Director of Probation (#118030)
$93.75-$113.95 Hourly / $16,250.08-$19,752.08 Monthly / $195,000.97-$237,024.89 Yearly
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The Chief Probation Officer (CPO), also known as the Director of Probation, is appointed by the judges of the Superior Court in collaboration with the Solano County Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator. The position is funded by the Solano County Board of Supervisors, with policy accountability to the Court, and is a member of the Solano County government executive management team. As such, the Chief Probation Officer is responsible for leadership of this vital Department and often is involved in matters that require frequent interaction with many levels of the organization, county government, and the public. Responsibilities include recommending and implementing policy, developing goals and objectives, selecting and supervising staff, as well as preparation, advocacy for and oversight of the Department's annual budget. The CPO secures understanding and cooperation from multiple departments or interests and regularly implements improvements that enhance the Department's overall mission.  The CPO is responsible for formulating and implementing strategic decisions, developing or modifying programs, and allocating human and other resources to meet the Department's goals. Decisions are made through a collaborative effort initiated and often led by the CPO.

The CPO is involved in oversight of the Department's correctional case management regarding both adult and juvenile offenders. Other responsibilities in the area include:

  • Review programs, services, and functions of the Department to determine effectiveness, efficiency and adherence to policy and law;
  • Disseminate and ensure compliance of all laws, rules, and directives; and
  • Confer with staff on casework techniques and specific case situations.

The CPO is expected to maintain cooperative working relationships with other county, state, and federal criminal justice agencies, as well as other groups and organizations interested in preventive and rehabilitation programs for both adult and juvenile offenders. The CPO often addresses governmental bodies, legislative committees and community based organizations to discuss the integration of the needs and interests of viable community corrections models.


Education and Experience


Ten (10) years of experience in the field of probation, community corrections, law enforcement or human services casework of increasingly responsible experience in the probation and corrections field, with at least four (4) years in a management position with administrative capacity of any combination of academic education, professional training or work experience which demonstrates the potential to perform the duties of of this position. California experience is preferred.


A Bachelor's degree is required from an accredited college or university in social or behavior sciences, public or business administration, probation services or a related criminal justice field.

A Master's degree is desired.


Meet the requirements of Section 832 of the Penal Code in the State of California.

Completed mandated Standards and Training for Corrections program requirements.


CLASS: 118030; EST: 9/2/2011 10:40:00 AM; REV: 9/2/2011 10:40:00 AM;