Capital Projects Manager (#177050)
$65.88-$80.07 Hourly / $11,418.60-$13,879.39 Monthly / $137,023.25-$166,552.62 Yearly
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Under general direction, manages the Capital Projects Management Division, and oversees capital projects and real estate development services including master planning, project management, space utilization of County real estate assets, and the County’s Capital Improvement Program.


This class is distinguished from the:         

  • Director of General Services class which plans, organizes and directs the activities of the Department of General Services including architectural and real estate services, facilities operations (maintenance, grounds and custodial), central services (purchasing, mail, records and surplus property), fleet services, and the Nut Tree Airport; the
  • Deputy Director of General Services class which assists the Director of General Services in managing the operations of the County’s General Services Department through the supervision of subordinate supervisory, professional, technical, and support staff.  The incumbent assists in planning, organizing, and providing high-level oversight and administration of Department operations and functions; and the
  • Capital Projects Coordinator (Senior) class which manages County capital improvement projects including the design, construction, budgeting and scheduling of those projects.

Supervision Received and Exercised

  • Supervision is provided by the Director of General Services or Deputy General Services Director
  • Employees in this class supervise employees in the classes of Capital Projects Coordinator (Senior), Capital Projects Coordinator, and related technical and clerical classes.

Essential Duties

This class specification represents the core area of responsibilities; specific position assignments will vary depending on the needs of the department.

·         Exercises management authority for assigned services and activities of the Capital Projects Management Division and performs managerial responsibilities such as:

·         monitoring and approving purchases and expenditures;

·         assisting in developing and monitoring the Division’s operating  budget;

·         establishing and monitoring goals and objectives of the Division; 

·         recommending and implementing new policies and procedures to ensure  efficient and effective operations; and

·         coordinating and monitoring the work of consultants and contractors by reviewing the performance and quality of work to ensure compliance with contract terms including  reviewing and approving claims for payments.

·         Performs supervisory duties to direct reports such as:

·         establishing standards for acceptable work products and evaluating performance;

·         interviewing applicants and making selections;

·         reviewing and recommending  disciplinary actions;

·         providing career development mentoring and recommending training and career development opportunities;

·         assigning, planning, and reviewing work of subordinate staff;

·         reviewing and approving timesheets and requests for leave; and

·         supporting and ensuring compliance with County and Department policies and procedures including those related to equal opportunity and to safety.

·         Represents the Department  by:

·         developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships with community leaders, local, regional, and statewide organizations, non-profit agencies,  businesses, and other County departments to develop, implement, and/or promote a variety of development programs and projects consistent with the Department’s goals and objectives;

·         speaking to groups and individuals regarding departmental activities and services; and

·         participating as an active and contributing member of designated organizations, committees/project teams, and  work groups as a representative of the Department.

·         Oversees the County’s Accumulated Capital Outlay Budget: develops the budget based on analysis of data and revenue/expense projections; monitors the budget throughout the fiscal year; establishes  standards for  project accounting systems and integrates and coordinates  Department project accounting with the County’s Financial Management System; recommends funding priorities for projects in relation to available County resources; prepares project budget estimates and cost proposals for services; and writes grant applications/proposals to procure project funding.

·      Manages strategic  real estate and facilities planning processes by: 

·      establishing and updating County development standards and project controls for capital improvement projects;

·      researching and implementing legal, code and regulatory requirements;

·      assessing and evaluating political and policy impacts on capital project developments;

·      managing the design and construction of concurrent and multiple capital improvement projects;

·      implementing practices to prevent and assist in resolving potential and actual claims  that arise in the context of capital project delivery;

·      assist in evaluating liability and insurance claims;

·      collaborating with elected officials, department heads, County staff, other governmental representatives, community interest groups, labor unions, and other stakeholders;

·      soliciting services, evaluating qualifications/proposals, and preparing, negotiating, and managing contracts with consultants/vendors to procure services;

·      preparing/reviewing technical, feasibility and planning reports/documents;

·      developing architectural program statements to identify and quantify the nature and extent of space needs;

·      reviewing  architectural, engineering, and construction documents;

·      preparing applications for plan check/building permits and other permitting processes required by regulations and/or policy;

·      performing construction administration and field observation at project sites to document construction progress and minimize liability;

·      evaluating change orders, materials, and specifications;

·      reviewing shop drawings, submittals, and substitution requests;

·      evaluating, preparing and processing project close-out documents; and

·      participating in the Public Art Committee and coordinating the integration of public art into projects.

·         Performs other duties of a similar nature or level as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:

·         Principles and practices of management, supervision, and leadership.

·         Laws, regulations and policies applicable to building codes, Public Contract Code, methods of construction delivery, and project management procedures. 

·         Principles and practices of real estate development, facilities management, design and construction.

·         Principles and practices associated with governmental accounting, budget preparation, fiscal management, and financial/cost analysis.

·         Preparation, submission and monitoring of contracts and grants.

·         Practices and techniques of development planning and project management including statistical analysis and report preparation.

·         Oral communication techniques to include presentations to groups of various sizes in a positive, inclusive, and motivational manner.

·         Customer service techniques for dealing with customers, often in a difficult or confrontational situation.

·         English composition, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation for both written and oral communications.

·         Formats and appropriate terminology for written communications such as business correspondence, policies, procedures and narrative reports.

·         Basic mathematics for developing, preparing and completing numerical, budgetary, and/or statistical reports. 

·         Standard office procedures, practices, equipment, personal computers, and software.


 Skill and/or Ability to:

·         Supervise, evaluate, train, and develop staff.

·         Plan, organize and manage an effective program of development planning and project management services.

·         Develop, analyze, and implement effective operational procedures.

·         Research laws, regulations, procedures and/or technical reference materials; analyze, evaluate, and interpret the data, develop reasonable and achievable options and make qualified recommendations; and manage implementation process.

·         Manage a variety of simultaneous work projects  to successful completion.

·         Administer contracts and grants according to designated guidelines and regulations.

·         Communicate information and ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

·         Work with and speak to various cultural and ethnic individuals and groups in a tactful and effective manner.

·         Establish and maintain effective working relationships in the performance of required duties.

·         Represent the Department in meetings with representatives from various County and non-County organizations, businesses, customers, and/or with the general public.

·         Prepare a variety of written communications to include reports, policies, and procedures.

·         Maintain accurate records and document actions taken.

·         Gather and analyze statistical data and prepare comprehensive statistical reports.

·         Maintain confidentiality of records and information in accordance with applicable laws/regulations and policies.

·         Use modern office equipment to include computers and related software applications.

Education and Experience

·         Education:  Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university with a major in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, Real Estate or a closely related field; 


·         Experience:  Five years of full-time paid experience in architecture, engineering, project/construction management, and/or real estate development and/or asset management.  Experience with project management, real estate asset management, and facilities development software applications is desirable.


·         Applicants are required to have current registration as an Architect, Structural or Civil Engineer issued by the appropriate licensing authority within the State of California.

·         Employees are required to possess, or obtain prior to employment, a valid California Driver’s License, Class C.

Note:  All licenses, certificates and registrations must be kept current while employed in this class.


·         Background Checks: The County may conduct a background check and a reference check on candidates prior to appointment to a position within this class..

·         Independent Travel:  Incumbents are required to travel independently, for example, to perform work at other work sites, to attend meetings with other County employees, to attend meetings with community organizations, etc.

·         Hours of Work:  Incumbents may be required to work weekends, holidays, irregular hours, on-call, and after normal business hours.

CLASS: 177050; EST: 3/24/2015;