA Compliance

Physical Ability: Tasks involve the ability to exert light physical effort in sedentary to light work, but which may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of objects and materials of light weight (5-10 pounds).  Tasks may involve extended periods of time at a keyboard or workstation.
Sensory Requirements: Some tasks require visual perception and discrimination. Some tasks require oral communications ability.

Environmental Factors: Tasks may risk exposure to exposure to adverse environmental conditions, such as dirt, dust, pollen, odors, fumes, violence, disease, pathogenic substances, and traffic hazards. 

CLASS: 404030;