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Position Control Technician

Human Resources-Countywide Promotional Recruitment

Recruitment #0119-RB5001-01


This Countywide Promotional examination is being given to fill one (1) vacancy in the Human Resources Division and to establish an eligible list to fill future vacancies. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of an application. A completed application must be postmarked or received online by the final filing deadline.

Please note that any offer of employment to positions in Human Resources require successfully passing a pre-employment live scan background. These positions are part of the Unrepresented Confidential Unit and are not represented by a union. Employees of the Confidential Unit receive a 10% Confidential Pay Supplement in addition to the base salary. 


The Position Control Unit is responsible for monitoring, adjusting, updating and helping maintain countywide position control by ensuring that personnel and/or payroll-related actions and adjustments requested by County departments comply with various Civil Service, contractual, legal and other requirements.


The Mission of Human Resources is to partner with all county departments, community organizations, and educational institutions to recruit, develop, and retain employees of the highest quality and competency, and who represent the diverse community we work and live in.

Human Resources reports to the County Administrator's Office and provides centralized services for all County departments. These services include:


•Equal Employment Opportunities Office

•Labor Relations

•Risk Management & Employee Safety

 •Employee Experience

    ◦Pay Days and Holidays

    ◦Employee Benefits

    ◦Service Awards

    ◦Professional Development

    ◦Wellness Programs

Human Resources recommends policy and procedures for employer-employee relations; negotiates labor contracts; processes complaints and grievances; conducts meet-and-confer sessions and joint labor management meetings; advises County departments on disciplinary actions and counseling matters; and provides staff support for the Civil Service Commission.

NOTE: All correspondences relating to this recruitment will be delivered via e-mail. The e-mail account used will be the one provided on your employment application during time of submittal. Please be sure to check your e-mail often for updates. If you do not have an e-mail account on file, Human Resources will send you correspondences via US Mail.



  • Performs position control and related data maintenance for the County's Human Resources Information System (HRIS); helps coordinate personnel actions and resolve position status issues in conjunction with County departments, the Auditor-Controller's Office and the County Administrator's Office; reviews, audits and corrects personnel action requests submitted by departments; verifies use of proper codes and justifications; verifies that appointments, separations, promotions, demotions, pay changes and other actions comply with Civil Service rules, labor contracts, legal requirements and other policies/procedures; verifies that required hard copy documentation is properly submitted; follows up with departments regarding missing information or documents; works with Personnel Analysts and/or department staff to resolve errors/conflicts and make appropriate corrections.
  • Receives and processes leave requests submitted by departments for federal and state family leave, personal and other leaves of absence; verifies employee eligibility for requested leave; evaluates job status, hire date, leave history and other factors to ensure that employees qualify for requested leaves based on County policy, MOU language and legal requirements; verifies that documentation is complete and accurate; updates employee records in HRIS; works with departments to obtain medical certifications of employee ability or inability to work; provides liaison with departments to make corrections to employee records, respond to and resolve problems, and/or obtain needed information; prepares final leave requests for analyst approval.
  • Responds to position control, leave of absence and payroll-related questions from departments and staff; researches rules, current labor contracts, policies and ordinances that impact personnel and payroll activities; provides guidance on the appropriate entry of data into HRIS as well as the correct application of various County rules, regulations and laws governing leaves, wages, and other conditions of employment.
  • Receives and reviews personnel requisitions in order to verify the existence of open positions; processes requisitions as required to obtain authority to hire; after approval, updates position information in HRIS; works with departments to resolve position availability discrepancies.
  • Prepares and prints automated reports to verify employee eligibility for step increases; identifies situations needing further research; prepares final lists of employees who receive step increases during a particular pay period. Gathers and analyzes information as requested for special position control and/or related projects; distributes various periodic reports to Human Resources staff and others as appropriate including salary range reports, vacancy reports, personnel action notices and other reports that reflect position control.
  • Prepares and submits the Human Resources Division payroll; logs approved time off requests and posts to automated payroll system; obtains necessary approvals; makes retroactive corrections as necessary.
  • May perform various human resources administrative and technical support activities as requested in areas such as recruitment, testing, classification, benefits and general administration; helps coordinate and conduct payroll and other training; attends meetings; performs special projects.
  • May assist with implementing mass data changes in response to equity, cost of living and/or other salary adjustments; may lead the work of subordinate staff on a project basis.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a countywide promotion. Qualified applicants must currently be employed with San Joaquin County and meet the promotional eligibility requirements as stated in Civil Service Rule 10, Section 3-Eligibility for Promotional Examinations. The examination process will include both a written and oral board examination. The written examination will be weighted 40% and the oral board exam will be weighted at 60%. Candidates must achieve a minimum rating of 70% on each examination in order to be placed on the eligible list.


