Deputy Agriulture Commissioner/Sealer of Weights & Measures (#325030)
$50.85-$61.81 Hourly / $8,813.87-$10,713.32 Monthly / $105,766.44-$128,559.78 Yearly
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Supervises the inspection staff and the activities of a specific work unit within the Agricultural/Weights and Measures Division; provides assistance to the assistant department head with planning and organizing division activities.


This class is characterized by the responsibility to manage and supervise the operations of agriculture and weights and measures programs.  Although incumbents participate in the work, the emphasis is in supervising staff and carrying responsibility for the daily activities and operations of specific program units.  The class is distinguished from that of Assistant Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures in that the latter is responsible for the management of the entire division.

Supervision Received and Exercised

Receives general direction from the Assistant Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures.
Exercises supervision over technical and clerical staff.

Examples of Duties

Duties may include but are not limited to the following:
Organizes and supervises a specific program; participates in the selection and assignment of personnel for the program; communicates objectives and encourages accomplishment; may recommend promotions, cross-training, reassignments and/or disciplinary actions as appropriate and necessary; reviews staff work preparatory to administrative hearings or court action.
Directly supervises employees; interviews and recommends candidates for hire; provides instruction and training; plans, coordinates, assigns and reviews work activities; responds to employee issues and concerns; maintains work standards; evaluates performance and recommends evaluation outcomes.
Analyzes systems, program operations and procedures; develops, recommends and implements new/revised operational guidelines and procedures; coordinates activities with other supervisors and with state and/or federal agency personnel; may prepare and submit budget proposals to obtain state funding for assigned program.
Participates in the work of the unit including trapping pests, spraying for weed/pest abatement, baiting lures, taking samples, performing agricultural and/or weights and measures inspections, performing system analysis and programming to support automated data collection, storage, retrieval and reporting programs. 
Tests light and heavy capacity scales for accuracy, correctness and appropriate electrical/mechanical functions; seals or condemns scales depending on outcome of testing; tests measuring devices; conducts weighmaster inspections and audits for accuracy; verifies tire weights of vehicles, boxes, bins, pallets and gas cylinders; tests liquid petroleum gas meters; tests trucks and truck trailer compartments; seals capacity markers with water; tests retail service station petroleum dispensers; inspects postings and labels on retail service station signs; inspects retail and meat weights; conducts test purchases of commodities; performs price verification inspections and audits; inspects and measures loads of firewood.
Investigates and responds to inquiries and complaints; recommends appropriate course of action; makes unannounced inspections to investigate complaints; seals and condemns devices and recommends enforcement actions.
May take charge of field operations in the event of a major incident or event regulated by the assigned program, or in an effort to enhance specific program service delivery; organizes and coordinates surveys and other data sample collection activities; identifies high risk areas; identifies activities and/or conditions which lend themselves to automation either to increase efficiency or improve service delivery.
Initiates investigations to determine facts; gathers evidence and holds administrative hearings on violations of agricultural/weights and measures laws, rules and regulations; determines the need for further hearings and requests the prosecution of violators by the District Attorney or other appropriate agencies; hears complaints concerning weights and measures and/or agricultural violations and determines the proper course of action.
Supervises the Heavy Capacity and Quantity Control programs.
Orders supplies and some types of equipment; maintains a clean and safe working environment conducive to high quality performance; ensures the public health and safety in the area of program responsibilities.
Maintains a variety of records; prepares billings and periodic narrative/statistical reports; responds to inquiries of staff and the public; may speak to groups; may draft news releases; provides training to the public engaged in activities which fall within the areas of the assigned program responsibilities.
Participates in and assigns staff the rotational office duty performed by Agricultural Biologist/Weights and Measures inspection staff; receives public requests/inquiries/complaints; identifies problems and takes or directs actions to resolve them; issues federal and state phytosanitary and quarantine certificates; issues fruit, nut and vegetable market and producer certificates; sells rodent bait and gives information/instruction on proper use; issues burn permits; issues restricted materials permits; answers questions from the public and the media on agriculture issues.
Maintains professional knowledge in applicable areas and keeps abreast of changes in job-related rules, statutes, laws and new business trends; makes recommendations for the implementation of changes; reads and interprets professional literature; attends training programs, workshops and seminars as appropriate.
Acts as a member of the Weed Management Area Group; assists in coordinating a variety of cooperative projects.
Confers with others in the agricultural/weights and measures field, including state, federal, and County personnel, to keep informed and to coordinate activities; prepares or supervises the preparation of inspections, testing, and other reports; formally or informally provides training and instruction to other staff to keep them informed and current in major operational changes; assists other staff and supervisors in analyzing and resolving technical or procedural problems; attends and participates in appropriate meetings including Regional Deputy meetings.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:
Duties, responsibilities and objectives of the assigned program area.
Federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and procedures governing the program.
Methods, systems and documentation used to carry out program activities.
State-of-the-art equipment, substances, techniques, mechanics and operation of scales, meters, other measuring devices, and/or computer hardware/software that will assist in meeting program objectives.
Commercial distribution practices.
Investigative methods.
The location and needs of users of the program's services.
Departmental and County rules and regulations which impact on program staff, equipment and program operations.
Principles and practices of effective supervision and public personnel administration.
Methods and practices used in enforcing and maintaining agricultural/weights and measures standards.
Public relations techniques effective in maintaining rapport with the business community and the public.
Other programs in the Agricultural/Weights and Measures Division.
Budgeting and expenditure control methods; fee collection and billing procedures.
Skill to:
Operate office equipment including a personal computer, copy and fax machines and printers.
Ability to:
Plan, organize and supervise specific programs in the Agricultural/Weights and Measures Division.
Understand, interpret, apply and explain laws, regulations and policies governing assigned program operations.
Develop and implement operational procedures.
Identify and analyze administrative problems and implement operational changes.
Communicate effectively with people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds and temperaments.
Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.
Determine the appropriate course of action in emergency or stressful situations.
Collect and analyze data to establish/identify needs and evaluate program effectiveness and make appropriate recommendations to management.
Assist in developing and communicating goals and objectives.
Assist in the preparation of budgets, funding proposals and narrative and statistical reports; understand and analyze expenditure reports.
Comply with laws, regulations and professional practices governing inspection, detection, control and enforcement program services and operations.
Secure cooperation and teamwork among professional and/or support staff.
Maintain accurate records and document actions taken.
Interview people to determine/resolve problems/complaints and to gather information.
Make routine arithmetical calculations.
Research regulations, procedures and/or technical reference materials.
Speak to the media and large and small groups; project a positive public image.
Gather evidence and testify at administrative hearings and in court.

