Equipment Operator II (#RC0652)
$28.65-$34.83 Hourly / $4,966.66-$6,037.01 Monthly / $59,600.00-$72,444.17 Yearly


Under general supervision, performs skilled work in the operation of Public Works heavy road construction, maintenance and disposal site equipment; may act as lead worker over other employees, and does related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Service Rules.


Employees of this class are primarily responsible for operating the most complex heavy equipment. In addition, in the road maintenance division, when assigned to operate a blade or gradeall they may be assigned as lead worker over maintenance and construction crews; and occasionally may act as lead worker in other assignments. Employees of this class, when assigned to the disposal sites, may be assigned as lead worker in the absence of the Foreman.


  • Operates a variety of road construction and maintenance equipment such as equipment transporters, backhoes, oilier spreaders, cranes, blades, self-loading scrapers and front end loaders of 3 cubic yards or larger to perform a variety of functions including but not limited to the following: 
a. Subgrade and finish grade to engineering specifications. 
b. Drive piles. 
c. Fill trucks with sand, gravel and construction materials. 
d. Clear ditches and channels. 
e. Move large masses of earth. 
f. Load and move heavy equipment and road construction materials. 
g. Spread various grades or road oil on roads calculating distributor rate and width. 
  • Operates a variety of solid waste disposal equipment such as heavy duty bulldozers, scrapers, clamshell and other equipment to perform a variety of functions including but not limited to the following: 
a. Move, compact,, and cover refuse. 
b. Excavate, transport, place and compact earth. 
c. Load and move recyclable materials. 
d. Maintain road surfaces and drainage ditches. 
  • Makes routine repairs and adjustment to equipment; regularly checks or inspects brakes, lights, tires, fuel levels, and auxiliary equipment; does routine preventative equipment maintenance specified in operator's manual. 
  • Serves as lead worker over equipment operators, sanding crews and other members of a highway construction or maintenance crew or over disposal site personnel. 
  • Performs light or heavy physical labor when not engaged in operating equipment or serving as a lead worker. 
  • Maintains daily project records including personnel and equipment hours, material quantities; completes daily activity reports.


Two years as an Equipment Operator I or Bridge Maintenance Worker in San Joaquin County service. 

Experience: Four years of paid work experience in the operation and maintenance of heavy road construction equipment. 

License: Possession of a valid California Class A driver’s permit at time of application. 

Note: If offered employment, applicant must obtain a California Class A driver’s license prior to completion of the probationary period. 

Waiver: This license requirement will be waived for positions assigned to solid waste disposal sites.


The operation, maintenance, adaptability and limitations of road construction and maintenance equipment; occupational hazards and safety procedures of the construction trades; traffic laws related to the operation of heavy equipment.


Understand and carry out oral and written instructions; do heavy manual labor, occasionally under adverse weather conditions; work cooperatively with others. Make emergency repairs and assist in making general repairs of heavy road construction and related equipment; lead, coordinate and inspect the work of crew personnel.


San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: RC0652; EST: 10/1/1958; REV: 3/11/1992;