Experience: Three years of responsible office administrative work, including at least one year of specialized personnel work that involved interpreting and applying personnel policies/regulations and/or processing personnel/payroll-related documents at a level comparable to the class of Senior Office Assistant in San Joaquin County.      


Substitutions: 1) Completed coursework at an accredited college or university may substitute for the above-required general (not specialized) office administrative experience on a year-for-year basis to a maximum of two years (where 30 semester units is equivalent to one year of experience); OR 2) Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university, preferably with a major in public or business administration, human resources management, computer science or a related field, may substitute for all of the above-required experience.


Basic principles and practices of technical personnel work; basic functions, responsibilities and regulations applicable to a personnel department; principles and practices of office management and functions; basic mathematics and language mechanics; principles and techniques of record keeping and data research; basic computer and modern office automation technology, including pertinent software; methods of cross-checking and verifying information; principles and methods of public relations.


Read and comprehend technical written material; establish priorities and work well under pressure; coordinate work with several different parties; research issues and resolve conflicts within limits of authority; review and edit documents for accuracy and procedural conformance; utilize personal computer software and hardware as required to maintain the countywide position control system and produce reports; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with Human Resources staff, other County departments, and the general public.


strong>Mobility-Frequent operation of a data entry device, repetitive motion, sitting for long periods, walking; occasional standing, pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, climbing; Lifting-Frequently 5 pounds or less; occasionally 5 to 30 pounds; Visual-Constant good overall vision and reading/close-up work; frequent color perception and use of eye/hand coordination; occasional use of depth perception and peripheral vision; Hearing/Talking-Frequent hearing of normal speech, hearing/talking on the telephone, talking in person; Emotional/Psychological-Frequent decision making, concentration, and public contact; Special Requirements-Some assignments may require working weekends, nights, and/or occasional overtime; Environmental-Occasional exposure to varied weather conditions.


Health Insurance:  San Joaquin County provides a comprehensive benefits package to employees of this bargaining unit.  The benefits include the option of three medical plans: a Kaiser Plan, a Select Plan, and a Premier Plan.  Employees pay a portion of the cost of the premium. Dependent coverage is also available.

Dental Insurance:  The County provides employees with a choice of two dental plans:  Delta Dental and United Health Care-Select Managed Care Direct Compensation Plan.  There is no cost for employee only coverage in either plan; dependent coverage is available at the employee’s expense.

Vision Insurance:  The County provides vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP).  There is no cost for employee only coverage; dependent coverage is available at the employee’s expense.

For more detailed information on the County’s benefits program, visit our website at under Human Resources/Benefits.

Life Insurance:  The County provides eligible employees with life insurance coverage as follows:

1 but less than 3 years of continuous service:                   $1,000
3 but less than 5 years of continuous service:                   $3,000
5 but less than 10 years of continuous service:                 $5,000
10 years of continuous service or more:                           $10,000

Employees may purchase additional term life insurance up to a maximum of $200,000 at the group rate.Regular employees in this unit shall be provided with a supplemental life insurance policy with a face value up to $75,000.

125 Flexible Benefits Plan:  This is a voluntary program that allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for health-related expenses that are not paid by a medical, dental or vision plan (Health Flexible Spending Account $2550 annual limit with a $500 carry over); and dependent care costs (Dependent Care Assistance Plan $5000 annual limit). 

