Management Analyst(Senior)/Public Communications Officer (#367050)
$57.79-$70.24 Hourly / $10,016.84-$12,175.53 Monthly / $120,202.04-$146,106.32 Yearly
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Under general direction, prepares assigned budgets and conducts analytical studies into administrative and operational issues; organizes project teams for highly sensitive, interdepartmental projects; develops strategic communication plan(s) and related policies that will include external public relations and media coverage and internal messaging and strategic communication; serves as a key advisor on the planning, development, implementation and control of communications, marketing, and public relations policies and management issues;  and provides principal support to the County Administrator in formulating communications requested by the Board of Supervisors and County departments.


This class is distinguished from the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Assistant County Administrator class which has the responsibility for financial/fiscal planning and supervision of professional staff activities.


Solano County is seeking an accomplished professional to serve as a Management Analyst/Public Communications Officer.   This position prepares assigned budgets and conducts analytical studies into administrative and operational issues; organizes project teams for highly sensitive, interdepartmental projects; develops strategic communication plan(s) and related policies that will include external public relations and media coverage and internal messaging and strategic communication; serves as a key advisor on the planning, development, implementation and control of communications, marketing, and public relations policies and management issues;  and provides principal support to the County Administrator in formulating communications requested by the Board of Supervisors and County departments.

The successful candidate  will have excellent organizational, analytical and public communication skills and enjoy the challenge of a fast-paced work environment.  The County's team-oriented approach to problem identification and process improvement provides a self‑motivated individual with a wide range of opportunities for professional growth.  The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience in:

  • Preparing and analyzing budgets
  • Preparing and reviewing Board Agenda items
  • Reviewing expenditure patterns and projecting revenue streams
  • Developing long-range planning objectives
  • Contract development and negotiation skills
  • Experience developing printed and electronic materials for distribution to the community and the media.  
  • Experience integrating the use of the web, traditional and social media products.

This position is exempt from civil service, unrepresented and is an “at-will” appointment, that reports to the Assistant County Administrator. 

The job description is available on the County's website: http://www.jobsatsolanocounty.com         

Supervision Received and Exercised

Works under the general supervision of the County Administrator and/or designee.

No supervision is exercised over others.   

Examples of Duties

This class specification represents the core area of responsibilities; specific position assignments will vary depending on the needs of the department.  

Assists in the development and installation of the County's annual budget; receives and analyzes departmental budget requests; reviews expenditure patterns; projects future revenues and expenditures; determines fund balances; calculates, compiles and presents assigned segments of total budget to co-workers, County Administrator and Board of Supervisors; provides liaison with department, Human Resources, Auditor-Controller and other representatives on matters related to the budget adoption process.

Consults with department managers and staff on operational, organizational and administrative issues; participates in the development of annual work plans, long-range planning objectives, agenda materials/strategies, operational policy and procedure.

Coordinates interdepartmental projects, implementation of policy and changes in service levels and delivery systems; provides consultative direction to managers on matters related to organizational and/or operational effectiveness.

Provides staff support to the County Administrator, Board of Supervisors and advisory groups; conducts studies of complex organizational and operational concerns; analyzes legislation, develop funding proposals, policy alternatives and strategies; prepares and presents reports and recommendations on such studies and administrative issues.

Represents the County Administrator and/or Board of Supervisors in dealing with representatives of other governmental agencies, civic groups, legislators, contractors and the public; responds to inquiries and service delivery complaints; negotiates and monitors contracts; prepares public notices and news releases.

Assists in the development and implementation of fiscal plans and policies; prepares comprehensive budget documents; reviews and monitors overall expenditures and revenues.

Leads the work of Administrative Interns and technical staff engaged in budget development, fiscal review, management consultation; provides guidance to staff in operational/fiscal analysis, effective consultation/presentation style and other such matters.

Provides leadership and management on County media relations, by:

