Chief Appraiser (#107290)
$61.35-$74.57 Hourly / $10,633.63-$12,925.24 Monthly / $127,603.51-$155,102.86 Yearly
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Under general direction, plans, organizes and directs the operation of the Assessor/Recorder's Valuation Division; serves as a member of the department's senior management team.


This single position class is characterized by the responsibility to assist the Assessor/Recorder and Assistant Assessor/Recorder by directing the day-to-day activities of the technical and professional staff of the Valuation Division in the application of the law, rules, regulations and appraisal principles in the determination of taxable values of all taxable property in Solano County.  This class is distinguished from the Assistant Assessor/Recorder in that the latter has overall responsibility to assist the department head in planning, organizing and directing the County Assessor and Recorder's Office.

Examples of Duties

  • Directs the operations of the Valuation Division to ensure delivery of mandated and other services in compliance with departmental policies, state and local regulations and ordinances; establishes division policies and procedures; evaluates operational performance; reviews work methods and inter/intra-departmental procedures to ensure effective work flow.
  • Establishes standards and procedures within the Valuation Division; determines and effects operational changes; coordinates division operations with other departmental activity through consultations with other senior management team members; develops, interprets, implements departmental policy; directs the real and personal appraisal process including the annual reappraisal of business property and the appraisal of eligible real property.
  • Prepares the Valuation Division budget; assists in the formulation and justification of the department's annual budget; assists the department head in assuring appropriate use and expenditure of public funds as they pertain to the Valuation Division.
  • Assists the Assessor/Recorder in the formulation of departmental goals and objectives; evaluates operational performance of the division; reviews work methods and procedures to ensure effective work flow; reviews regulations, legislation and judicial decisions to determine effect on divisional operations; develops procedures to implement legislative mandates as they effect the Valuation Division.
  • Directs staff through subordinate supervisors; sets objectives for the division and subordinate supervisors; conducts group and individual conferences to discuss objectives and performance; encourages cooperation and team work among staff; ensures appropriate communication; conducts or directs staff meetings and training sessions and ensures communication of changes in policies and procedures.
  • Determines requirements and makes recommendations regarding electronic data processing system requirements for the Valuation Division to the Solano County Integrated Property System's (SCIPS) manager.
  • Researches, prepares and reports findings regarding division operations, objectives and needs in response to the department head's, Board of Supervisors' or County Administrator's request; makes presentations to the Board of Supervisors and directs or participates in the preparation of special studies at the request of the County Assessor/Recorder; directs the Assessment Appeal Program and testifies before the local Assessment Appeals Board and courts of law.
  • Represents the County Assessor/Recorder at professional conferences, seminars or meetings as directed; meets with and/or addresses taxpayers, civic groups, the Board of Supervisors and other interested parties regarding policies, procedures, inquires and laws affecting areas of assignment.
  • May be assigned additional administrative responsibility by the County Assessor/Recorder or Assistant Assessor/ Recorder; may act in the Assessor's or Assistant Assessor's absence.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Thorough knowledge of modern methods and techniques used in the appraisal of real and personal property in California for tax assessment purposes; local and state statutes and rules and court decisions affecting assessment procedures; building construction including materials, workmanship, cost, and quantities covering both low and high cost structures and factors involved in various types of obsolescence and depreciation; effect of economic trends and zoning laws on property values and the cost of construction; laws and rules governing the accessibility of California taxable property with particular emphasis on the criteria governing the determination of assessable events; the application of law and rules to full and partial interest property transfers and the assessment of new construction

Considerable knowledge of principles and practices of management and personnel administration in the public sector; effective organizational systems and operational methods and techniques; effective management and supervisory techniques; automated information systems from a user perspective; practices and techniques of public speaking.

Ability to plan, organize and manage programs and services; interpret and apply laws, rules and regulations that pertain to property appraisal; prepare clear and concise narrative and statistical reports; interpret and incorporate administrative direction into operational policy and procedures; formulate, promote and implement programs, objectives and goals; identify and analyze administrative problems and implement operational changes; oversee the collection and analysis of appraisal data; recognize and identify various types and qualities of building construction, fixtures, equipment, materials and workmanship; read and interpret blueprints, sketches, and legal property descriptions; explain the basis of appraisals on extremely complicated property appraisals to the public and other concerned individuals; interpret, analyze and apply the laws and rules governing California property taxation to all classes of property in the most complex instances of reappraisal and reassessment; communicate effectively both verbally and in writing;  use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships; determine the appropriate course of action in emergency or stressful situations; understand program objectives in relation to departmental goals and objectives; demonstrate tact and diplomacy; collect and analyze data to establish/identify needs and evaluate program effectiveness; draw logical conclusions and make appropriate recommendations; develop goals and objectives; prepare budgets, funding proposals and narrative and statistical reports; comply with laws, regulations and professional practices governing appraising for tax purposes; understand and analyze expenditure reports; maintain accurate records and document actions taken; organize and prioritize work assignments;  research regulations, procedures and/or technical reference materials; determine and evaluate levels of achievement and performance; interpret political and administrative direction and incorporate into operational policy and procedure; maintain confidentially of information; recognize and respect limit of authority and responsibility; work effectively with others who have objectives counter to assigned role; effectively delegate responsibility and authority to others.

Education and Experience

Progressively responsible experience in appraisal or audit-appraisal duties in a California Assessor's Office which demonstrates possession of and competency in requisite knowledge and abilities.  Typical qualifying experience would be:

A Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or closely related field and five years of progressively responsible administrative experience in a California Assessor's Office. At least three years at the senior and/or supervising level responsible for a major assessment function such as assessment appeals coordination, auditing and valuing complex personal property accounts, or appraising select classes of commercial properties, Mills Act properties, possessory interests, taxable government properties or Williamson Act properties.


Possession of a valid Advanced Appraiser's Certificate according to the provisions of the Revenue and Taxation Code Section 670 is required.

Possession of or ability to obtain a valid Class C California driver's license may be required. 


Independent travel may be required.

Incumbents are required to file an annual Conflict of Interest Statement in accordance with the provisions of the Political Reform Act of 1974.

Incumbents are Civil Service Exempt, at-will and serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

CLASS: 107290; EST: 1/1/2003;