Director of Child Support Svcs (#118160)
$84.34-$102.52 Hourly / $14,619.32-$17,769.88 Monthly / $175,431.88-$213,238.54 Yearly
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Under administrative direction, plans, organizes, and administers the federal Title IV-D and State Child Support Enforcement Program; directs the operation of the County Department of Child Support Services.


This is an at-will single position class. The incumbent is exempt from Civil Service and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors/County Administrator. The Director of Child Support Services is responsible for countywide administration and establishment of paternity, child, and medical support; and spousal and medical support enforcement and collection programs.

Examples of Duties

1.       Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, controls and evaluates the operation of the Department; establishes and maintains departmental policies, procedures, goals and objectives;  accomplishes responsibilities to a substantial degree through administrative subordinates to whom appropriate authority is delegated
2.       Keeps the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator informed of the status of department operations and proposed operational or procedural changes; promotes a program of effective recruitment, training, and utilization of staff; confers with and directs administrative subordinates on policy and procedural matters.
3         Reviews legislation and regulations and formulates or approves policy for efficient administration of paternity, child and medical support establishment and child, spousal and medical support enforcement and collection in the county.
4.       Analyzes the implications of proposed legislative/regulatory change; provides expertise in regulatory requirements, determines financial implication of proposed and actual/regulatory change.  Reviews and implements statutory mandates; monitors and develops proposed State and Federal IV-D legislation; and oversees the drafting and implementing of County Department of Child Support Services policy.
5.       Ensures quality and conformance with legislative, regulatory, and policy mandates regarding the administration of child support establishment and enforcement programs; supervises or directs the implementation of all new/revised programs and policies and development of program performance measures to ensure compliance with mandated
6.       requirements. 
7.       Reviews and analyzes Department financial and statistical reports; formulates and prepares or reviews annual budget estimates and justifications for proposed expenditures; evaluates the costs and benefits of items proposed for the annual department budget.
8.       Approves major complex support enforcement case disposition; oversees attorney and other staff rotations and promotions; reviews Grand Jury inquiries and citizen complaints.
9.       Confers with judges and other members of the justice system regarding policies and procedures of the County Department of Child Support Services; monitors proposed pending and new legislation affecting child support civil litigation and criminal prosecution.
10.    Develops and maintains close working and inter-agency working relationships with Federal, State, County officials, and community leaders; interprets child support services programs and controversial issues to the Board of Supervisors and state and local organizations.
11.    Recruits, interviews selects and hires managers, attorneys and supervisory staff; selects, trains, supervises and directs management staff; coordinates the investigative efforts of attorneys, investigators and other law enforcement agencies.
12.      Supervises through subordinates the overall activities, litigation, selection, training, and professional development of child support attorneys and other professional and technical staff in the department.
13.    Attends meetings sponsored by State, Federal, and local officials, community organizations, and professional associations and speaks on behalf of the Department.
14.     Performs other related duties as assigned and needed to further the accomplishment of the mission of the Department.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of: Principles of child support services programs at the Federal, State and local level; establishment, modification, and enforcement of child support orders; federal and state civil and 
criminal laws and regulations applicable to the delivery of child support services; child support practices and procedures of the local courts; administrative principles and methods including goal setting, program development and administration, and supervisory and personnel principles and practices; California Family Code, Welfare Institutions Code and Penal Code provisions; duties, powers, limitations, and authority of the federal Title IV-D and State child support enforcement program and County Department of Child Support Services; Federal and State laws and regulations governing automation of child support establishment and enforcement programs to include managing automation efforts and direction of system development; operation and maintenance efforts; techniques for systems resource analysis, hardware and software inventory; principles and practices of budget development and administration; and social, political and economic issues influencing program administration.
Ability to: Manage and lead a complex child support program, to include goal setting, budget management, personnel, and long-term planning; analyze complex problems, recommend and implement solutions; develop and implement goals, objectives, policies, procedures, work standards and internal controls; manage automation efforts to include the direction of systems development, maintenance, and operational efforts; analyze and implement program mandates; prepare and deliver clear and concise reports, correspondence and presentations; exercise sound judgment within broad policy guidelines; work cooperatively with diverse interest groups, including advocacy groups and other governmental organizations.

Education and Experience

Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university preferably with a major in Business Administration, Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Criminal Justice, or other related disciplines.
Four years of management experience which included responsibility for directing or administering a major portion of a child support services organization in the state of California. 


Possession of a valid Class C California Drivers License is required.
Must be able to pass an extensive background check.


Independent travel will be required

CLASS: 118160; EST: 12/1/2001;