Retirement Plan:  Employees of the County are covered by the County Retirement Act of 1937.  Please visit the San Joaquin County Employees’ Retirement Association (SJCERA) at for more information.  NOTE:  If you are receiving a retirement allowance from another California county covered by the County Employees’ Retirement Act of 1937 or from any governmental agency covered by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS), you are advised to contact the Retirement Officer of the Retirement Plan from which you retired to determine what effect employment in San Joaquin County would have on your retirement allowance.

Deferred CompensationThe County maintains a deferred compensation plan under Section 457 of the IRS code. You may annually contribute $18,000 or 100% of your includible compensation, whichever is less.  Individuals age 50 or older may contribute to their plan, up to $24,000. The Roth IRA (after tax) is also now available. For members of this unit, the County shall make a contribution equal to 1% of the employee’s base salary to the deferred compensation plan.

Vacation:  Maximum earned vacation is 10 days each year up to 3 years; 15 days after 3 years; 20 days after 10 years; and 23 days after 20 years.

Holiday: 14 paid holidays per year.

Vacation Cash-Out:  Members shall have the option of purchasing up to eight 8-hour days vacation time once each calendar year from the member’s accumulated vacation with the approval of the County Administrator.

Confidential Unit Supplement: Members of this unit shall receive a supplement of 10% of base salary.

Sick Leave:  12 working days of sick leave annually with unlimited accumulation.  Sick leave incentive: An employee is eligible to receive eight hours administrative leave if the leave balance equals at least one-half of the cumulative amount that the employee is eligible to accrue.  The employee must also be on payroll during the entire calendar year.

Bereavement Leave:   3 days of paid leave for the death of an immediate family member, 2 additional days of accrued leave for death of employee’s spouse, domestic partner, parent or child.

Merit Salary Increase:  New employees will receive the starting salary, which is the first step of the salary range.  After employees serve 52 weeks (2080 hours) on each step of the range, they are eligible for a merit increase to the next step.

Job Sharing:  Employees may agree to job-share a position, subject to approval by a Department Head and the Director of Human Resources.

Recruitment Incentives:  Upon the request of the Department Head and with the approval of the County Administrator or his designee, the following recruitment incentives may be provided:

(a)  Reimbursement of moving expenses:  Actual documented cost of moving to a maximum of $2,000.  Costs may include moving expenses, interim housing, and travel expenses related to the move for the candidate and his/her family.  Any approved reimbursement shall be made contingent upon employment, in two incremental payments:  the first payment after six months of service, the second after twelve months of service.

(b)  Vacation Accrual Rate:  The San Joaquin County vacation accrual rate consistent with the candidate’s total years of public service.

(c)  Sick Leave:  If the candidate is leaving other employment to accept the San Joaquin County position, credit of the candidate’s actual unreimbursable sick leave hours from the candidate’s last agency will be a maximum of 160 hours.  Such hours shall be subject to San Joaquin County’s minimum sick leave cash out options.

Educational Reimbursement Program:  Eligible employees may be reimbursed for career-related course work up to a maximum of $850 per fiscal year.  Eligible employees enrolled in an approved four (4) year College or University academic program may be reimbursed up to $800 per semester for a maximum of $1600 per fiscal year.

Parking Supplemental Downtown Stockton:  The County contributes up to $17 per pay period for employees who pay for parking and are assigned to work in the Downtown Core Area.

School Activities: Employees may take up to 40 hours per year, but not more than eight (8) hours per month, to participate in their children’s school activities.

Note: County employees who currently receive a cafeteria plan allowance and subsequently transfer, demote or promote from or into the confidential unit shall have the option to either retain their existing cafeteria plan contribution amount or have a one-time option at time of hire of opting for the 10% unrepresented supplement in lieu of retaining their cafeteria allowance.

