Capital Projects Coordinator (Senior) (#373050)
$56.81-$69.05 Hourly / $9,847.13-$11,969.24 Monthly / $118,165.51-$143,630.93 Yearly
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Under general supervision, is the advanced journey class in the series and manages assigned complex County facilities improvement requiring an advanced level knowledge of design, construction, budgeting and scheduling practices to include administering assigned projects for County facilities; and participating in program design, planning and assessment.


Capital Projects Coordinator class which is responsible for the delivery of capital improvement projects, including new construction, renovations and additions, space planning, and office remodels. Assigned capital projects are typically more routine, involve fewer construction aspects which need to be integrated, have lower visibility and/or have less political sensitivity in comparison to the projects assigned to the class of Capital Projects Coordinator (Senior).  

Capital Projects Manager class which manages the Capital Projects  Management  Division, and oversees all phases of real estate development services including master planning, project management, space utilization of County real estate assets, and management of the County’s Capital Improvement Program.

Supervision Received and Exercised

Supervision is provided by the Capital Projects Manager.

No supervision is exercised over others. 

Essential Duties

Performs project management functions for complex capital improvement projects: assists in strategic planning efforts in the management and development of the County’s real estate assets, including energy and facility infrastructure master plan and facilities assessment; prepares and monitors project budgets and develops, oversees and tracks individual project budgets as assigned; identifies and recommends funding priorities for projects in relation to available County resources; asses and evaluates  policy impacts on capital project development; manages and exercises judgment over  the design and construction of concurrent and multiple projects;  prepares and presents reports and board agenda items; implements policies and procedures; plans, organizes and coordinates project requests; assists and supports the methods and procedures to be to manage and complete assigned projects; plans and develops project schedules; establishes priorities associated with assigned projects; analyzes feasibility and funding sources for project requests; participates in administrative studies related to capital improvement projects; may coordinate the integration of public art into projects and make presentations to the Public Art Committee; assists in feasibility studies and analysis relative to  County space utilization and needs; and prepares grant applications.

Prepares bid notices and reviews and evaluates construction bids for complex capital improvement projects:   reviews and evaluates construction bids to identify the lowest qualified bid; estimates costs such as design and engineering fees, consultant fees, project costs, material and labor costs; compiles bid packages; negotiates with potential contractors; selects and/or recommends selection of specific firms in conjunction with appropriate County ordinances, rules and guidelines;  evaluates qualifications, negotiates terms and administers professional services related to projects; oversees and inspects the work of contractors; evaluates ADA compliance matters and implements corrective action; and manages hazardous material abatement projects.

Monitors complex capital improvement projects to ensure compliance with plans, specifications and completion schedules: conducts  pre-construction activities to discuss details of construction, schedules, sequences, procedures, and to clarify terms of the contract; prepares applications for plan check/’building permits and other permitting processes; reviews invoices/pay applications in relation to work performed; schedules and coordinates construction-related activities in occupied space to minimize impact to on-going County operations; coordinates and inspects the work of contractors assigned to capital improvement projects; tracks level of efforts for assigned projects according to the Department’s cost recovery plan; evaluates change orders, materials specifications and selects project finishes, material components and colors; performs field investigations of project sites; oversees consultant work progress in relation to contract scope; observes, monitors, and documents construction progress; evaluates the performance of consultants and contractors and manages their efforts to maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness; and prepares and/or evaluates a variety of reports and construction documents including agreements, specifications, and drawings.

Represents the Department in community outreach efforts associated with assigned capital improvement projects.

Maintains professional knowledge in applicable areas and keeps abreast of changes in job-related rules, statutes, laws and business trends; makes recommendations for the implementation of changes; reads and interprets professional literature; attends training programs, workshops and seminars as appropriate.  

Performs other duties of a similar nature or level as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:

Principles of building construction practices including structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, heating, ventilating and air conditioning.

Legal relationship between the County, consultants, and contractors.

Techniques of negotiating contracts with consultants and contractors.

 Laws, regulations and policies applicable to work performed such as building codes and permits, construction contracts, contract administration, and consultant administration.

Building and office design and construction practices, methods and techniques.

