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Supplemental Questionnaire

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The purpose of this Supplemental Questionnaire is to determine your knowledge, skills, and abilities in job-related areas that have been identified as critical for satisfactory performance in this position. All relevant experience, education and/or training must be on the supplemental questionnaire in order to be reviewed.  This information should be consistent with the information on your application (employment record, resume) and is subject to verification. The hiring department may review this information as part of their selection process.

Please be thorough and concise.  All of your information MUST be supplied in the spaces provided. Attachments or additional documents such as resumes, cover letters, or application will NOT be considered. (i.e. Writing “see resume/website/application” or “N/A” is not sufficient response.)

CERTIFICATION:  I hereby certify that I am the author of this supplemental questionnaire and that all information presented is true and based on my education and experience and is consistent with the information in my employment application. I understand that any false, incomplete or incorrect statement may result in my disqualification or dismissal from employment with the City and County of San Francisco. I also understand and agree that any information provided is subject to verification.

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Describe your experience working as an Oracle database administrator.  Please include your title and your role in projects or operational support.


Describe your experience in installing, upgrading, and patching database environments (Oracle, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL).  Please include examples of the work performed, the database platform, database version, and application business area utilizing the database repository.


Describe your experience architecting and implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions for database infrastructure. Please include examples of the work performed, the database platform, database version, and high availability and disaster recovery features deployed.


Describe your experience providing 24x7 support for database environments.  Please include examples of responses to support incidents, the database platform, database version, and critical application business area support.