Dentist Manager (#337130)
$90.04-$109.45 Hourly / $15,607.05-$18,970.46 Monthly / $187,284.56-$227,645.56 Yearly
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This is a single position class with primary responsibility for managing County dental services and providing dental services for those patients seeking dental care from the Solano County Health and Social Services Department.   The incumbent organizes and manages Countywide dental health services for the Solano County Health and Social Services Department; assists in the administrative and professional direction of the dental services within the County; provides dental services in the County clinic; and serves as a member of the division's management/ supervisory team. The incumbent performs all duties of a Solano County Dentist.


This class is distinguished from the:

·         Clinic Physician Supervisor, which is primarily responsible for supervising Clinic Physicians and mid-level practitioners and providing direct medical services.

·         Health Services Manager, which provides management of clinic operations but does not supervise Dentists, Clinic Physicians, or mid-level practitioners.

·         Deputy Director of Medical Services, which has executive level management responsibility for all Medical/Dental clinics as well as other programs within the Medical Services Division.

·         Dentist Supervisor, which supervises Dentists, a Dental Office Supervisor, mid-level practitioners (e.g. Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists), and clerical personnel in a dental clinic.

Supervision Received and Exercised

·         Receives direction from the Deputy Director of Medical Services.

·         Exercises supervision over subordinate supervisors; staff dentists and other dental and office staff in multiple dental clinics.

·         Provides management level responsibility for all dental services provided by Solano County.

Essential Duties

This class specification represents the core area of responsibilities; specific position assignments will vary depending on the needs of the department.

·         Plans, organizes and manages County dental services and integrates with primary care clinics and  other Health and Social Service programs as directed; exercises management authority for assigned services and activities and performs managerial responsibilities such as:

·         monitoring purchases and expenditures;

·         approving non-routine expenditures for workplace improvements, training, computer software and hardware, etc.;

·         providing input to the unit’s budget;

·         monitoring goals and objectives of the unit and taking corrective actions as appropriate; 

·         recommending and implementing new policies and procedures to eliminate or reduce barriers to efficient or effective production and/or to improve customer service;

·         evaluating  programs and making recommendations for changes to increase effectiveness and contain costs; and

·         coordinating and monitoring the work of consultants and contractors by reviewing the performance and quality of work to ensure compliance with the applicable contract and by reviewing and approving claims for payments to ensure conformance with contract provisions and to prevent cost overruns.

·         Performs supervisory duties to direct reports and to others through subordinate supervisors such as:

·         establishing standards for acceptable work products and evaluating performance;

·         interviewing applicants and making selections;

·         reviewing, approving  and implementing disciplinary actions and terminations;

·         providing career development mentoring;

·         assigning work and planning and scheduling staff’s work activities and deadlines;

·         reviewing work and recognizing employees’ work efforts and accomplishments;

·         providing career development mentoring and recommending training and career development opportunities;

·         ensuring that employees are properly trained;

·         reviewing and approving timesheets and requests for leave; and

·         supporting and ensuring compliance with County and Department policies and procedures including those related to equal opportunity and to safety.

·         Performs those duties of a Solano County Dentist. 

·         Acts as a resource in providing information to County departments on the scope and degree of dental service the County can provide and assists in deciding the priority of dental care for various groups of patients and in the distribution of County funds for prosthetic cases.

·         Coordinates service delivery with other divisions to maximize/ facilitate program effectiveness; actively participates in administrative planning; assists in the development of departmental programs and  policies  by  planning  and  implementing  changes  in  dental  services;  may  submit  grants  and proposals  for  funding  and  oversee  implementation;  may  be  assigned  additional  management  and supervisory responsibilities.

·         Interprets and implements local, state, and federal regulations, laws and recommendations pertaining to outpatient dental health care facilities.

·         Maintains professional knowledge in applicable areas and keeps abreast of changes in job-related rules, statutes, laws and new business trends; makes recommendations for the implementation of changes; reads and inte1prets professional literature; attends training programs, workshops and seminars as appropriate.

·         Represents the Medical Services Division in community outreach efforts by:

·         developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships with community leaders, local, regional, and statewide organizations, non-profit agencies, local businesses, and other County departments to develop, implement, and/or promote a variety of programs and projects consistent with the Department’s goals and services;

·         representing the Division’s needs and priorities within these “partnerships”;

·         representing the Division in a variety of community outreach activities and public awareness programs;

·         speaking to groups and individuals regarding division activities and services; and

·         participating as an active and contributing member of designated community organizations, committees/project teams, and special interest work groups as a representative of the Division.

