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CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT:  All City and County of San Francisco employees are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment.  For details on how it is applicable to your employment, please click here.

8562 Juvenile Hall Counselor
San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department

Are you passionate about Juvenile Justice, Public Safety, and the Community we serve? Are you a dedicated professional who wants to maximize their impact in the lives of some of San Francisco’s most marginalized youth? If so, we encourage you to take advantage of this unique, flexible opportunity to support a team that provides 24/7 support towards the development, enrichment, and accountability of young people we serve throughout San Francisco.


The San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department (JPD) provides services to youth who are alleged or have been found to have committed law violations under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Juvenile Court and manages Juvenile Hall, the official reception and detention center for youth who are detained as a result of an arrest for alleged criminal misconduct or a court order in San Francisco.

The mission of the Juvenile Probation Department is to serve the needs of youth and families who are brought to our attention with care and compassion; to identify and respond to the individual risks and needs presented by each youth; to engage fiscally sound and culturally competent strategies that promote the best interests of the youth; to provide victims with opportunities for restoration; to identify and utilize the least restrictive interventions and placements that do not compromise public safety; to hold youth accountable for their actions while providing them with opportunities and assisting them to develop new skills and competencies; and contribute to the overall quality of life for the citizens of San Francisco within the sound framework of public safety as outlined in the Welfare & Institutions Code.

San Francisco is engaged in unprecedented efforts to re-imagine our approach to youth justice, with racial equity at the center of these efforts. City leadership has committed to broad system change, including the closure of the current Juvenile Hall, through collaborative processes that center the voice of youth, families, and community institutions. JPD is committed to this process, and to a transformed approach to juvenile justice that can improve the lives of BIPOC youths, families, and communities, by achieving the following organizational equity centered goals:

  • Reimagine how the City addresses juvenile crime, from referral through reentry, in collaboration with the community and our system partners, emphasizing research and evidence-based practices, and sustainably addressing pervasive racial disparities throughout the system.
  • Advance a Whole Family Engagement strategy that places racial equity at its center to ensure that all youth have equal access to successful outcomes, and that advances youth-and family-centered case plans and goal development, with the supports and resources necessary to help justice-involved youth thrive.
  • Bolster equitable leadership development opportunities for Black, Latinx and Asian/Pacific Islander staff throughout the Department, and pursue just transitions for staff whose positions may end with the closure of Juvenile Hall.

Appointment Type: This is an As-needed, Temporary Exempt position limited to 1040 hours each fiscal year. Temporary Exempt employees are considered “at will” and serve at the discretion of the appointing officer.


Under general supervision, the 8562/8320 Counselor, Juvenile Hall, is responsible for the care, custody, safety and welfare of juveniles detained at Juvenile Hall. Individuals must be willing and able to respond to emergency conditions, which may involve physically subduing and restraining hostile juveniles who often have the size and strength of adults. Vision and hearing must be sufficient to perform the duties of the position. May involve considerable amounts of standing, walking and/or, when necessary, running. This includes the ability to lift and/or move with assistance objects weighting up to 50 pounds or more. May be assigned to work day, swing and graveyard shifts, holidays and weekends.


Positions in this class require ability to learn institutional procedures and techniques of counseling and supervising hourly activities of residents and detained juveniles; working in stressful situations and with difficult and evasive individuals. May be exposed to accidents, injury/hazards and disagreeable elements. Emergencies may require performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and/or providing basic First Aid. May provide training to institutional staff in all areas related to effective supervisory techniques for juvenile offenders, and use approved techniques to physically subdue and restrain combative juveniles. Some positions may require the ability to speak, read and understand Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese or other languages as-needed for communication with residents and their guardians. 

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Observes conduct and behavior of detainees in an assigned living unit by directing, overseeing and instructing detainees in the upkeep of personal hygiene, during mealtimes, and while cleaning the unit; by maintaining appropriate close supervision over detainees to prevent incidents; provides appropriate discipline; consult with supervisors regarding disciplinary problems; conducts regular state mandated security checks of rooms; monitors visiting sessions to ensure the safety and security of detainees and counselors.
  2. Inspects windows, locks doors when not in use, and keeps count of all detainees assigned to the unit; administers emergency first aid pending the arrival of medical staff; responds to emergency conditions which may require physically subduing and restraining hostile detainees to ensure the safety and security of the unit and facilities.
  3. Completes incident reports, behavior reports, individual case reports, and other departmental forms and reports; maintains the unit log book to ensure adherence to legal requirements. Maintains and updates electronic databases and case management systems. 
  4. Conducts on-going individual and group counseling sessions with detainees by communicating rules, policies, expectations, and consequences; listens and respond to questions, concerns, complaints, and requests; provides assistance in working out problems to assist detainees.
  5. Directs leisure time activities; teaches and encourages good sportsmanship.
  6. Transports residents to and from various locations; directs and controls residents' movement to ensure safety and security of the residents. 
  7. Facilitates the admittance and release process of residence. 
  8. Confers with departmental personnel and representatives of outside agencies. 
  9. Performs related duties as assigned.


Education: Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university

License or Certificate: Possession of a valid class "C" California driver's license at the time of appointment. 


Two (2) years of full-time experience as a Counselor in a juvenile detention facility or experience involving the organization, detention, or supervision of youth groups in a recreational or correctional program may be substituted for up to two (2) years of the education requirement on a year-for-year basis. Thirty (30) semester hours or forty-five (45) quarter hours equal one (1) year.


