Child Support Attorney (Supervising) (#115010)
$88.42-$107.47 Hourly / $15,325.82-$18,628.63 Monthly / $183,909.80-$223,543.51 Yearly
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Under direction, plans, organizes, directs, and supervises the work of a staff engaged in a variety of civil and criminal (Penal Code 270) litigation activities in the areas of child support establishment, enforcement and paternity, in accordance with established policies and procedures and performs related duties as required.


This is a full supervisory level.  This class is distinguished from Child Support Attorney in the performance of supervisory duties over staff involved in the civil and criminal child support enforcement litigation activities in the areas of child support establishment, enforcement and paternity.

Supervision Received and Exercised

Works independently receiving general supervision from a management level position.


Supervises the work of clerical, paraprofessional staff, and attorneys.

Essential Duties

1.     Supervises and evaluates the work of a staff engaged in the civil and criminal child support enforcement litigation activities in the areas of child support and paternity to include, but not limited to, the preparation, presentation and, if necessary, the appeal of civil and criminal child support cases; advises and counsels attorneys on available options or strategies to accomplish assigned tasks; supervises assigned support staff; coordinates activities to ensure timely completion of tasks and projects; interviews and participates in selection of staff; provides training and staff development; ensures that staff maintains an appropriate work flow to meet department standards; develops and implements work unit goals and monitors progress toward these goals; conducts group and individual employee conferences to discuss or interpret department rules, regulations, policies and procedures, and performance problems; identifies and resolves operational problems; receives and resolves employee complaints and makes recommendations to superiors on difficult and complex personnel matters.


2.     Checks questions of law and counsels attorneys on strategy, reviews, assigns and evaluates disposition of difficult, complex, and politically sensitive cases; reviews cases filed to determine quality of case and assign attorney, interprets policy and makes recommendations to the department director.


3.     Reads, interprets and applies laws; court decisions; local, state and federal regulations; and other legal authorities for use in preparation of child support cases.


4.     Prepares legal pleadings, including complaints, answers, demurrers, discovery, motions; orders, and judgments required for hearings, trials and varied legal proceedings; drafts and prepares related reports and correspondence; and maintains accurate case records.


5.     Maintains liaison between staff, judges, law enforcement officials and prosecutors to discuss and resolve procedural problems affecting division; develops, recommends to department director, and implements operational policy and procedure and/or other administrative matters.


6.     Litigates a variety of complex paternity and support cases in civil and criminal child support enforcement court trials and at family law and motion hearings.


7.     Receives and resolves complaints from assigned personnel and makes recommendations to management on difficult and complex personnel matters; receives and resolves a variety of complaints from the general public, recipients, and others.


8.     Serves as a technical resource to management, line staff, attorneys and representatives of other organizations in the technical interpretation and application of law, regulations and local procedures.


9.     May be assigned to additional supervisory, training, and/or routing administrative responsibilities, including assisting other unit supervisors in interviewing candidates for employment and making hiring recommendations to management and training new supervisors and support staff; may serve as a member of an ad hoc departmental management policy and procedure study team or other ad hoc committees; prepares narrative and statistical reports; represents the department at various committee meetings and conferences.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of: 

  • Duties, powers, limitations, and authority of the Department of Child Support Services; 
  • training techniques applicable in a legal setting; civil and criminal codes related to California family law;
  • administrative law procedures;
  • trial and court procedures;
  • legal research methods;
  • rules of evidence;
  • ethical and professional rules of conduct;
  • principles of supervision, 
  • progressive discipline, performance evaluation, adult learning, training and instructional methods and techniques;
  • the operation of automated office equipment and case management systems utilized by the department; and
  • negotiating techniques.

Ability to: 

  • Plan, assign, and supervise the work of staff;
  • assist in the development and implementation of necessary policy and procedures;
  • apply effective interpersonal skills;
  • speak and write effectively; 
  • prepare and present a variety of technical oral and written reports;
  • effectively present and conduct trials;
  • work independently;
  • perform legal research;
  • analyze and apply legal principles, facts, evidence and precedents in legal problems; 
  • present statements of law, facts and arguments clearly, logically and forcefully, both in written and oral format; 
  • negotiate settlements;
  • maintain confidentiality and objectivity; 
  • manage an assigned caseload;
  • understand, interpret and apply policies and practices;
  • delegate and control the activities of subordinates; 
  • identify and analyze work unit problems and develop necessary changes;
  • conduct research regulations, procedures and technical reference materials; 
  • establish and enforce work priorities;
  • establish and maintain cooperative working relationships;
  • work effectively with other units of the department;
  • train, discipline and develop staff; 
  • identify problems requiring referral to other agencies or staff; 
  • analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action;
  • operate personal computers and use computer applications used by the department.

Education and Experience

Three years of experience as a Child Support Attorney or Deputy District Attorney; and 

One year supervisory of lead or supervisory experience in leading, directing, or managing the work of attorneys or support staff assigned to attorneys; and



Independent Travel:  May be required to travel independently, for example, to perform work at other work sites, to attend meetings with other County employees, etc.


Hours of Work:  May be required to work weekends, holidays, irregular hours, on-call, and after normal business hours.


Child Abuse Reporting:  Must, as a condition of employment, sign a statement agreeing to comply with Section 11166 of the California Penal Code relating to child abuse reporting.



Sit for extended periods; frequently stand and walk; sufficient manual dexterity to perform repetitive motion in various duties such as:  keyboarding, writing, filing, reaching and grasping above shoulder level; normal eye-hand coordination; body strength sufficient to lift and carry case files; corrected vision to normal range to read fine print and computer screen; corrected hearing to speak and hear sufficiently to communicate clearly over the telephone and in person; ability to use of office equipment including telephones, calculators, copiers, facsimile, computer and other related peripheral equipment such as printers and scanners.



Employees in this class will most often be working in an office setting or in a courtroom.

CLASS: 115010; EST: 11/26/2013;