Asst County Administrator (#107030)
$103.17-$125.41 Hourly / $17,883.00-$21,736.90 Monthly / $214,595.98-$260,842.75 Yearly
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Under administrative direction, plans, organizes and coordinates County-wide management services including budget development, program review, legislative analysis and policy  development functions; serves as a member of and advisor to the County's management team.


This single position class is characterized by the responsibility to assist the County Administrator in the management of County activities and to supervise a professional staff which provides consultation on fiscal management, program development and evaluation to County managers.  The incumbent has overall responsibility for fiscal management, and is responsible for designated programs and projects.

Examples of Duties

l.          Plans, organizes and supervises the County-wide budget development/expenditure review and program/service delivery evaluation; legislative analysis and policy development activities.
2.         Directs and coordinates the activities of the professional staff; assists with the coordination of other County activities and services as directed by the County Administrator.
3.         Analyzes and evaluates management concerns, operational difficulties and program implementation; makes recommendations concerning program effectiveness and return on resources invested; monitors the implementation of plans and policies designed to increase operational performance and efficiency; prepares proposed legislation and related documents; represents the County Administrator at meetings/functions as directed or as required.
4.         Prepares or assists in the preparation of the Board of Supervisors agenda items and related documents; represents County Administrator at Board meetings; provides staff support at Board meetings; makes presentations before the Board of Supervisors, as needed.
5.         Supervises and coordinates large County capital projects; conducts investigations and special studies in order to analyze the impact of alternative policies and procedures on County operations; reviews departmental reports and proposals and makes recommendations to the County Administrator.
6.         Confers with representatives of other public agencies and private businesses on matters of mutual interest; negotiates or assists in the negotiation of contracts; answers inquires from the public and/or representatives of other public/private agencies; confers with management of other departments to resolve problems crossing departmental lines.
7.         Develops and presents short and/or long-range fiscal plans which may include analysis of alternative funding/financing mechanisms, revenue sources/projections, expenditure patterns, service delivery alternatives, economic forecasts and other information needed to reach conclusions; presents findings and recommendations to the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors.
8.         Acts on behalf of and represents the County Administrator in his/her absence; maybe assigned additional administrative, supervisory and/or managerial responsibility.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration as applicable to County government including the areas of budgeting, finance, personnel, procurement, contracting, productivity improvement; interpersonal and intergovernmental relations; principles and practices of supervision.
Thorough knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the administration and management of County government in California; methods which encourage efficient and effective program operations; cost containment techniques; methods of assessing and developing programs to meet the needs of the general public and target groups.
Working knowledge of the political and economic environment of the Solano County area; the organization, programs and administrative challenges of the County of Solano.
Ability to plan, organize, develop and evaluate County programs; interpret direction and enforce  policies and required by the County Administrator; represent the County Administrator in dealing  with the public, contractors, employees and representatives of other agencies; promote efficiency and effectiveness of programs and operational systems; develop and present operating budgets, legislative agendas, and plans to implement policies of the County Administrator and Board of Supervisors; develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with the Board of Supervisors, employees, members of the public, local legislators, representatives of other governmental agencies and industry; assist in developing and implementing an effective public relations and information program; communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; collect and analyze data to draw logical conclusions and make appropriate recommendations; determine the appropriate course of action in emergency or stressful situations; assist in the development and implementation of operational policies and procedures; demonstrate tact and diplomacy; develop goals and objectives; help determine and communicate priorities; determine and evaluate levels of achievement and performance; work effectively with others who have objectives counter to assigned role; effectively delegate authority to others, as required or directed; recognize and respect limit of authority and responsibility.

Education and Experience


A Bachelor's Degree in public or business administration or related field.  A Master's Degree in public administration, business administration or closely related field is desirable.


Ten (10) years of public sector experience in administration management, financial and policy analysis and program evaluation, which must include executive-level management roles and responsibilities, experience in capital project, budget development, personnel management, supervision of professional staff.

County, city or special district experience is highly desirable.  California experience is desirable.


Possession of a valid California Class C driver's license may be required.


Independent travel may be required.  

Incumbents may be required to work outside normal business hours.  

Incumbents must comply with Section 8500 et seq of the California Government Code relating to financial disclosure.

CLASS: 107030; EST: 9/1/1995;