Environmental remediation and hazardous material abatement/management practices.

 Principles of real estate related to property management and land development.

 Principles and practices of accounting, auditing, cost estimating, budgeting and cost analysis.

 Preparation, submission and monitoring of contracts and grants.

Principles of construction scheduling, schedule analysis, and schedule recovery techniques.

Design and construction industry standards marketplace conditions and trends.

 Principles of strategic planning and techniques to implement strategic plans.

Processes and techniques to manage efforts in a political context.

Design and construction-related claims avoidance and analysis techniques.

 Relocation/move management principles and techniques.

Computer-aided drafting practices and techniques.

Oral communication techniques to include presentations to groups of various sizes in a positive, inclusive, and motivational manner.

Customer service techniques for dealing with customers, contractors, consultants, and vendors.

English composition, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation for both written and oral communications.

Formats and appropriate terminology for written communications such as business correspondence, policies, procedures and narrative reports.

Basic mathematics for developing, preparing and completing numerical, budgetary, and/or statistical reports. 

Ergonomics to understand the adequacy of modular systems, furniture, chairs and other products in relation to employee/user space needs.

Standard office procedures, practices, equipment, personal computers, and software.

Skill and/or Ability to:   

Plan, organize and coordinate construction projects in the County.

Understand, interpret and apply pertinent provisions of various contracts and other policies and regulations.

Understand, interpret and enforce compliance with plans, specifications, and schedules and use good judgment in their application.

Recognize problems of job scope, specification and determine necessary changes.

Perform mathematical calculations required to determine areas, volumes and estimates.

 Interpret and apply a variety of complex County, State and Federal regulations, policies and guidelines related to construction.

Evaluate work performed by contractors.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of different individuals, departments and private contractors.

Communicate effectively with people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds and temperaments.

Research regulations, procedures and/or technical reference materials; analyze data to draw logical conclusions and make appropriate recommendations.

Read and understand blueprints.

Prepare narrative and statistical reports.

Manage a variety of simultaneous work projects to successful completion.

Manage complex and simultaneous project efforts within established budget and schedule constraints.

Identify potential design and construction-related claims, conduct claims analysis and recommend action to mitigate risk/liability.

Prepare and analyze project cost estimates.

Prepare and analyze project development schedules.

Analyze and synthesize data, identify significant findings, develop feasible recommendations and prepare concise reports.

 Assess and evaluate political and policy impacts on capital project development.

Manage work efforts in a politically sensitive environment involving multiple stakeholders.

Negotiate consultant and internal service agreements.

 Manage and administer competitive bidding process.

Manage relocation/move processes.

 Manage and integrate public art into public sector construction projects.

Analyze and balance workload for assigned projects.

Visualize in three dimensions using two dimensional drawings.

Perform computer-aided drafting for projects.

Determine the appropriate course of action in stressful and/or emergency situations.

Administer contracts and grants according to designated guidelines and regulations.

Communicate information and ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Represent the Department in meetings with representatives from various County and non-County organizations, including businesses, customers, and the general public.

Establish effective relationships with the pubic and customers and provide customer service that meets or exceeds Department goals and expectations.

Maintain accurate records and document actions taken.

Perform a variety of technical and specialized tasks and functions in an independent, competent and timely manner.

 Maintain confidentiality of records and information consistent with applicable laws/regulations and policies.

Use modern office equipment to include computers and related software applications.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college with a major in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management, Real Estate, Business Administration, Public Administration or a closely related field; AND 

Four years of full-time paid experience in an architectural, engineering, real estate project management/development, or managing construction projects with responsibility for cost recommendations, contract administration and quality control. 


• Applicants are required to possess, or obtain prior to employment, a valid California Driver’s License, Class C.
• Advanced Computer Aided Drafting certification, including 3D-modeling software proficiency, from an accredited academic institution is desired.
• The possession of valid certificate of registration as an Engineer or Architect in the State of California is desired.
• The possession of certification as a Construction Manager by the Construction Management Association of America or certification as a Construction Manager accredited by the American National Standards Institute is desired.
Note: All licenses, certificates and registrations must be kept current while employed in this class.

CLASS: 373050; EST: 3/11/2015;