·         Performs other duties of a similar nature or level as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:

·         Principles and practices of management, supervision, leadership, motivation, team building, organization, training, and conflict resolution.

·         Principles and practices of modern dentistry, preventative dentistry and public health.

·         Oral medicine, oral pathology, oral surgery, pharmacology and general principles of medicine.

·         Socio-economic and psycho-social factors affecting the wellness and treatment of public health and institutionalized patients, and other high risk populations, including women, infants, children and adolescents.

·         Laws affecting the delivery of dental services in outpatient and institutional environment. Clinical and public health program planning and administration.

·         Principles  and  practices  of  dental  health  care  resource  management,  public  health programs, and services.

·         Local County government organization.

·         Principles and practices of budgeting, cost analysis, and fiscal management.

·         Oral communication techniques to include presentations to groups of various sizes in a positive, inclusive, and motivational manner.

·         Customer service techniques for dealing with customers, often in a difficult or confrontational situation.

·         English composition, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation for both written and oral communications.

·         Formats and appropriate terminology for written communications such as business correspondence, policies, procedures and narrative reports.

Skill and/or Ability to:

·         Supervise, evaluate, train, and develop staff and organize and manage their work.

·         Identify and analyze administrative problems and implement operational changes.

·         Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

·         Interact and treat a variety of individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

·         Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships; demonstrate tact, diplomacy, patience and compassion.

·         Secure cooperation and teamwork among professional and/ or support staff.

·         Assess, diagnose and treat dental illness; manage dental services.

·         Provide direction to dentists and other health care staff.

·         Act fairly as a client protagonist in making and reviewing dental/ medical decisions.

·         Plan and manage dental clinic services.

·         Administer and evaluate the effectiveness of dental services; in concert with superiors, coordinate services with representatives of other departments including those involved in social services and the criminal/ juvenile justice system.

·         Maintain confidentiality of information.

·         Operate office equipment including a personal computer, copy and fax machines and printers as well as dentistry instruments and equipment.

Education and Experience

Education: Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) from an accredited dental college or dental school associated with a university.


Experience: Four years of professional level experience in a clinical practice performing patient evaluations, with at least two years of supervisory experience.


·       Applicants are required to possess the following: 

·         Current and active license to practice dentistry in the State of California issued by the California Dental Board

·         Valid and current credential from Medi-Cal

·         Valid and current Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license

·         Current and valid certification for x-ray safety

·         Current and valid healthcare provider certification of basic life support

·         National Practitioner Identification (NPI) number

·         Applicants are required to possess a valid California Driver’s License, Class C



·         Mobility and Dexterity:  This class typically requires employees to perform the following: stooping, kneeling, reaching, standing, walking, fingering, grasping, feeling (i.e. sense of touch), and repetitive motion.

·         Lifting, Carrying, Pushing and Pulling -- Light Work: Employees in this class will be exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally and/or up to 10 pounds of force frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. 

·         Vision:  This class typically requires employees to have close visual acuity, with or without correction, to prepare and analyze data and figures, transcribe, view a computer terminal, read, etc.  This class requires employees to have depth perception in order to operate a motor vehicle.  This class also requires the ability to recognize and identify similarities and differences between shade, degree or value of colors, shapes, forms, textures or physical appearance associated with job-related objects, materials, tasks or people

·         Hearing/Talking:  This class typically requires employees to perceive the nature of sounds at normal speaking levels with or without correction, and have the ability to receive detailed information through oral communication.  Employees in this class are also required to be able to communicate to express or exchange ideas.



·         Work in a Medical Clinic Facility:  Employees in this class will be working in a medical clinic facility and thus will be subject to exposure to chemicals, toxic agents, blood and other bodily fluids, and communicable diseases. There may also be occasional exposure to extreme temperatures, inadequate lighting, and work space that restricts movement. 

·         Traffic Hazards:  Employees in this class will be required to operate a vehicle and thus will be subject to traffic hazards while driving.

·         Disruptive/Confrontational Human Contacts:  Employees in this class may be subject to disruptive or confrontational people.


·         Background Checks: The County may conduct a background check and a reference check on candidates prior to appointment to a position within this class.  The background check may include the State of California Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI), and criminal checks in any City/County where the applicant has resided.

·         Independent Travel:  Independent travel will be required.

·         Child Abuse Reporting:  Candidates for employment must as a condition of employment sign a statement agreeing to comply with Section 11166 of the California Penal Code relating to child abuse reporting.

·         Exposure to Communicable Diseases:  Incumbent must be able to work in a clinical environment which may include exposure to communicable disease

CLASS: 337130; EST: 7/1/1992;