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Camp Mather 2020 Season

3264 Camp Assistant Supplemental Questionnaire

This Supplemental Questionnaire gathers job-specific information in order to expedite the selection process and address administrative matters.You must possess the minimum qualifications as stated in the job announcement at the time you submit your application in order to be considered for this position. You must be at least 18 years or older at the time of hire. You must be willing to live in shared housing with other camp staff. You must be able to secure your own transportation to and from Camp. Please read all of the items below carefully and respond to each completely. Please read all of the questions carefully and respond to each question completely.


The 2020 Camp Mather season begins April 18 and ends September 28. The season is divided into three phases: early crew, high season, and wrap-up crew. Please select the following phases in which you are available to work at Camp Mather. IMPORTANT: Candidates will only be considered if available at a minimun during the high season and hiring priority is given to those who can work the high season AND either early crew or wrap-up crew, in full.

I can work the early crew from April 18 - May 29
I can work the high season from May 30 - August 14
I can work the wrap-up crew from August 15 - September 28
I can work the entire season from April 18 - September 28

If you have a unique summer schedule, please write the beginning and ending dates of your availability to work at Camp Mather. If you were able to fully describe your availability to work above, please write 'N/A' in the box below.


Please list any known conflicts that fall within your dates of availability (e.g. important school event or family event) in the box below. Listing dates below does NOT guarantee you will receive time-off. You must speak with Camp Mather supervisors and submit a formal time-off request upon your arrival at camp. Please Include dates even if you are unsure. If you don't have any plans for time-off please write "N/A".


You are responsible for securing your own transportation to and from Camp Mather. Possible transportation methods include personal vehicle, family member driving you to and from camp, carpooling with others to camp, flights to the Bay Area if out of state, etc.  For your reference, the address to Camp Mather is: 35250 Mather Road, Groveland, California 95321.

Please indicate how you will get to Camp Mather to start your assignment and how you will get home from Camp Mather when you finish your assignment. You must respond to this question in sufficient detail.


Camp Assistants are responsible for supporting the kitchen staff with cleaning tables, dishes, silverware, kitchen facilities and equipment. Please describe any experience you have working in a kitchen environment (preparing food, cooking food, catering, etc.). If you do not have any, please write "N/A".


Please indicate if you currently possess a ServSafe Certificate and/or California Food Handler Card. (please note, if you do not possess a certificate or card you will be required to obtain one prior to your hire date).

I possess a valid ServSafe Certificate
I possess a valid California Food Handler Card
I do not possess a valid ServSafe Certificate or California Food Handler Card

All Camp Assistants must participate in the camp talent show for guests. Please describe how you envision yourself playing a role in the staff talent show. If you don't know how you would participate, please write "N/A".


All Camp Mather staff must wear a department-issued t-shirt while on duty. Please indicate your t-shirt size in the box below.


You are required to attend an in-person interview if you live in the Bay Area. However, if you are located outside of the Bay Area, you may request a video conference interview. Please indicate below as appropriate.

I can interview in person in San Francisco
I would like to request a video conference interview

Please indicate a contact whom we can reach in case of an emergency. Please provide the person’s name, relation, email, and phone number (cell and home).


How did you hear about our Camp Mather positions? Please indicate the different locations where you learned about our positions. (friends/family, online job board, school website, social media, job fair, City's website, etc.)


MEETING MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: I certify that I meet the minimum qualifications of the position by possessing a high school diploma (or GED equivalent) OR that I will graduate from high school by June 2020, and that I will be 18 years of age or older at the time of hire.


AWARENESS OF LOCATION: I certify that I understand that Camp Mather is located in the Sierra mountains near Yosemite National Park, approximately 180 miles east of San Francisco and that I am required to find my own method of transportation to and from Camp Mather.


AWARENESS OF WORK AND HOUSING CONDITIONS: I understand that Camp Mather staff live in shared housing, Camp Assistants work primarily in the kitchen and often involves exposure to high heat, bugs and insects.