  • Limited Peace Officer Requirements: Employees in this classification are limited peace officers, and must meet Peace Officer Standard Training (POST) standards and laws applicable to peace officer positions; employees must also conform to all requirements necessary to hold and maintain peace officer status pursuant to the California Government Code. Conviction of a felony or of a crime that would have been a felony if committed in the State of California is a bar to employment as a peace officer (per California Government Code, Section 1029, 1031, and 1031.50).
  • Class "C" California Driver's License Requirements: Must be maintained current during the course of employment. Inability to maintain a valid Class "C" California Driver's License and meet the department's insurability standards may result in dismissal.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certificate: Training will be provided if not available prior to appointment.
  • Some positions may be designated bilingual. Applicants must indicate on the application the language(s) in which they are proficient. Only those eligible that pass the bilingual proficiency test will be considered for bilingual positions. 


Applications for City and County of San Francisco jobs are only accepted through an online process. Visit to register an account (if you have not already done so) and begin the application process.

1. Select the desired job announcement
2. Select “Apply” and read and acknowledge the information
3. Select either “I am a New User” if you have not previously registered, or “I have Registered Previously”
4. Follow instructions on the screen

Computers are normally available for the public (from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) to file online applications in the lobby of the Dept. of Human Resources at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor, San Francisco, however, In line with the Official Public Health Order to slow the spread of COVID-19, “shelter-in-place” has been issued for all San Francisco residents that is expected to be in effect until further notice. As a result, Department of Human Resources (DHR)’s office (located at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 4 th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103) is currently closed to the general public. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Human Resources Analyst listed on this announcement.

Applicants may be contacted by email about this announcement and, therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure that their registered email address is accurate and kept up-to-date. Also, applicants must ensure that email from CCSF is not blocked on their computer by a spam filter. To prevent blocking, applicants should set up their email to accept CCSF mail from the following addresses (,,,,,,,,,,

Applicants will receive a confirmation email that their online application was received in response to every announcement for which they file. Applicants should retain this confirmation email for their records. Failure to receive this email means that the online application was not submitted or received.

All work experience, education, training and other information substantiating how you meet the minimum qualifications must be included on your application by the filing deadline. Information submitted after the filing deadline will not be considered in determining whether you meet the minimum qualifications. Applications completed improperly may be cause for ineligibility, disqualification or may lead to lower scores.

Please email Joanna Luong, Senior Human Resources Analyst, at should you have questions about the application process. 

Selection Plan

Minimum Qualification Supplemental Questionnaire (Weight: Qualifying): Candidates will be prompted to complete a Supplemental Questionnaire as part of the online employment application. This Minimum Qualification Supplemental Questionnaire is designed to obtain specific information regarding an applicant's experience in relation to the Minimum Qualifications for this position. Applicants must also complete the official application. It is essential that applicants provide complete information in identifying their education, experience and training. The Minimum Qualification Supplemental Questionnaire will be used to evaluate if the applicant possesses the required minimum qualifications.

California Board of State and Community Corrections, Juvenile Counselor Exam (Pass/Fail)

The California Board of Corrections Juvenile Corrections Officer Examination will be scheduled when it has been determined who has passed the Written Examination. This exam will measure a candidate's ability to read, understand, and recall written information, basic arithmetic skills, and other characteristics found to be important components of successful performance as an 8562/8320 Counselor, Juvenile Hall. Applicants who have met the minimum qualifications will be notified of the date, time and location of the Juvenile Corrections Officer Examination.

This is a standardized examination. Therefore, test questions and answers are not available for public inspection or review.

Employment Character and Background Investigation:

  • Prospective and current employees in Class 8562/8320 Counselor, may be subject to drug and/or alcohol testing in accordance with Federal rules and regulations.
  • Prior to appointment, candidates will be fingerprinted and their background and judicial records will be reviewed to determine their eligibility for peace officer status as provided in Section 830.50 of the Penal Code, and their suitability for employment as Counselors. Candidates may be disqualified based on character and background investigation if deemed unacceptable for the position.
  • A psychological and medical examination is required prior to appointment. This psychological examination will consist of written tests and a clinical interview to determine the candidate's fitness for work as an 8562/8320 Counselor. 

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed to advance through all of the steps in the selection process. The department may administer additional selection procedures in order to make a final hiring decision.

Conviction History

As a finalist for a job, you will be fingerprinted, and your fingerprints will be sent to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The resulting report of your conviction history (if any) will be used to determine whether the nature of your conviction (or arrest, in limited circumstances) conflicts with the specific duties and responsibilities of the job for which you are a finalist. If a conflict exists, you will be asked to present any evidence of rehabilitation that may mitigate the conflict, except when federal or state regulations bar employment in specific circumstances, such as:

  • Candidates applying for positions with the Unified School District and the Community College District may be disqualified from consideration should their conviction history not meet the standards established under the California Education Code.
  • Candidates applying for positions with the Recreation and Park Department may be disqualified from consideration should their conviction history not meet the standards established under California Public Resources Code 5164.

Having a conviction history does not automatically preclude you from a job with the City.

If you are selected as a finalist, the hiring department will contact you to schedule a fingerprinting appointment.

Disaster Service Workers

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.


GENERAL INFORMATION CONCERNING CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO EMPLOYMENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: Important Employment Information for the City and County of San Francisco can be obtained at or hard copy at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor.

COPIES OF APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: Applicants should keep copies of all documents submitted, as these will not be returned.

RIGHT TO WORK: All persons entering the City and County of San Francisco workforce are required to provide verification of authorization to work in the United States. 


All employees hired on or after January 10, 2009 will be required (pursuant to San Francisco Charter Section A8.432) to contribute 2% of pre-tax compensation to fund retiree healthcare. In addition, most employees are required to make a member contribution towards retirement, ranging from 7.5%-13.25% of compensation. For more information on these provisions, please contact the personnel office of the hiring agency. For more information about benefits, please click here.

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