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This supplemental questionnaire must be completed along with the City and County of San Francisco employment application, statement of intent, current resume, and all college transcripts (unofficial transcripts are accepted). Failure to submit any of the required documents may result in the rejection of your application. It is the applicant's sole responsibility that all application materials and support documentation be received in a complete and legible form through the online process.


Below are the minimum qualifications you must possess to apply for this internship:

  1. Applicant must have completed two years (equivalent to 60 semester units or 90 quarte runits) of education from an accredited college or university; AND
  2. Applicant must be returning to their undergraduate program or entering a graduate program in Fall 2020. Applicants must meet the minimum qualification requirements by the time of hire (June/July2020), unless otherwise noted.

Do you or will you meet these minimum qualifications?

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Some of the City and County of San Francisco requirements at time of hire include:

  • Social Security Number- You must have a valid Social Security number and card at the time of hire.
  • Authorization to Work - As required by the Immigration Reform Control Act of 1986, you must present documents to verify identity and authorization to work in the United States, if applicable.

Please note: The City and County of San Francisco does not sponsor visas. All applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are legally able to work in the United States without visa sponsorship by the employer.

Will you be able to present documents to verify identity and authorization to work in the United States, if selected?



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What is your current school level?

Undergraduate - Sophomore
Undergraduate - Junior
Undergraduate - Senior
Graduate - 1st Year
Graduate - 2nd Year
Graduate - 3 or more years

What school are you currently attending? Please include city and state where it is located.


What is your Major? What is your minor (if applicable)?


How many semester or quarter units will you complete by the start of the internship in June 2020?

I will have less than 60 semeter units by June 2020
I will have less than 90 quarter units by June 2020
I will have 60 or more semester units by June 2020
I will have 90 or more quarter units by June 2020

Will you be returning to school in Fall 2020?

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Which program will you be returning to in Fall 2020?


If you are transitioning to graduate studies in Fall 2020, please indicate the school you will be attending and field of study.


There are opportunities in the following departments:

Accounting: Intern will gain practical experience with accounting principles and the City’s and Airport’s accounting policies and practices. Over the course of the internship, the intern will support Accounting’s Operations, Revenue, and Process Control groups. Assignment may include, but are not limited to: assisting with invoice payments and Blanket Purchase Orders; creating and updating reports during the year-end process; logging fixed assets; reviewing general ledger entries; conducting invoice and payment request compliance reviews; and performing other essential tasks such as filing and correspondence writing. Preferred candidate has demonstrated interest in a career in accounting, and is majoring in Accounting, Finance, or a related field, with completed accounting coursework.

Aircraft Noise Abatement: Intern will assist in performing noise monitoring and flight tracking for State Noise Reporting, The SFO Fly Quiet Program, Monthly Airport Directors Reports, and special tasks as needed by the Airport/Community Roundtable. Working with elected officials, airlines, Airport Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration and the local communities for answers to complex questions on noise. The intern will monitor new air navigation procedures in use and being implemented under the Federal Aviation Administration's NextGen program. Preferred candidate has experience with Word and Excel, good computer skills, and can learn new software. An Aviation major student who is familiar with flight operations will find their skills put to use immediately.

Aviation Security: The Aviation Security Intern will be part of a team of that consists of 5 Aviation Security Supervisors and 19 Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts. Primary responsibilities will be to assist in our daily operation which consists of ensuring the Airport’s Federal Regulatory Compliance. This may include construction project work. In addition, our intern will assist with planning and conducting an Aviation Security Table Top Exercise in which multiple agencies and disciplines participate. The intern will also be involved in planning and hosting multi-agency meetings hosted by Aviation Security. The candidate should have a background or experience in Airport Operations, Criminal Justice, or a related field. They should be proficient with Word, Excel and Power Point and have a basic ability to grasp of today’s technology and smart tools (phones, monitors, interface platforms). Possession of a California Driver’s license is required.

Bureau of Planning and Environmental Affairs – Wildlife: The intern will assist the Airport Biologist in implementation of both the airfield Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (~20%) and the Recovery Action Plan for our population of endangered San Francisco garter snake (~80%). Wildlife hazard management projects include: bird point count surveys, data entry and analysis, risk analysis, and management strategy development. Recovery Action Plan projects include: monitoring habitat restoration projects for permit compliance, conducting surveys for listed species (California red-legged frog and San Francisco garter snake), and identifying future habitat restoration projects. There is opportunity to develop and conduct an independent research project on a topic that furthers SFO’s environmental stewardship goals and is of interest to the intern. Desired qualifications include: Students majoring in Wildlife Biology or related field. Experience or interest in conducting field work in unpredictable weather and potentially in chest waders in urban storm water runoff, species identification skills, ability to work safely in a noisy construction environment and on an active airfield, rigorous data collection abilities, close adherence to given instructions but also a curiosity for new ideas and approaches, experience designing and conducting research, and a desire to understand the complexities of urban wildlife management. A background in biology or related field, statistics, and/or data analysis techniques and software is a big plus. A Driver’s License and daily access to a vehicle preferred, due to the location of this office.

