City and County of San Francisco

Airport Communications Supervisor (#9204)

$44.36-$53.94 Hourly / $7,690.00-$9,349.00 Monthly / $92,274.00-$112,190.00 Yearly


Under general direction, is in charge of and responsible for the proper functioning of the communications section at the San Francisco International-Airport; supervises a staff of communications employees engaged in a variety of clerical and operational activities; provides administrative supervision of the maintenance of the parking garage inventory and auditing equipment; and performs related duties as required.


Requires responsibility for: Interpreting, coordinating and enforcing policies, methods and procedures related to the operation of varied communication services and parking garage control systems at the San Francisco International Airport; assisting in the planning and development of new procedures necessary for expansion of communication facilities; supervising preparation of work-activity records and reports; regular important contacts with airport tenants and representatives of outside organizations relative to changes or additions to the communication system and their effect on related operational problems.

Examples of Important and Essential Duties

1. Supervises, assigns and instructs a staff of airport communications operators engaged in operating a fire and emergency alarm system for the entire airport, a public address system for all flight announcements and paging, a central PBX of intra-airport telephone system, a public information center and a lost and found department.


2. Maintains radios, public address system and other communication equipment; directs the testing and maintenance of the Airport Central Alarm System; administratively supervises the maintenance of the bank, elevator, garage, fire and parking-lot hold-up alarm systems; administratively supervises the preventive maintenance program regarding equipment used to audit and control the parking garage use, including traffic gates, vehicle detectors, ticket dispensers, fee indicators, traffic signals, control units, time stamps and special cash register.


3. As assigned, represents the airport department in presenting, amplifying upon and proposing solutions for design changes or additions to the communication system; cooperates with air carriers to effect uniform flight announcements; prepares initial drafts of specifications for new communication equipment.


4. Accepts, approves and issues orders for additions of or modifications to telephone system; administratively supervises the replacement and repair of defective communication parts; supervises the ordering, installation and maintenance of mobile radio equipment.


5. Publishes and distributes airport telephone directories; supervises the maintenance of records and statistics of all emergencies; reviews the mobile radio station logs and records.


6. Prepares budget requirements for communications section; makes studies and prepares written and oral reports on activities of this operation.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Requires considerable knowledge of: Airport operations policies, procedures and problems; the functions of a varied communications system.


Requires ability to: Supervise and direct the work of others; follow oral and written instructions; deal courteously, effectively and tactfully with airport tenants and representatives of outside agencies.


Requires skill as a procedure writer, and mechanical aptitude.

Experience and Training

Requires completion of high school, supplemented by three years of experience at a major air terminal in handling operations activities or communications systems, or in a similar major facility handling a variety of communication equipment; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

License or Certificate

Requires possession of: A valid State Motor Vehicle Operator's License; a valid restricted radio telephone operator's license.

Disaster Service Workers

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.

CLASS: 9204; EST: 1/1/1900; REV: 1/1/1900;