Education and Experience

Four (4) years of experience equivalent to an Agricultural Biologist/Weights and Measures Inspector with at least one year of experience equivalent to a Senior Agricultural Biologist/Weight and Measures Inspector in a California Agricultural Commissioner's Office. Commercial driver's license highly desireable.
An Associate’s degree is required in or equivalent in metrology, agricultural/biological sciences or a closely related field.


Possession of a Deputy Agricultural Commissioner or Deputy Sealer of Weights and Measures license issued by the California Department of Food and Agriculture pursuant to California Food and Agricultural Code. 
Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid Class C California driver's license is required.  Some assignments may require a valid Class A California driver’s license with an H or X endorsement within the first three months of appointment to this position.
Independent travel will be required.
Incumbents may be required to drive autos or small trucks through fields and orchards; walk agricultural land in various weather conditions; may spend a great deal of time in a vehicle during hot weather.
Incumbents may be exposed to chemicals and plant/animal diseases and poison oak and must have a tolerance for chemical and agriculture odors.
Incumbents in this class may be subject to, depending on job assignment, drug and alcohol testing as required under the Federal Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991. Testing includes post-accident and pre-employment, as well as random and reasonable suspicion testing as required by law.


This class is exempt from the provisions of the County Civil Service ordinance.  Incumbents are hired and retained at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

CLASS: 325030; EST: 4/1/2000; REV: 2/1/2003;