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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Please submit responses to the following questions and submit them along with your employment application to the San Joaquin County Human Resources Division.  When answering the questions below related to your experience, please provide detailed description that includes the name of your employer, your dates of employment, and your job title.  These questions will be reviewed in evaluating your qualifications.


Describe your budget experience, including the size, complexity of the budget, and your level of responsibility.



Describe your experience analyzing current and potential legislation and your experience working with representatives from local and state agencies as well as law makers in State and Federal Government.


Describe a specific experience you have had with strategic planning, strategic process management, and/or streamlining processes for efficiencies.  Provide a specific example of a time when you implemented or used strategic planning.


Describe your experience presenting information, both orally and in writing to Boards and Commissions.


Describe your plans and goals for the first six months in the role as the Director of Purchasing and Support Services if you were appointed.


Describe your management experience in the following areas:

A. Duplicating (Printing) Services

B. Mail Delivery Services

C. Records Retention Management



Describe your experience with reviewing, developing, and implementing policies and procedures on procurement activities.