Asst Director of General Svcs (#187030)
$72.40-$88.00 Hourly / $12,549.59-$15,254.10 Monthly / $150,595.02-$183,049.18 Yearly
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This is a single position class characterized by the responsibility for planning, organizing and managing the activities of the General Services Department through subordinate managers and supervisors, ensuring the delivery of services in compliance with County rules, regulations and policies.  This class is distinguished from Director of General Services in that the latter is the Department Head, responsible for all Department programs and activities.

Essential Duties

1.         Assists the Department Head in planning, coordinating and managing the day-to-day activities of the General Services Department.  Assists in the formulation of department goals and procedures; ensures the delivery of mandated and other services in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. 
2.         Assists the Department Head in evaluating the operational performance of assigned sections within the General Services Department; reviews work methods and inter/intra departmental procedures to ensure effective work flow and compliance with established policy; develops, interprets and communicates application of policies and operational procedures; reviews correspondence, regulations and legislation to determine necessary operational changes. 
3.         Prepares, reviews and evaluates proposals, studies, audits, specifications and equipment relating to the various Divisional usage policies; advises sections and County Departments on methods and equipment available to reduce costs and consumption; recommends acquisition of equipment or other cost efficiencies; researches alternative sources and solutions. 
4.         Acts as a consultant to section heads on policy and procedures development; prepares a variety of Divisional reports; reviews legislation for impact on County operations; represents the County in meetings, seminars and acts as a liaison with citizen groups and  advisory boards; prepares project budgets and determines financing methods; researches and applies for grants, rebates and other funding sources for any Divisional related projects. 
5.         Assists the Director in developing emergency plans, mutual aid, hazard mitigation and preparedness; coordinates providers of emergency services and equipment in Solano County during all natural and/or man-made emergencies and disasters; manages response and recovery operations to control and mitigate damage resulting from disasters; coordinates plans and programs with local, state and federal organizations. 
6.         Supervises subordinate personnel; confers with subordinates to review and monitor operations, employee performance and other administrative matters; mediates operational and personnel conflicts; consults with other management staff to resolve conflicts and/or concerns as needed participates in hiring and evaluating staff. 
7.         Coordinates the preparation of the annual budget and capital improvement plans; gathers information and prepare reports relative to projected costs of existing and proposed programs; monitors expenditures for adherence to anticipated expenditure and/or cost overruns; reviews and takes action on monthly reports, preparation of quarterly reports, reduction plans, program improvements, budgeting controls and other financial analysis. 
8.         Conducts special cost effectiveness or operational studies within the Department; evaluates effectiveness of operations and improvement of services; may be assigned additional administrative and/or supervisory responsibilities; may act on behalf of the Director of General Services.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Thorough knowledge of principles and practices of management, budgeting and personnel administration; effective organizational and operational methods and systems; effective managerial and supervisory techniques in a public service organization.

Considerable knowledge of General Services or Public Works operations; emergency services functions, rules, laws and regulations; energy management methods, techniques and accepted practices; principles and practices of budgeting, supervision and administration.

Working knowledge of data processing; contract and grant preparation and administration including development of procedures to assure compliance and conformity with the terms of the contract/grant.

Ability to plan, organize and direct the work of staff; evaluate department policy, practices and procedures; define problem areas, recommend solutions to improve department operations; select, train and evaluate subordinate supervisors; understand, interpret and explain laws and regulations pertaining to departmental operations and administration, emergency services and energy management; formulate, promote and implement a variety of disaster planning and emergency services plans and programs; make referrals to local and regional providers of social, medical and/or other specialized services needed in the event of a disaster; identify, analyze and implement solutions to a variety of administrative and fiscal problems; communicate and interact in situations requiring instruction and persuasion; establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of organizations and individuals; prepare clear and concise reports on complex or detailed fiscal and other matters relating to administration, emergency services and energy management; develop program objectives and evaluate procedures; understand departmental objectives in relation to County goals; collect and analyze data to establish/identify needs and evaluate program effectiveness; research regulations, procedures and/or technical reference materials; prepare budgets, funding proposals, and narrative and statistical reports; secure cooperation and teamwork among professional and support staff; understand and analyze budget and  expenditure reports; project the consequences of decisions; develop policy and incorporate same into operational policy and procedures; recognize and respect limit of authority and responsibility; work effectively with others who have objectives counter to assigned role; effectively delegate responsibility and authority to others; make decisions and independent judgments.

Education and Experience

Progressively responsible management and supervisory experience in General Services, Public Works or another closely related field which included program planning and evaluation, training, budgeting and supervision which demonstrates possession of and competency in  requisite knowledge and abilities.  Typical qualifying experience would be: 

Five years of progressively responsible management and supervisory experience in a public agency which included program planning, analysis and evaluation, budget management and policy development, personnel management, performance evaluation. and equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with major course work in business or public administration, finance or a closely related field.


Independent travel is required.

Incumbents may be required to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions and may on occasion work around hazardous materials.

Incumbents may be required to work outside normal business hours.

CLASS: 187030; EST: 9/1/1995; REV: 4/22/2019;