Psychiatrist(Child-Board Cert) (#333200)
$160.84-$195.50 Hourly / $27,878.56-$33,886.56 Monthly / $334,542.71-$406,638.75 Yearly
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These job classifications perform highly responsible and specialized professional functions and tasks in a very independent manner.  Administrative direction is received from a member of senior management.  Employees in these job classes may provide administrative direction to professional level contractors and/or private service providers as well as assigned County staff.  The Child Psychiatrist/Board Certified Child Psychiatrist classifications differ from the Psychiatrist/Board Certified Psychiatrist job classes in both the age of the clients being served and the subsequent focus of treatment and treatment options available. These job classes may have programmatic, clinical, and administrative responsibilities.  These job classes require high degrees of professional level knowledge and expertise as well as excellent organizational and communication skills.

Essential Duties

Performs psychiatric evaluations of child/adolescent clients’ mental/emotional health status and develops age appropriate treatment/therapy plans based on diagnoses of symptoms and behaviors.
Prescribes appropriate psychotropic medications based on clients’ diagnoses and psychiatric evaluations; monitors clients’ reactions, relief of symptoms, and degree of side effects on a regular and on-going basis.
Oversees and monitors the work of in-house and contract clinicians and therapists; reviewing success and appropriateness of treatment plans and prescribed medications; modifying treatment plans and prescribed medications in response to clients’ needs and symptoms.
Participates in a variety of meetings and conferences with other staff members/service providers regarding client care, program services, and other administrative matters; acts as professional resource to other staff, service providers, and/or programs regarding psychiatric illness, diagnosis, treatment, and services available for clients under the age of 21.
Supervises, oversees, monitors, and participates in the establishment and maintenance of sensitive and confidential medical records, prepares a variety of reports and records, and maintains documentation of client contact in accordance with departmental and statutory regulations and procedures
Counsels assigned clients: discusses treatment options with clients, parents, and/or legal guardians and provides necessary information for educated decision-making process.
Represents Mental Health Division/assigned program area(s) to other agencies/organizations, local communities, professional groups and committees, schools, clients, and the general public; acts as primary and major resource regarding professional services/assigned program(s); responds to inquiries; and promotes the Division’s mission and goals.
Establishes and maintains open communications with other department/division programs, projects, and work teams; coordinates data and resources as necessary and upon request in support of a productive and positive working environment.
Performs related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:
Standard and accepted principles and practices of mental health systems and programs, with an in-depth understanding of clinical issues related to child/adolescent psychoses, neuroses, and appropriate treatment plans.
Age specific application of psychotropic pharmacology.
Standard and accepted principles and practices of leadership, motivation, team building and conflict resolution.
Standard and accepted principles and practices of working with children and adolescents in the mental health system.
Pertinent local, state and federal rules, regulations and laws.
Techniques used in individual and group psychotherapy for children/adolescence.
Standard and accepted principles and practices of modern psychiatric policies and practices.
Basic budgeting procedures and techniques.
Basic principles and practices of supervision, training and personnel management.  

Ability to:
Organize and manage the work of clinicians and therapists in the appropriate care and treatment of  child/adolescent clients.
On a continuous basis, perform psychiatric evaluations, develop diagnoses and recommend rehabilitative therapy.
On a continuous basis, sit at a desk and in meetings for long periods of time.  Intermittently twist to reach equipment surrounding desk; perform simple grasping and fine manipulation; use telephone, and communicate through written means.
Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations in support of goals.
Gain cooperation through discussion and persuasion.
Interpret and apply County and department policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
Supervise, train and evaluate personnel.
Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
Work with various cultural and ethnic individuals and groups in a tactful and effective manner.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties.

Education and Experience

Some professional level experience performing responsible psychiatric evaluations and treatment of clients from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds which demonstrates possession of a competency in requisite knowledge and abilities.  Typical qualifying education and experience would be:  

Graduation from an accredited medical school in the United States or Canada AND

Successful completion of a three or four year psychiatry residency program that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to include two years of ACGME-approved residency training in child and adolescent psychiatry AND

Possession of a valid license as a physician and surgeon issued by the state of California AND

At least two years of professional experience providing psychiatric counseling and evaluations of clients; some professional experience in providing child/adolescent psychiatric treatment and evaluation is preferred AND

Possession of a valid certification as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist by the American Board of Psychiatry.   

CLASS: 333200;