City and County of San Francisco

Airport Safety Officer (#9212)

$39.48-$47.99 Hourly / $6,842.00-$8,318.00 Monthly / $82,108.00-$99,814.00 Yearly


Under general supervision, performs airfield patrol and inspection duties of airfield and other facilities to evaluate operating conditions for aircraft, to control airfield surface traffic and to secure tenant and other facilities.  Performs surveillance, inspection and investigations for enforcement of the Airport Security Program (ASP) and ensure compliance with Federal, Airport and Transportation Security Regulations.

Distinguishing Features

This class is responsible for the enforcement of Airport, Federal, and Transportation Security Regulations; for assuring safe operating conditions on the airfield; and for securing all airport facilities.  Positions in this class are distinguished from Class 9220 Airport Operations Supervisor in that the latter is responsible for immediate supervision of employees in the former class.

Supervision Exercised


Examples of Important and Essential Duties

According to Civil Service Commission Rule 109, the duties specified below are representative of the range of duties assigned to this job code/class and are not intended to be an inclusive list.

When assigned to the Airfield:
1. Inspects and evaluates airfield facilities, including; runways, taxiways, safety areas, paved & non-paved surfaces, lighting, signage, markings, security related assets (i.e. fences/gates, navigational aides) and other aeronautical facilities for conformance with safety and security regulations.
2. Closes airfield facilities, including runways, taxiways, ramps, aircraft gate positions, and security related assets (i.e. fences and gates) when unsafe or un-secure operational conditions are discovered, or to accommodate scheduled and routine operations in those areas. Re-opens airfield facilities when inspection indicates that area/asset conditions have been restored to a safe and secure condition.
3. Monitors and directs the movement of vehicles, persons, and equipment on the airfield to insure safe and efficient operations. Provides escort and safety/security support during VIP operations and construction projects on the Airfield.
4. Notifies aeronautical users through various federal communication channels of any change in airfield conditions.
5. Records aircraft movements and assigns and verifies assignment of space to aircraft to assure maximum utilization of facilities.
6. Controls and enforces Airport regulations (i.e., noise abatement regulations, proper identification displays) and gives out admonishments for violations.
7. Responds to and investigates all airfield incidents and accidents, including those involving injuries to people and, as required, administers first aid; identifies potential contributing factors and recommends corrective action, including facility repairs/upgrades, and /or new or improved procedures and policies.
8. Responds to all emergencies such as distressed or disabled aircraft, hazardous material spills, suspicious Items, bomb threats, and terrorist events.
9. Prepares detailed informational and operational reports related to safety/security incidents, injuries, and accidents.
10. Responsible for the proper placement and storage of hazardous materials transported as air cargo.
11. Assists in maintaining Operations emergency equipment and supplies to be used to respond to any Airport incident s or accidents.
12. Conducts wildlife surveys and performs wildlife management and eradication duties, including habitat control, harassment and depredation. Uses and maintains various firearms in the performance of these duties.
13. Develops training programs, standard operating procedures, and other related programs as directed by supervisor. May be required to speak in front of groups and/or provide operations related training to airline tenants, service companies or other aeronautical or non-aeronautical users.
14. May be assigned temporarily to the duties of an Operations Supervisory, as necessary.
15. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.

When assigned to Security:
1. Inspects and evaluates Airport and tenant facilities, access controls, barriers, fences and lighting for compliance with Airport and Transportation Security Regulations; suspends operations when unsecured conditions are discovered and reopens operations when inspection indicates unsecured conditions have been rectified.
2. Ensures compliance with and enforces proper procedures for Airport’s Access Control System to prevent unauthorized and/or unescorted access to the Air Operations Area (AOA), challenging personnel for proper Airport identification media.
3. Responds to and investigates security breaches and violations; conducts interviews; recommends corrective action, prepares and files appropriate reports and conducts follow-up inspections; makes assessments of modifications completed.
4. Issues admonishments for safety and security violations; maintains and updates admonishment database.
5. Conducts routine and special-emphasis security checks of facilities and airfield, responds to and investigates security calls and access control alarms.
6. Oversees security operations for construction projects, special events and other special security operations to ensure compliance with the Airport Security Program (ASP); provides proper security materials and conducts briefings to appropriate entities.
7. Monitors the procedures and operations of air carriers and tenants with security responsibilities over Exclusive Areas as established by agreement with the Airport.
8. Provides Airport staff and aviation and non-aviation tenants with regulatory information and guidance.
9. Responds to and assists in all security emergencies and crises such as Explosive Device threats, air piracy and terrorism.
10. Prepares informational and operational reports.
11. Provides special administrative or management assistance to Assistant Airport Security Coordinator in support of the ASP.
12. Works within Security Operations Center (SOC) performing Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and access control system monitoring and surveillance ensuring compliance with Transportation Security Association (TSA) and Airport Regulations.
13. Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:  Airfield and Airport Safety & Security principles, method, practices and equipment; Federal Aviation Administration Rules and Regulations.

Ability to:  Write operational and investigative reports; read and comprehend Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and TSA regulations and State and Local codes; communicate effectively and establish good working relationships; work under stressful physical and emotional conditions on a daily basis including adverse weather, exposure to radioactive materials, high noise levels and rotating shifts; solve problems quickly and prioritize varied demands.

Skill to: Apply first aid and CPR; move barriers during construction activities; read maps, diagrams, and airfield plans.


Experience and Training

These minimum qualifications establish the education, training, experience, special skills and/or license(s) which are required for employment in the classification.  Please note, additional qualifications (i.e., special conditions) may apply to a particular position and will be stated on the exam/job announcement.

High school diploma or equivalent (GED or High School Proficiency Examination).

Two (2) years safety or security operations experience at an airport, airbase, airline, military base or an emergency communications dispatch center.

Possession of an Associate’s degree from an accredited college or university (or equivalent 60 semester or 90 quarter units) may substitute for one (1) year of the required experience; OR
Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Aviation Management or a related field may substitute for the two (2) years of required experience.

License or Certificate

Possession of or ability to obtain a valid California Class C driver’s license prior to employment.
Possession of or ability to obtain a valid Airport driving permit prior to employment.


To: 9220 Airport Operations Supervisor
From: Entrance Examination

AMENDED DATE: 2/3/1992; 7/28/2000; 6/28/2002; 3/1/2012

Disaster Service Workers

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.

CLASS: 9212; EST: 1/1/1962; REV: 3/1/2012;