City and County of San Francisco

Airport Communications Dispatcher (#9202)

$37.39-$45.44 Hourly / $6,481.00-$7,876.00 Monthly / $77,766.00-$94,510.00 Yearly


Under general supervision, during an assigned shift, operates a central telephone exchange, a public information center and a fire, security and emergency alarm system at San Francisco International Airport; dispatches crash/fire/rescue, medical, airfield safety, police and other personnel regarding emergencies; and performs related duties as required.

Distinguishing Features

Employees in this class work under the supervision of a Senior Communications Dispatcher, which class is primarily responsible for supervising a shift of Communications Dispatchers.

Examples of Important and Essential Duties

"The class specifications shall be descriptive of the class and shall not be considered as a restriction on the assignment of duties not specifically listed." (CSC Rule 7)


1. Operates the Airport telephone and public address system in order to provide communication at the Airport facility by receiving and distributing calls from the general public and other callers throughout the Airport.


2. Operates a radio-microphone control position in communicating with a number of mobile radio units in the field; dispatches mobile units and other equipment to specific locations.


3. Receives requests, reports and emergency calls from airfield, fire, maintenance sections, and police mobile radio units; the control tower; tenants; the general public; emergency numbers; and outside agencies.


4. Analyzes information; prioritizes calls; decides which agency is to respond and which notifications are required or desirable; logs calls.


5. Responds to information utilizing over 100 phone lines including direct timelines to other emergency agencies; monitors and responds to security, fire, and life/safety computerized alarm systems.


6. Monitors other law enforcement agencies and radio frequencies and rebroadcasts pertinent information in order to assist and apprehend suspects and for officer safety.


7. May operate data terminal equipment to ascertain if vehicles are stolen and to whom vehicle is registered.


8. May operate automated dispatch systems with associated command and control equipment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The examination announcement shall provide the qualifications ... and other particulars ... Applicants must be guided solely by the announcement of the examination for which they apply." (CSC Rule 9)


Knowledge. Abilities and Skills: General knowledge of: the principles, practices and procedures of police communications work; the operation of radio receiving, transmitting and other communications equipment; federal regulations governing the operation of radio receiving and transmitting equipment; working knowledge of geography of the Airport.


Ability to: memorize names and locations; maintain radio log and simple records and reports; speak English clearly and concisely and spell correctly; follow instructions; reason clearly and think and act quickly in emergencies; analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action; operate computer terminal and other communications equipment.

Disaster Service Workers

All City and County of San Francisco employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the City requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Worker-related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.

CLASS: 9202; EST: 1/1/1900; REV: 1/1/1900;