Business and Finance - Aviation Management (AVM): Intern will gain knowledge on the space approval request process that is managed by the Space Management Team in Aviation Management. In addition, intern will gain knowledge in property management involving the Airlines, Revenue and Development Management leases to assist in understanding the processes obtaining leased or permitted space use at SFO. Airport tenant relations will also be made and opportunities will be provided to attend with space management meetings. Extra technical opportunities to assist The Space team with the use of AutoCad, Bluebeam and Creative Suite software package regarding presentation drawings and the use of Excel will be offered. Intern will be guided on walk throughs of both terminal and non-terminal spaces validating and field verifying space use and floor plan work that resides in Aviation Management with the use of an IPAD with base plan floor drawings to review. Assisting with the upload and download of as-built space drawings on the Space Management is needed. Experience or interest working both in the office and in the field verifying data found on our composite floor plans is desired.

Business and Finance – Parking Management: Intern will assist in business and operations management as it pertains to both employee and public parking at the Airport. He or she will have opportunities to collaborate with many different Airport departments, strengthen existing parking income, and develop new revenue streams. The preferred candidate has experience with Microsoft Office, excellent communication skills, can easily learn new software, and is a Business or Management major.

Economic and Community Development: As the Economic & Community Development intern, you will undertake community outreach & communications initiatives with SFO’s Office of Social Responsibility & Community Sustainability, the unit responsible for Airport company jobs, community partnerships, small business development and SFO Internships. Assignments will include assisting with Economic and Community Development programming, e.g. workshops, tours, etc.; maintaining SFO’s community outreach e-mail listserv and campaigns; co-representing SFO at regional events, e.g. job fairs, press conferences, etc.; light event planning; and event content development (slideshows, videos, and presentations). Preferred candidates are enthusiastic and dynamic in communication; have previous community outreach experience; have developed writing and public speaking skills; and develop or maintain one or more professional social media accounts, especially LinkedIn. Interest in workforce development, business development and marketing & communications also a plus, but not required.

Emergency Management: The Emergency Management Intern will be part of a team of 3 professional Emergency Management Coordinators and will be given responsibilities in the development and creation of our 2020 full scale exercise. They will also assist in training, and management of the EM resources (767, Mobile Command Vehicle and the EOC). The intern will be involved in planning, scheduling, coordinating multi agency meetings and development of exercise scenarios. They will work closely and under the tutelage of 3 coordinators who will assist in the development of the intern candidate. The candidate should have a background or experience in Emergency Management or related field. Experience or knowledge of NIMS, ICS or SEMS is preferred. They should be proficient with Word, Excel and Power Point and have a basic ability to grasp of today’s technology and smart tools (phones, monitors, interface platforms). Possession of a California Driver’s license is required.

Environmental Operations: The intern will be part of the Airport’s Environmental Operations group in the SFO Facilities Division. The intern will support the team in facilitating, developing, implementing and integrating environmental practices across all airport operations and among all airport stakeholders. They will provide “boots-on-the-ground” service and support for a range of environmental programs at the Airport, that help the Airport reach its Sustainability goals, including: the Bay Pollution Prevention Program, the Green Business Program and Zero Waste initiatives. The intern will support in conducting outreach and trainings for staff related to zero waste and pollution prevention, and will participate in the annual Zero Waste Characterization. Preferred candidate must be proficient in all Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), have good communication skills, be adaptable, be willing to interact with Airport staff, tenants, and contractors and have good writing skills. A Driver’s License and daily access to a vehicle preferred, due to the location of this office.

Facilities Administration: The Facilities Division is the Airport’s largest division consisting of 950+ employees in 14 different crafts, custodial and other sections and effectively meet deadlines. The Division has an Operating budget of $200M, which includes 950+ employees, a fleet of 600+ vehicles, maintenance of the Airport’s utility infrastructure and 100+ buildings and structures, a water treatment plant, landscaping, and environmental operations. Over the course of the internship, the Intern will gain practical experience with budget development and management, financial reporting, and the City’s and Airport’s financial and procurement policies and practices. Over the course of the internship, the intern will support the Facilities’ Admin Office and Custodial Services unit. Under the general direction of the Airport Facilities Director and the direct supervision of the Custodial Services Manager, the candidate will conduct an analysis of the Custodial Services work area distribution and size, methods for assignment and tasks associated with these assignments. In addition, selected intern will research alternate means and method of managing a workforce of this magnitude, and industry tools and practices associated with increased efficiencies for facilities cleaning.

Ground Transportation Planning: SFO’s Landside Operations department manages all modes of ground transportation to and from the airport. This is especially challenging as SFO continues to grow in popularity with no additional roadway or transit capacity. The intern may be asked to assist with redesigns to our TNC (Uber/Lyft) pickup systems, changes to our Taxi system, roadway changes related to the opening of the next phase of Terminal 1, changes to our campus bus network including possible new routes, preparation for the discontinuation of bus routes as the Air Train extension nears completion, airport sustainability projects, and other related initiatives. The preferred candidate will have a passion for transportation, with a particular interest in transit, technology or sustainability. The successful candidate will be assigned a specific mentor in the department, and can expect coaching and learning opportunities throughout their tenure. Candidates should have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The ideal candidate would also have strong writing skills and/or strong data analysis capabilities, as well as the ability to work independently and problem-solve within the scope of their assigned projects.