  • Serving as a "consultant" to other County departments, reviewing projects for excellence in design and advising on implementation to meet a myriad of objectives for both external and internal audiences and ensuring that department decisions effectively protect the County’s interests.;
  • Providing management leadership for cross-departmental communications projects and programs, such as the year-end Report, by identifying major issues, determining the scope of projects, and working in concert with department management to establish schedules and allocate resources;
  • Establishing effective relationships with other departments as well as with community associations, the business community, civic organizations, regional partners, the media, and various interested groups and individuals;
  • Advising elected officials on aspects of policy communication as well as providing preparation to spokespersons.
  • Developing and implementing a long-term strategic Countywide Communications Plan and annual incremental work plans.
  • Leading external communication efforts, including establish consistency in presenting County information to the public in a timely and effective manner.
  • Providing leadership and management on County media relations by preparing County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator, and Department Directors for media contacts and events, anticipating media responses and preparing spokespersons with talking points accordingly.
  • Serving as advisor to the Board of Supervisors, Leadership Team, and departmental information officers and coordinators on media relations and communications for high profile and/or politically sensitive issues and initiatives.
  • Designing, developing, organizing and coordinating the communication of the County’s vision, values and central themes and messages to internal and external audiences.
  • Developing, recommending and implementing guidelines, regulations and procedures regarding brochures, articles, fact sheets, photographs, video, web pages, graphics, advertisements, news releases and other materials and working with managers and policy makers regarding web image, media image and conceptualizing approaches to enhance understanding and acceptance of county position and programs.
  • Overseeing and coordinating the dissemination of prompt, accurate emergency public information during emergency and disaster situations and participating as a communications consultant on the Emergency Preparedness Committee and providing advice and service as needed.
  • Developing, organizing, implementing and maintaining an internal communications plan to communicate information to employees and the public, ensuring a consistent, effective and efficient process.
  • Leading or facilitating interdepartmental communications team on County publications and communication opportunities.
  • Planning, leading, organizing and controlling print, web, social media and broadcast media messages to enhance the County’s image and communicate County issues, actions, and services.
  • Managing consultants to provide communications assistance including public relations and communications training.
  • Providing oversight of written publication processes, including writing articles, preparing and/or editing publications and presentations.
  • Developing and recommending new communications methods and enhancements to better achieve County goals, including fostering the organization's core values and marketing County services to citizens, community groups and other external organizations.
  • Developing and maintaining strong working relationships with government and community leaders, internal information sources and the media.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Standard and accepted principles of leadership, on-the-job training, and work review.
  • Principles and practices of budgeting, cost analysis, and fiscal management.
  • Practices and techniques of administrative and statistical analysis, statistical report preparation, and graphic presentation of analysis.
  • Developing and implementing strategic communication, image and creative marketing plans.
  • Managing the development of TV programming, web development and publication production processes.
  • Public relations, communications, organizational effectiveness/development, and related information technology.
  • Photography
  • Oral communication techniques to include presentations to groups of various sizes in a positive, inclusive, and motivational manner.
  • Customer service techniques for dealing with customers, often in a difficult or confrontational situation.
  • English composition, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation for both written and oral communications.
  • Formats and appropriate terminology for written communications such as business correspondence, policies, procedures and narrative reports.
  • Standard office procedures, practices, equipment, personal computers, and software.  

Skill in and/or Ability to:

  • Distribute work and provide work directions, review work performance and conduct of staff, and provide on-the-job training to staff led.
  • Research laws, regulations, procedures and/or technical reference materials; analyze, evaluate and interpret the data gathered; draw logical conclusions; develop reasonable and deliverable options, make appropriate recommendations; and implement the resultant change effectively.
  • Gather and analyze statistical data and prepare comprehensive statistical reports.
  • Build and maintain effective working relationships within an organization as well as with media providers, including leading and motivating work teams and/or individual contributors.
  • Ability to gain cooperation and resolve conflict.
  • Manage a variety of simultaneous work projects and carry them through to successful completion.
  • Determine the appropriate course of action in stressful and/or emergency situations.
  • Communicate information and ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Work with and speak to various cultural and ethnic individuals and groups in a tactful and effective manner. 
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties.
  • Represent the office in meetings with representatives from various County and non-County organizations, with local businesses, with customers, and/or with the general public.
  • Prepare a variety of written communications to include reports, policies and procedures.
  • Maintain accurate records and document actions taken.
  • Perform a variety of technical and specialized tasks and functions in an independent, competent and timely manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality of records and information per pertinent laws/regulations.
  • Use cameras to take digital pictures and incorporate them into publications and/or County website.
  • Use modern office equipment to include computers, cell phones, computer tablets, and related software applications.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university, with a major in Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics, Political Science, or closely related field. AND

Five (5) years of work experience in the public sector involving fiscal operations and analysis, budget development, financial/budget analysis, legislative analysis, operational management, and general management of various County functions.


Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university with a major in Communications, Public Relations or a closely related field. AND

Seven (7) or more years of full-time paid experience in professional or managerial level media relations, government relations and/or community relations, including spokesperson responsibilities for a complex public or private organization.

Note:  The possession of a Master’s degree or higher in one of the required majors for either of the above two patterns is desired and may be a factor considered during the rating and/or selection process.


Possession of or ability to obtain a valid Class C California driver’s license may be required.


  • Independent Travel:  Incumbents are required to travel independently, for example, to attend meetings with other County employees, to attend meetings with community organizations, etc.
  • Hours of Work:  Incumbents may be required to work weekends, holidays, irregular hours, on-call, and after normal business hours.

ADA Compliance


  • Mobility and Dexterity:  Positions in this class typically require stooping, kneeling, reaching, standing, walking, fingering, grasping, feeling (i.e. sense of touch), and repetitive motion.
  • Lifting, Carrying, Pushing and Pulling -- Light Work: Employees in this class will be exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally and/or up to 10 pounds of force frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. 
  • Vision:  Positions in this class require the employee to have close visual acuity, with or without correction, to prepare and analyze data and figures, transcribe, view a computer terminal, read, etc.  Positions in this class also require employees to have depth perception in order to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Hearing/Talking:  Positions in this class require the employee to perceive the nature of sounds at normal speaking levels with or without correction, and have the ability to receive detailed information through oral communication.  Positions in this class require the employee to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word.



  • Office Work:  Employees in this class will most often be working in an office setting.
  • Traffic Hazards:  Employees in this class will be required to operate a vehicle and thus will be subject to traffic hazards while driving.

CLASS: 367050;