Selection Procedures

Civil Service Rule 10 – Section 3 – Eligibility for Promotional Examinations

To compete in a promotional examination, an employee must:

A. Meet the minimum qualifications of the class on or before the final filing date for filing applications.

B. Meet one of the following qualifying service requirements:

1. Have permanent status in the Classified Service.

2. Probationary, part-time, or temporary employees who have worked a minimum of 1040 hours in the previous 12 months or previous calendar year.

3. Exempt employees who have worked a minimum of 2,080 continuous and consecutive hours.

C. Have a rating of satisfactory or better on the last performance evaluation.

D. If a person whose name is on a promotional list is separated (except for layoff) the name shall be removed from the promotional list of the action.  

Employees who meet the minimum qualifications will go through one of the following examination process:

  • Written Exam: The civil service written exam is a multiple choice format.  If the written exam is administered alone, it will be 100% of the overall score.  Candidates must achieve a minimum rating of 70% in order to be placed on the eligible list.
  • Oral Exam:   The oral exam is a structured interview process that will assess the candidate’s education, training, and experience and may include a practical exercise.   The oral exam selection process is not a hiring interview.   A panel of up to four people will determine the candidate’s score and rank for placement on the eligible list.  Top candidates from the eligible list are referred for hiring interviews.  If the oral exam is administered alone, it will be 100% of the overall score.  Candidates must achieve a minimum rating of 70% in order to be placed on the eligible list. 
  • Written & Oral Exam:  If both a written exam and an oral exam is administered, the written exam is weighted at 40% and the oral exam is weighted at 60% unless otherwise indicated on the announcement.  Candidates must achieve a minimum rating of 70% on each examination in order to be placed on the eligible list.
  • Rate-out:  A rate-out is an examination that involves a paper rating of the candidate’s application using the following criteria: education, training, and experience. Candidates will not be scheduled for the rate-out process. 

Note:  The rating of 70 referred to may be the same or other than an arithmetic 70% of the total possible points.

Testing Accommodation:  Candidates who require testing accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) must call Human Resources Division at (209) 468-3370 prior to the examination date.   

Eligible Lists:   Candidates who pass the examination will be placed on an eligible list for that classification.  Eligible lists are effective for nine months, but may be extended by the Human Resources Director for a longer period which shall not exceed a total of three years for the date esblished.  

Certification/Referral: Names from the eligible list will be referred to the hiring department by the following methods.

  • Rule of Five:  The top five names will be referred for hiring interviews.  This applies only to department or countywide promotional examination.

Physical Exam:  Some classifications require physical examinations. Final appointment cannot be made until the eligible has passed the physical examination. The County pays for physical examinations administered in its medical facilities.

Employment of Relatives: Applicants who are relatives of employees in a department within the 3rd degree of relationship, (parent, child, grand parent, grand child or sibling) either by blood or marriage, may not be appointed, promoted, transferred into or within the department when;

·         They are related to the Appointing Authority or

·         The employment would result in one of them supervising the work of the other.

Department Head may establish additional limitations on the hiring of relatives by departmental rule.


Apply Online:

By mail or in person:  

San Joaquin County Human Resources

44 N. San Joaquin Street Suite 330

Stockton, CA 95202                                  


Office hours:               
Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; excluding holidays.

Phone:  (209) 468-3370 


Job Line:

For current employment opportunities please call our 24-hour job line at (209) 468-3377. 

When a final filing date is indicated, applications must be filed with the Human Resources Division before 5:00 p.m. or postmarked by the final filing date. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of an application. Applications sent through county inter-office mail, which are not received by the final filing date, will not be accepted. (The County assumes no responsibility for mailed applications which are not received by the Human Resources Division).  

San Joaquin County Substance Abuse Policy: San Joaquin County has adopted a Substance Abuse Policy in compliance with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988. This policy is enforced by all San Joaquin County Departments and applies to all San Joaquin County employees.

Equal Opportunity Employer:  San Joaquin County is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employer and is committed to providing equal employment to all without regard to age, ancestry, color, creed, marital status, medical condition, national origin, physical or mental disability, political affiliation or belief, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.  For more information go to

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