International Marketing: Intern will assist on projects focused on promoting new international flight activity at SFO. Intern may work on planning marketing campaigns, perform market research and assist in various promotional activities, including social media. Preferred candidate is comfortable utilizing social media channels and passionate about marketing. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and knowledge of MS Office.

ITT Business Services: Intern will gain practical experience of the City’s technology procurement and technology fixed asset management policies and procedures. Over the course of the internship, the intern will work with ITT units, Airport Accounting, Office of Contracts Administration, and other Airport/City sections in the procurement of various technology hardware, software, and related services to support capital projects and annual operational refresh. Assignments may include producing reports on aging hardware for refresh planning, conducting physical inventory to update asset records, performing new/replacement asset intake tasks, allocating assets to technicians for deployment, and completing capital fixed asset reporting to Airport Accounting. The preferred candidate has demonstrated interest in a career in computer support and is majoring in Computer Science or related field. The preferred candidate should have an understanding of computers and related parts/accessories, a working knowledge of Microsoft Office 365, proficient in Microsoft Excel formulas and functions, and excellent communication skills both written and verbal.

ITT Information and Data Services: Intern will gain practical experience with data analytics and visualization using tools and techniques such as Structure Query Language (SQL) and Tableau. Over the course of the internship, the intern will be exposed to different areas of operations at the Airport including airport operations, guest services, and sustainability through interviews with business stakeholders, requirements gathering and data analysis. The intern may also contribute to community practices in data analytics by participating and organizing user groups and demos. Preferred candidates should demonstrate interest in business management and information systems.

Marketing & Communications: No two days are ever the same in the MarCom department with responsibilities that run the gamut from corporate and internal communications to marketing campaigns to project management. You’ll work side-by-side with SFO’s Marketing & Communications team in a fast paced and fun environment, allowing you the opportunity to grow your experience, hone your understanding, and apply your skills to real-time, meaningful projects and assignments. The MarCom intern will complete a project that supports SFO, but that is tailored around personal interests and skills. Past projects have included: producing an episode of Inside SFO, writing a social media strategy paper, developing new sections of, and developing a video script and shot list. Projects and assignments can include: shooting & editing video and photos, writing articles, conducting interviews, posting content on websites and social media, assisting with new service promotional campaigns, interpreting marketing and social media analytics. Preferred candidate has excellent communications skills, strong writing skills, an attention to detail, and familiarity with social media, photography and video production, web development and design.

SFO Museums: Intern will work with Collections and Registration teams and may assist with projects such as processing donations to SFO Museum permanent collection, which includes: housing, location, inventory confirmation, environmental monitoring, object photography, cataloging, data entry, and object numbering. Intern may also assist Registration department with projects such as: exhibit installation and deinstallation, condition reporting, and object pick-up and returns. Preferred candidate has strong communication and organizational skills, strong attention to detail, familiar with Macs and Adobe Suite, and is enrolled/planning enrollment in Museums Studies programs. Familiarity with FileMaker Pro and experience with museum or archives collections a plus. 

Signage & Wayfinding: Intern will play an active role in SFO’s Signage & Wayfinding team and will have the opportunity for meaningful input in signage decisions, assessing needs and developing graphics and signage installation plans as needed. Preferred candidates have proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop etc.) and Microsoft Office. Previous experience with signage or maps is a plus.

Sustainability & Environmental Policy: The Sustainability & Environmental Policy student intern will both conduct data collection, analysis, reporting, and outreach tasks associated with the Airport’s Zero Waste, Zero Carbon, and Zero Net Energy initiatives, and provide support to the Airport’s Green Business program, tenant sustainability certification, and environmental compliance efforts. This position will provide experience and mentorship in data-driven approaches to sustainability, environmental policy, green business certification, energy management, carbon accounting, and waste materials management, as well as opportunities to interface across a wide variety of airport staff, tenants, and contractors. Desired qualifications include strong skills in technical and conversational writing, quantitative analysis, and some knowledge of marketing and communications. The intern should also have a strong interest in environmental science and data and policy analysis.


I would like to be considered for the following internships. (You may select more than one department, but no more than three.)

Aircraft Noise Abatement
Aviation Security
Bureau of Planning and Environmental Affairs - Wildlife
Business and Finance - Aviation Management (AVM)
Business and Finance - Parking Management
Economic and Community Development
Emergency Management
Environmental Operations
Facilities Administration
Ground Transportation Planning
International Marketing
ITT Business Services
ITT Information and Data Services
Marketing & Communications
SFO Museums
Signage & Wayfinding
Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Please List your experience with computer/software programs and your level of proficiency.


(Adobe Photoshop, Advanced)

(Video Editing, Intermediate)  

Please provide your response in the space provided below, and please be as descriptive as possible.


Application Essay: Please write an essay addressing why you are interested in gaining work experience at SFO and why you are applying for the internship(s) you marked off earlier in this application. If you marked more than one office, please address why you would like to work in each office.

Please provide your response in the space provided below.



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